Screenshots and Videos from Fernbus Coach Simulator

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  • I hope you fix the steering wheel, congratulations on your good route movie , :) , you have a very good image in the game, record more videos on the forum gameplay :):thumbup:

    thanks for the appreciation Martin 40 Bus you are such a great friend who compliment for the work in the community. I will surely upload more videos and your videos are also great i am nothing against those. I am the beginner.

    And again thanks to you. All the members are very kind i am loving joining this group:)

  • hank you very much for a good rating of my films and photos. Yours are also really nice, I try to praise what is good and help, I also enjoy the good atmosphere on the forum and that we are all one group of friends here and that the games are very well supported by players. they are very well liked, many people like and play TML STUDIOS buses, I'm buying games add-ons and joining us here it's great :):fernbus::thumbup:. such discussions and papers have a lot of good because it helps TML STUDIOS, learning for us and improving in the passion of bus travel. Every entry entry brings a lot of good here. This is an amazing place here for people who love buses, it is fair to say that there are no such good simulators as TML does and there is no such second place which has such a large group of people who know each other well. Our direct contact with the developers of the game also improves these productions. One could say a lot more, but it is enough to be here playing, work gives me a lot of joy and meeting with you conversations, for which I thank you all. recently some people came here because of my recommendation and I'm happy to play games. Contact with TML STUDIOS finally became very good with my colleagues Timo, quarney, it also builds a great future for an ever higher level of production, all you need to do is work together. Everyone is bringing something individual and interesting, that's why there is a great creative force in this group, there would never be such games if our not comunity and studio did not work together, we take into account our demands and this is a great direction. So much good has already happened after 3 years and how many attractions and surprises await us shubham sidana :):thumbup: I do not want to mention all the names of people but they know that this applies to them here from the forum. It is beautiful that people from different countries will be able to jointly build this beautiful direction of the bus driving together with TML STUDIOS, TML STUDIOS has what other companies do not have, there is a great community of people who love buses, who know this topic very well. With different testing equipment and much more, that's why tml studios are so great. Thank you all for that.

    All you need to do is listen to the community when we show mistakes and ideas, because this is a huge knowledge, let's all enjoy it and thank you TML STUDIOS for work and commitment to the cause, because we also do everything for joy, we all do everything together. vehicles :) bus <3

    a little translator changed some words maybe for bad for which I'm sorry but the overall message is understandable.:)

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Route through several French cities :) , bus MAN LION COACH C . photo and movie gameplay. :fernbus:

    Please see the beautiful scooters in France and the car washes in the movie, they are just not working yet but you can enter them ride bus :)

    It is the preparation of Fernbus for bus washes, shops and gas stations.:):thumbup: have fun:) .

    Bus Michel repaint Yannick [FR] nice:thumbup: 903stcp I see we are driving in the same colors:lol: also beautiful your route.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Sorry for my long long break had some exams those weeks.Today all the repaints that were previewed some weeks ago are going to be published.I have another Baltic Logistic Trans. for Intercity but unfortunately it is not showing in the game.Here are some more previews:

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