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  • I think it's because of the headboard.

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    EDIT: Another bug mirror:
    EDIT: Bug AI Traffic. We can't pass the stop because it are spawn vehicles too closely and too much .
    EDIT: It's clear.

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  • Is it a bug that when I drive in Frankfurt Airport, neither of the stops allow loading or alighting? I went to both stops and opened doors and at none of them did passengers disembark despite the phone saying 9 people wanted to get off. I dont actually know which one I should be stopping at first or how to make it work. Please help.

  • Would running in offline mode make it run better than in online mode? If I want to get this game to run it HAS to be on my laptop because I cannot get it to run on my desktop due to an impossible to solve windows runtime error that prevents the game from launching. It launches on the desktop installation but has terrible lag so much so to the point that it's simply unplayable.

  • I got rid of the game from my library entirely and would have to purchase it all over again and no.....I'm not going to waste yet another 35 dollars doing so. I'll just live without this flawed game,it was NOTHING but trouble for me from day one and now I feel ripped off by the publisher.

  • Noticed a few bugs since I started playing.

    1. The frankfurt airport stop no longer works and if I'm not mistaken there's no "H" marked on the sat nav indicating a stop is present. 2. The refueling option isn't working properly as you cannot close the window after refueling. 3 the dynamic weather isn't all that dynamic as I've run it at least twice and no rain at all,at the most it's gone from sunny to overcast and back to sunny again. Another bug I've noticed is that the arrival times are slightly off in addition to the day night cycle being short with it getting light rather early nd last but not least a lot of the keyboard shortcuts don't seem to be working.

  • Great patch.... nothing interesting for me...
    Olds Bags not fixed:
    this "cutting list passengers" - Submit your bugs and issues
    and this "Bug with resolution screen and cursor position." - Submit your bugs and issues

    In first - I can't normal checking manually big list. Continually to press automatically? ... cool
    In second - can't play fullscreen.
    And yes, I see new critical error - when I changed camera out bus....

    Gameplay has not changed to the better.
    All busy new game? Sad news.

  • Hello Guys,

    a new patch was released, so when I started my steam client, it started to download it.
    Suddenly, I realised that my HDD started to work on max. capacity and started to get a loud clicking sound. As this is a secondary HDD, so my OS runs from another one, I managed to shut down the computer and start it again.
    It started normally, so when booting was complete, I have launched steam again. It tried to update instantly Fernbus sim, causing the same issue like before (the HDD became absolutely unreachable).
    I stopped the computer, and started again. This time, steam did not started the update, it showed that Fernbus sim is not installed at all. I have checked, and all the 32 gb data was in its usual location (steamapps, common, Fernbus Simulator) - presumably the issue with the update caused this malfunction at the steam.
    Now I am a bit afraid to reinstall it, I do not really want to kill my HDD.

    Has anything similar happened to anyone else?
    Steam also started to update other games after this incident which were successful, so I don't think that it was the steam client which has caused the issue.

    Appreciate your help.

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    Hey @ne0dd, that sounds very unusual. Let'a go through this step by step...

    It is normal for your hard drive to be very active while the update is installed, which you can see in the update statistics - as the update is being downloaded, it gets installed simultaneously and there is a high read rate given in MB/s. This is caused due to the update package being extracted, which needa a lot of processing power as well. (All data that is kicked through Steam is extremely compressed, allowing the 35+ GB bare install size to be packed into a small 3-5 GB download).

    As this probably isn't the first update from Fernbus that you're installing, and I suppose that you did not have these issues before, this hard drive clicking noise can be a sign of an upcoming hard drive malfunction. Now we're into the important stuff:

    If possible, backup all the data on that hard drive as fast as possible. Afterwards, make sure that no programs are running or files are open from that hard drive, and go to "My Computer", right click on the hard drive, click on "Propoerties", then there should be a tab like "advanced" or so (my Windows is in German so I'm guessing right now... lol) - you should find an option to scan your hard drive for failure and stability. It should be below the defragmentation option. Open that and check all options in order to execute a detailed scan.

    *Please note that the scan can take a while*. Should any corrupt sectors be found, they will automatically be fixed and you will get a report after the scan.

    Afterwards, check Steam again and eventually reinstall Fernbus.

    Keep me updated, hope I could help!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Hi Chris,

    so I have checked what you recommended. The HDD check did not find any errors, so I started to reinstall Fernbus sim.
    It downloaded 1 GB when the previously described issue started again (loud clicking from the HDD and everything freezes from that hard drive - this time it means the task manager and steam).

    When I rebooted, I paused the download/install in steam (as it wanted to continue), and tried to install another stuff from my steam library just to check if the issue comes up with other games or only with Fernbus. I managed to install it, so it seems that the problem only appears with Fernbus...

    Otherwise, thanks for your advice, and have a nice weekend too! :)

  • That's very weird, never heard of that issue before to be honest. The only thing you could alternatively try, is to install Fernbus on a different hard drive temporarily, just to see if and how it works there.

    I have just tried that - and worked!
    On a different drive there are no issues at all.

    I still do not know what is the matter with my other drive, but hopefully the issue is on my side and not on yours.

    Thanks for the support!

  • Please fix the game. When I'm driving at night, the light in the sky flashes on the dashboard of the car as if there was a storm. It's very annoying. Please do a good force feedback control as in the ETS2. Please add to the Logitech G29, leds when I add gas.