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  • 1. Can you explain how do I use radio bus?
    2. How do I permanently remove vegetation from the game because it consumes a lot of resources? Do not tell me about the graphics settings. I know this. I think the game folder to do several steps to achieve this target.

    Sorry for my bad english. I hope someone understood something. :saint:

    EDIT: I saw that most things are made in Unreal Engine so I do not think it can remove vegetation.

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    Hi @anonimus,

    1: The radio in the bus is not functional yet. With a future update we will enable listening to internet radio stations.

    2: I suppose the only way for now is to actually play around with the graphics settings. As soon as we release our modding tools, you could try modifying the vegetation for performance.

    No worries btw, your English is fine. ;)


  • I saw that most things are made in Unreal Engine so I do not think it can remove vegetation and modify url link radio. You will take out an easier application with which we can change various details of the game?

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