DevDiary #14 - After the Fernbus release

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    Hey everyone,

    it's time for a new DevDiary, which is also the first DevDiary post Fernbus release. In this DevDiary, we'll take a look at the contents of the box packaging, then I'll have a talk about the feedback that we've gotten from all of you, and after that I'll show off new features that we've released in our last update: repaints and mouse control!

    We want to thank all users that have taken time to give us clear, honest, and fair feedback, no matter if positive or negative. We will use it all to continuously make the game better, fix bugs, add new features, etc. For the moment, we're planning to update an update every week (no guarantee!). So keep it coming and please also don't forget to use our Support-Center, should you encounter any issues with the game - we'll be glad to help.

    Please enable English subtitles in the game.

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