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    I did not buy DLC fernbus there are many problems buy MK 11 XD maybe fix fernbus new bus and image buy dlc

    Yes, I read here that some are waiting just mainly for the repair of lighting in the world of Fernbus 1.22 for good lighting type 1.21 It is very important and

    right, I hope that TML STUDIOS will do it quickly, with priority for them and for ourselves. Everyone writes that we will buy a MAN LION INTERCITY bus when the fernbus image is good as in version 1.21. I bought a bus because I like it, but the fernbus image is also not.

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    I agree here with Martin 40 Bus, 1.21 lighting is better than 1.22 lighting, the coach mirrors at nighttime are green and washed out, like alien invasion, not able to see traffic sometimes, images too blurry/dark, also coach headlights are too weak, I need full beam on to see anything, even sometimes that's not enough, which causes accidents and cautiousness for the player, I find myself slowing down to avoid accidents, I applaud TML-studios for their efforts, but this was unfortunately a misstep and should revert to 1.21 lighting as soon as possible, whilst rectifying bugs like coach headlights and also the now infamous "low level fatal error "gc-pool" max objects exceeded upon starting the game, which is well documented and important a fix should arrive in the next update, please TML-studios, I love Fernbus coach simulator, but the issues are mounting up and sometimes not fixed in a timely manor, I understand you're a small well knit group of guys and girls, but the game would really benefit from stringent internal testing, holding back updates that are not fully polished and still contain bugs within them, I sense the community is becoming frustrated with the current issues, and whilst recognising that the team is small, issues need to be rectified, and not left for such a long time.

    Kind Regards.

  • Hi MBO530,

    this is actually a screenshot from the new DLC Rhine Gorge I posted on Facebook. The post is related to a little surprise we plan on the upcoming convention here in Erfurt

  • Hi MBO530,

    this is actually a screenshot from the new DLC Rhine Gorge I posted on Facebook. The post is related to a little surprise we plan on the upcoming convention here in Erfurt

    But this is probably a test of new lighting in the game true Quarney I'm right ?

    I will repeat because I think you haven't seen the question whether the changes will also be in Tourist bus simulator or only in Fernbus lighting the world,color.

  • Hi guys,why is there a blue flashing light on my dash of the R62?,i have lights on as it is dark,really love the R62,really smooth ride,shame they font have W/C,Serverie etc,also the passengers keep requesting for reading light clearance,there is not one.

  • I like to look for solutions to problems in the game myself. It was a bit helpful with the image to change the RGB color brightness settings in the NVIDIA control panel on my laptop.

    Version 1.22:

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    The fog is not so annoying anymore, but a request to programmers to improve this brightening of trees and vegetation as we approach the objects by bus.

    These aren't the streetlights operating on the approaching bus sensor! ;)

  • this is not a image still like in 1.21 , a lot of blue still, you don't need to do anything just wait the changes will be introduced.

    no one will set it because it's still a bad picture, the game must have a good image and this will be the confirmation of TML STUDIOS 1.23 BETA , changing the lighting of the game world and changing colors to vivid, we are all waiting with joy :)