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  • Patch 1.3.9505 is being released and has some small improvement towards AI traffic and included force feedback in game (Update available in steam for steam users).

    TML game developers- please concentrate on improving the AI by adding bus/coaches in traffic, to add many bus models and also improve the total number of the passengers boarding the bus for a single trip (As of now on an average 15 passengers is seen boarding the bus for a 500 kms journey for a 45 seating capacity bus), Kindly work on this update asap so that the game is much more realistic :)
    Please do consider these aspects, still in love with the game as its awesome... ;)


  • Please do not say that this has been mentioned before...because if it has I'm sorry to those who are offended by it.
    On the whole I really enjoy Fernbus,however, there are some fundamental flaws which detract it from being a simulation and this might be due to oversight on the part of TML.
    AI behavior is fundamentally flawed especially when it reacts to events such as roadworks or slowed traffic on Autobahns.....It behaves as if your vehicle does not exist. If you still want the random traffic event then that is all well and good..but you must have surely realised that the minute you have a random element in a simulation and there is a reward and penalty system then it ceases to be a simulation and then becomes a game.
    You can still retain a certain element of randomness but reduce the impact ( that is besides having an event scale and traffic density slider which in reality are supposed to reduce that impact) by either widening the entrance to road works or reducing the lanes to a single carriageway. There is not enough room for two vehicles to pass safely...especially when the AI drive like maniacs.If the number of accidents were to occur at roadworks in the real world you can bet your sweet bippy that kind of situation would not be allowed to happen.
    I do so hope that you take this on board....I love simulations, I dislike games....if ETS2 can do it So can you.
    I would also like to add that you deduct points for not keeping a safety distance....well it is obvious that safety distance does not apply to AI traffic or the incidents mentioned above would not occur. I suggest that if you wish to retain that random element you remove the safety distance penalty. You run the risk of claims for misrepresentation because I'm sure that you could be successfully challenged in Law calling this a simulation and not a game.

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    @lighthousepoet, big thanks for your feedback. Now we do know that our AI was/is not really something we can be proud of (yet). Just interested, is your feedback based on the update we released yesterday? We've added some improvements to the AI behavior yesterday, and do need feedback of course.


  • Yes Played yesterday and today Munich -Koln-Hamburg yesterday....return today. No noticeable difference except I was more aware and tried harder to avoid accidents. There are a couple of other points I would like to bring up ......The AI traffic at rest stops coming from the right adjoining road is almost fact I would go as far to say there is as much traffic there as there is on the autobahn. That needs sorting because it is a definite anomaly. There is another anomaly...unless of course it is peculiar to traffic situations in Germany or perhaps elsewhere in Europe yet absent in on UK Motorways. and that is before the autobahn goes from two to three or three to two the outside lane narrows forcing fast moving traffic to slow down and change direction......inherently dangerous maneuvers in fast moving traffic. In UK the lane changes are all from the slow lane....So forgive my ignorance but if that is how the Autobahn network is in reality there must be a lot of people with a death wish. ;)
    Having looked on Google Earth and I gave up searching for any instance where the the Autobahn lanes converge as they are set out in Fernbus and my search was specifically targeted at autobahn links around the cities of Fernbus...which leads me to believe they only exist in the minds of the TML developers . I am surprised that it never occurred to them while they were in the process of developing the simulation.
    It appears as though TML have completely overlooked the basics of road /route construction and maintenance.....that is to facilitate the passage of vehicles as quickly, efficiently but above all as safely as possible.
    Fernbus is a wonderful concept that has been let down by some poor thinking.... and the execution suffers because of that thinking. However, it can all come to the good....if you have the desire to turn what you have into a simulation then make the Autobahns to the way they should be. I don't want a sedate drive about, some of the ideas you have installed are pretty darn good i,e you are driving along quite comfortably then a car up ahead hits the barrier ( trouble is it is a bit half hearted because the vehicle vanishes and there is no aftermath) I have seen much better attempts though where a car suddenly cuts up th driver in front and both he and you have to break hard.
    This game/simulation (you choose) has the potential of being it can be a great game or a great simulation it cannot be honest with yourselves...then be honest with us.

  • Ok, so i bought the game today, and i want to steer with my mouse as i always have on euro truck 2. Now i tried to set it up on fernbus i didnt quite get it, the setup is so frustrating, Could you guys make it so like a setup you do the first time you start the game?, and also, when i managed to steer with my mouse the whole camera started moving aswell as i steered, The first time setup you do on euro truck 2 is something that would be great since this is rather frustrating

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  • I don't know the exact words for the settings because my game is in german.

    I think you can disable it by going to the game settings and setting steering camera to 0.

  • I don't know the exact words for the settings because mine is in german.

    I think you can disabling it by going to the game settings and setting steering camera to 0.

    ok thanks, and which of the axis is for mouse steering? one says mouse axis but when i press it it dont work to steer, why cant there just be options like "MouseSteering" "steeringwheel"

  • Hi everyone!

    This is a very good game, good graphics and FPS are Very Good. I'm Gonna To buy the game. I've Tried it on my friend's house.

    Congratulations to the devs who are always Dev. The Game ^^ BIG UP !!!!


  • I like the new diverted traffic on the autoban towards rostock but I see the AI has issues with it.. when did this start and when will the road be open again.. how long will the road be in construction for?
    Also why when I set a route number it always goes back to 00 in game?

  • TX racing, TH8A and T3PA not working...

    "it seems that one of your devices returns wrong values. Try to restart the game or reboot your computer"

    Hi all and TML! :D

    Thank you for the very good bus game but I can't play it yet because I use a lot of peripherals such as the steering wheel, two buttons boxes, etc. For all driving games, I use my cockpit.
    I have : Fanatec clubsport wheel with CSPv3 pedals and SQ shifter
    DSD buttons box
    a homemade button box with little usb card XI-MO
    Pro gauge usb card to drive gauge (speed, RPM, fuel, etc ) i know the game don't support to extract data yet but i hope you make that possible in future.

    i have make a request in the Symproject forum to Cristiano Cesaretto for Fernbus simulator but he ask me it's not possible yet. He sent you an email in the last few days to ask you if would possible to do this in the future.

    This is very good thing to increase the immersion.

    My little feedback lol
    I tested the game without peripherals, the game started well.
    I tested the game just with the steering wheel, the game started well.
    I tested the game with the steering wheel and the DSD button box, the game starts but in the options I have the following message: "It Seems that one of your devices returns wrong values, please try to restart the game or reboot your computer."
    I tested the game with the steering wheel and the two buttons box but the game crash in the load screen.

    PLEASE fix this problem, it's important for a lot of people who don' t play the game with keyboard/mouse or gamepad.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english


  • You have worked hard and made some asked for improvements and are to be congratulated on your efforts....this praise does come with a may have inadvertently created a rod for your own backs with the scoring mechanism especially with the modifications and bus stop rests. I was incorrectly deducted points for not picking up passengers after I had rested checked my passengers and checked in the new is probably just a small glitch and easily fixed....personally I drive for the fun of it not to bet top on a leader board....drivers in real life earn money not that could be the route to go to broaden the simulation ( not game) to a wider audience. I especially like the new touch of police controlled incidents....I was caught out on the first one I encountered....I saw a patrol car askew blocking traffic from entering the autobahn...but I thought that was the usual random AI stuff...a really nice touch would be for a policeman to be standing outside the vehicle as if stopping traffic.... that way we will know the difference. I like the vehicle check points too, they could be improved if you had a stationary vehicle with a traffic cop directing selected vehicles into the check point....the stop signal that you employed takes away the simulation aspect and is directed more to the arcade. You could position the vehicle on the hard shoulder and animate the police officer to direct the vehicle into the rest /check area. There is also the potential for you to employ the same technique anywhere. I would still like to see all the city road blocks removed and will be looking forward to the enhancement of the simulation.
    You are getting there, so please keep it up.

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