New channel by me for all you simfans out there!

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  • Hello everyone here on the TML-studios forum!

    My name is Rick and i made a youtube channel called simstuff, here i will show you every ins and outs of as many simulators as possible!
    I bring you detailed but still straight to the point explainations of how everything works in the game, and you will also see how much of a laugh
    and fun you can have in simulators :D

    So far i made a video coverage of the new improved Hamburg innovationslinie in OMSI 2, where i will be driving a lovely ''citaro'' bendy bus from the 3 generations add-on pack on line 109 from Alsterdorf to the hauptbahnhof ZOB

    here's the link for the OMSI 2 video:

    Before that i made a video coverage of fernbus coach simulator, i made this video when it had just released on steam for a couple of days so the video doesn't show the actual state the game is in wich is MUCH better now :lol: (also the footage quality isn't to high.. noob me)
    But its still fun to watch and not unbareable :P This video is in 2 parts so here are the links: part 1: part 2:

    This is all the material i have at the moment and i sincerely hope you guys enjoy my video's and please comment on them! Tell me what i should make next for you guys? after all i want to make stuff YOU want to see ;) If you're like, well.... thats cool simstuff! please leave me a like and subscribe and i'll try to make more video's for you all!

    thanks for reading my post and have a great weekend everyone!

    Greetings from Holland