General Feedback on Fernbus Coach Simulator

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  • Hi everyone! I saw the mixed reviews but took a chance on Fernbus Simulator. I see the potential in this game, that is why I thought to give my feedback and voice the issues I encountered in the hope that future updates can redeem this game.


    I absolutely love all the buses, every model is simply amazing. The details are all there, and as with every good bus sim, you can walk around them and push all the buttons in the cockpit yourself. Yes, thank you, I do want to switch on the lights when I arrive at a stop and want to unlock the luggage compartments. And I do not want to bind a gazillion keys for these, clicking on them is the best way to go (I am looking at you Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator…). A minor complaint in this regard is that those switches on the dash sometimes require multiple clicks to register just once, and the retarder stalk is forever stuck in the off position even when active.

    The speed sensitive steering is superb, I love it. With the G29 and the TrackHat I can drive the bus and look around freely, I really like this aspect.

    I also do not care that instead of the K, I only get the red patch in the centre of the steering wheel. If that means that a new vehicle can be introduced to the game, then licensing be damned. SCS Software always fights their long legal battles, and many times end up with “new” trucks that are no longer relevant. So good choice, keep them generic/no name/unbranded, but have a more varied fleet!

    I only have one serious problem with the buses: the low beam is too dark! It “lights up” the road for about 50 meters which is in line with what it should do, but the beam is barely visible. For example, the Setra has optional full LED-headlights which are bright as day. Visibility is an important safety factor! I do not want to up the brightness because that would not solve this problem, it would only make the night less dark.


    They are mostly okay. My only complaint is that the engine sound of the bus and the passing trucks are way louder than they should be when you are outside. They are disproportionate to other sounds. I was at a bus stop, and passing cars meant nothing, but passing trucks were deafening.

    The sound lags a lot and I mean a lot, this is most noticeable on the radio and the announcement. I like the two radio stations, as their genre suits my taste and what I am looking for in driving music.


    I generally liked the base map and what I saw from the free expansions. The rain, the snow, the different times of day and seasons are fantastic. A big part of this is the gorgeous lighting, which the game really nails. The map design is much more open than for example the original ETS2 base map, you have wide vistas and flowing hills. Also, all the cities that I have been to IRL had some details in the game that I could remember as unique landmarks.

    The map is full of small mistakes. Most are small details, that just make me laugh out loud. But I also have two major issues: rain collision and chicanes.

    Rain falls through the roof of bus stops, underpasses, and bridges. That is not just immersion breaking, it is sad. The first time I ran under the roof to quickly check in everyone, and the rain still fell on me, I was really let down.

    Every time a lane gets added or removed on the motorway, there is a chicane. The same is true before and/or after tunnels and on some onramps. These are so unreal as the engine the game is based on. No one in their right mind would allow this when designing the road. How are you supposed to negotiate these with 100 km/h?! These should all be reworked, as they have no place in a simulation.


    The way I see it, the biggest problem is that they cannot solve the conundrums they themselves create. They stop in the middle of a junction when there is nothing in front of them. Or they want to change lanes, but just end up sitting there blocking two lanes, because they have moved themselves into the “safe zone” of the other car. They cannot see that they will not clear the junction, so they just drive right in and add to the jam. They run red lights or turn in front of you when they do not have the right of way. They should also respect the rules and not get bogged down when something is out of the ordinary. They should try to find a way to solve the issue.

    I know that ETS2 also had extremely basic traffic, but that was 8 years ago, since then it is one of the best. Even Bus Simulator 18 has found a clever way to get rid of problems: when there is congestion, vehicles start to give way to another. A few cars pass from one street, then a few from the other and so on. The traffic jam is cleared up in no time. In FBS you must save and reload, which is just sad.

    Graphics, performance

    This is another big one. On my system both ETS2 and ATS run at 1080p 300% high with 100-120 fps, while FBS struggles to maintain 50 at 1080p 80% with medium-high settings even after I moved it to the SSD. The fps drops are extreme and frequent. This desperately needs attention and serious rethinking! We are a good decade after OMSI, and as SCS and others have shown, simulations can look beautiful and run fast at the same time.

    And there are a lot of bugs as well. Sometimes when a lightning hits, I get a white screen with black boxes all over it. The shadows of the guardrails are being drawn in continuously 20 meters in front you even on max settings. Things simply disappear from the screen, when it is traffic, that is not so bad, but when the traffic lights vanish, that is bad. You can barely see the headlights of other cars in the mirrors, while from the external view they are much more visible. That is also an important safety factor at night, just like your own dim headlights. Because of these two factors, driving in the dark is a nightmare.


    The last big issue I have, is that the game is lacking in the simulation aspect.

    The biggest negative is that one cannot feel the weight of the buses. When you take your foot off the accelerator, it should not decelerate so much, the momentum should keep it rolling. Not to mention, the modern eco-roll systems automatically decouple the clutch to use that momentum. On a downhill slope, the bus should gain a lot of speed, not lose it. You should really feel that you are going up a hill, even if you have more than 400 horsepower. Also, the default tilt is just too much at low speeds, thankfully with the slider I can set it to a lower, more realistic value.

    And the game is too forgiving! This is a bus simulator after all and driving in a safe and comfortable manner should be your highest priority.

    I was not able to get a single braking error, even though I tried deliberately. I braked with full force several times, and nothing happened. A simple rule would be that every time the wheels start to lock up, it is an error. In my opinion this function simply does not work right now.

    Other than when exiting photo mode, I only got one steering error on my report. That is not right, there are a lot of situations where I would have given myself a minus point as a passenger. I also tried this just to get an error: you should not be able to slalom the whole width of the Autobahn, you should get several errors for that.

    These are the things that people remember, not when everything is okay. You will not tell your friends about a long ride if it was uneventful, but if something was not okay, you definitely tell about it to everyone. If I did not care about driving carefully, I would only transport potato in the truck sims.


    The graphics are good, the buses are beautiful, but there are a lot of minor and some huge errors in both the world and in the simulation. The performance is bad, and the traffic in the cities is sadly as dumb as the worst drivers IRL.

    I have read through this thread, and many of the issues that I raised have been present since the game came out. In four years, both the performance and the bad traffic should have been fixed many times over. The believable map and a realistic simulation are both something that every bus sim is striving for and should also be more prominent here as well.

    If I were to review the game right now, it would be a thumbs down. Forgive me, if all this sounds harsh, all this is meant as constructive criticism. I was so happy when I first sat down in the driver’s seat that I knew well. I was amazed by the first few kilometres together with the CC. But then I was let down with the performance, the traffic and the thousand minor annoyances in the world and the simulation.
    Playing ETS2 has been easy mode for years. ATS has a new and exciting continent and really challenging parking jobs, but other than that you can almost drive the trucks on autopilot. Who cares if you drift into oncoming traffic when no one is coming, or who would notice if you do not use turn signals? That is why for me (and many other bus fans) FBS could be the perfect sim, where you get to experience beautiful landscapes and also have to be mindful of your every action, much more so than in the trucking sims. The combine harvester on your flatbed will not notice that you cut through the traffic island when you were a bit careless, but the passengers of your coach should be quick to note that on your report.

    I say all this because in the world of coaches, right now FBS is the only contender. I would love to see it flourish and get over these growing pains and for the reviews to turn blue. You only have a short window of opportunity, because whenever SCS Software will be finally contented with their passenger animations, they will certainly wipe the floor with everyone else in this genre. They are already there in more than five million homes with ETS2, and there are more than a million copies of ATS sold as well. And do not forget that ETS2 was originally also created by about dozen people, so a small team can also achieve great success.

  • The sounds of all buses will be recorded from real buses and put into the game to be real schandor

    AI movement will also be changed in the game.

    Game lighting during ,night and day will soon be new for Fernbus.

    Game performance is constantly being improved with each update.

    thank you for your valuable feedback.

  • schandor

    I wholeheartedly agree with your review.

    Especially, I've always been bother about the highway chicane too, and I've mentioned it a few times in the past, but my broken English probably hasn't gotten through to the developers.

    Maps are made on a scale of approximately one sixth. That's nice, but also the scale of the important roads is the same, so it seems that there is a problems such as chicane (and the merge lane you mentioned in another topic, etc). I think it's better to realistically deform these parts of the map without sticking to the 1/6 scale. Probably ETS2 is made that way.

    The steam will be a lot of positivity reviews when these things you mentioned are improved;)

    But I think it will take a few months or years for the game to improve it all, so I have to understand that.

    I was glad today because you wrote almost everything I wanted to say.


    If traffic is jammed, press the backspace key. Then you can erase the car in front of you. This is the hand of God:saint:

  • If traffic is jammed, press the backspace key. Then you can erase the car in front of you. This is the hand of God

    You are truly a guardian angel, as that emoji clearly shows! I just loaded up the game to check this out. As I have never before used the reset button in a normal situation, I never knew it had this effect as well. I only used the back to street function, when I was trying to find Neuschwanstein and got stuck somewhere in the woods a few times, before realising that you need the Austria DLC for that.
    But holy moly, I will now use this power whenever the traffic tries to deny me a clear path. Thank you!

  • When a car gets in my way or a traffic jam is created at an intersection that cannot be avoided, I go to the driver's door of a standing car, press "C" and remove the car from the road. The main thing is to choose the right car, because it can block another car. It is very good that this function (as in GTA) is present in bus simulators! Fernbus even has a reward that can be obtained in this way;)^^

  • The community asks how many devices Fernbus supports at the same time. For example, ETS 2 supports 4 devices at the same time, for example, a steering wheel, button box or gamepad. How many devices can be connected to Fernbus Simulator at the same time?

  • The issue of traffic (bots) is programming. There is no other alternative is to work on the intelligence of this mechanism.

    In GTA, which is a messy game, let's say it's normal for you to invade cars.

    In Fernbus, for example, it would be a bit weird to approach this. I keep imagining in real life the driver getting out of the bus and getting in the car at the citizen who closed the intersection. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

  • Hi Maximus, just spoke to one of our devs: Theoretically around 8 devices, but we've never tested all of them and are therefore not sure if everything works correctly, if there are crashes etc. But 2-4 devices shouldn't be a problem. Regards!

  • Since there is no economic system, I cannot satisfy my desire to win in the game. I know you are focusing on the new game, but you have to develop FBS specifically for the necessary financial resources. Every day your new competitors enter the market.

    A new game will be released soon, although not exactly your opponent. The suspension system looks quite beautiful.

  • How could I? You are reminding us every other day :S. But nobody said anything about this year. We are working on it, but the priority right now is The Bus.


  • <snip> Graphics, performance

    This is another big one. On my system both ETS2 and ATS run at 1080p 300% high with 100-120 fps, while FBS struggles to maintain 50 at 1080p 80% with medium-high settings even after I moved it to the SSD. The fps drops are extreme and frequent. This desperately needs attention and serious rethinking! We are a good decade after OMSI, and as SCS and others have shown, simulations can look beautiful and run fast at the same time. <snip>

    The fps drops is the biggest issue I have and stopped playing the game and TBS. I've told TML that i've found a problem, that was missing assets in the .PAK files and the system is trying to search for them and then after x amount of time ignores the file. BUT.... this takes a huge amount of time to search for a file in like TBS's 11,5 GB!! .PAK. I've made dummy files to let the program think there is a file and continues on with zero amount of framedrops. Now, they tell me that they looked into it and wasn't the problem. So...... what is the problem then? If it works here!

    Edit: This worked on unpacked game.. Even unpacked it searches the files and drops many frames. Made dummy files and no problems.

  • How could I? You are reminding us every other day :S. But nobody said anything about this year. We are working on it, but the priority right now is The Bus.


    You guys have to do it, the bus can wait, he said it in steam GIL that he would like to have it this year ask him Quarney , I am smiling low to GIL here, I know this can be done :):thumbup:, I don't remind you about the manual gear every 2 days :)

    I do not know if you study the market of devices and players but the function of pedestrians and passengers has the highest priority as manual gear for fernbus, then further functions that we all know about. map , econnomy, bus ect.

    A lot of people in Poland not just from my country have manual gear , courtesy of FANATEC you have great experience how cool you can drive a bus and have a base to work for manual gear, I serve Thrustmaster TH 8 A for testing also in the BETA version of this function, as far as I know Gil drives in OMSI 2 also on manual gear and knows how pleasant it is, that's why I have the same opinion as GIL to work for this function and launch it this year. If you can show my conversation to TOM and GIL I will be pleased and then come back with a reply Quarney , we talked to Timo many times about G 29 steering wheels and other topics including manual gear, these are always interesting discussions in my opinion. Thank you regards.

  • How could I? You are reminding us every other day :S. But nobody said anything about this year. We are working on it, but the priority right now is The Bus.


    Martin 40 Bus - I agree with Quarney on this one, we have been waiting 3 years for the bus, and it’s only right that the bus is now priority but as long as Fernbus and Tourist Bus gets update in the mean time, which they most certainly will, then all will be good.

    Kind Regards.

  • Martin 40 Bus

    I'm sure we all want the manual gear functionality to be added, and that it will be eventually implemented in Fernbus & Tourist Bus ^^

    But for now, I also think it's important to focus on The Bus as Cuzzy mentioned, so that we can enjoy driving a city bus in Berlin as soon as possible 8)

    Honestly, I cannot wait for The Bus. TML have improved a lot since their last city bus simulation games, especially with the use of Unreal Engine 4, and it will be very exciting to see how they pull it off. They probably have many obstacles to get by (passengers, pedestrians, etc.), so it's important to be patient with everything when it comes to all three games! :)

  • For me personally more important is pedestrians and passengers and manual gear, and I can wait for THE BUS longer, everyone has different expectations, manual gearbox is really a great thing to ride, everyone who drives in OMSI 2 knows, it is also important to introduce new sound for buses. Dynek Cuzzy :):thumbup::fernbus:, Quarney you asked GIL about manual gear, you provided TOM with this content, if GIL would like this function this year, it means that he has the same opinion as I know, a lot of work in fernbus is waiting, because there are maps, etc. :):thumbup:

  • hello I reported a small bug yesterday and Timo replied that it did not add up to g29.

    So, I prefer to put a little message for you so that the whole team can solve my little problem.

    the concern is when I assign the keys to look left and right

    left = inch 3

    right = inch 1

    which corresponds to the 4 directional arrows, (it does not work)

    and I tried to put it on the r2 and l2 keys and there it works very well

    I suggest when you finish your update of the fernbubus games and the tourits bus

    it would be nice if you can fix me this little problem (priority lol)

    given, I have a right hand that does not work so I only use the left hand and when I want to look to the right I have to let go of my left hand to press the r2 key

    so if the left and right arrows worked it would be more convenient for me

    being doner on ets2 and ats qje puts the arrows left and dropite to look left and right.

    if you can adjust this little detail during the next update it would be good in order to facilitate driving;)

    thank you