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    Hey everyone,

    we're very proud to announce our current Project: Fuerteventura. Start your new career as a bus operator. Set up and manage your new company on the canary island Fuerteventura! Buy new buses and hire new employees. You can drive regular routes, transfer tourists with shuttle services, and offer sightseeing tours to hotel guests. The whole island, including every street, city, etc. can be explored, meaning, there are no invisible walls. Only your driving skills will set your limits. There will be buses from several brands included and you'll need to keep them maintained and have them looking good with fresh paint jobs.

    Features / Contents:

    • Highly detailed recreation of Fuerteventura in a scale of 1:5
    • Routes: Transfer passengers along the whole island
    • Shuttle Services: Transfer tourists from the airport to hotels, and further destinations
    • Sightseeing Tours: Offer interesting tours to hotels for their guests
    • Manage and take care of your own fleet
    • Organize your employees: Drivers, tour guides, and mechanics
    • 20 highly detailed cities: Morro Jable, Puerto del Rosario, Corralejo, and many more
    • Get petrol for your buses and buy drinks and snacks for your passengers
    • Have your bus be repaired at an external or your very own workshop
    • Make contracts with service and internet providers
    • Insurances for employees and buses
    • Serpentines, gravel paths, and several sightseeing points
    • Airport of Fuerteventura and three ports
    • Realistic day and night cycle

    The Project: Fuerteventura is planned to be released in October 2018. In the upcoming weeks, we'll upload a bunch of screenshots and more contens, including a new DevDiary episode before release. We will then also detail the included buses and further contens.

    Get all the good stuff in the current DevDiary episode #21:

    Best regards,

    Hey everyone,

    we're very proud to announce our new Project: Fuerteventura. A brand new coach simulation game with an economic system and more, which you can see in this DevDiary episode. Including to that, we're showing off the multiplayer of The Bus that will be one of the main features of the upcoming title. Check out the video below...

    Get all the infos to Project: Fuerteventura and the official discussion section right here: Presenting: Fuerteventura

    We can't wait to hear your feedback. Have fun watching!

    Best regards,

    Hey guys,

    the multiplayer is the base of the game. All contents are based on the multiplayer system and not vice versa. This means that all contents are synchronized, and if someone has a specific mod, it'll be synchronized as well. Any DLCs that will be released will therefore also be fully compatible with the multiplayer. Of course, let's say there is some sort of map expansion, all players will need that expansion to play, no matter if Server or Client.

    More details will come in the DevDiary later today.


    Hey all,

    thanks a lot for all your feedback. We're very glad to hear that you're liking the DLC. We have taken your feedback to develop a new patch that will face most of the issues and fix/polish the DLC. The patch will be released soon™. Should you still have feedback, positive or negative, hit us right here, and also don't forget to keep those awesome screenshots coming in our screenshot thread and/or on Steam.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Hi James,

    thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can only agree that we really need to settle towards Steam and take care of the community there. We’ll make sure to give it a start as soon as possible (meaning now, more or less).


    Hey everyone,

    we're proud to announce the general availability of the Austria & Switzerland DLC for Fernbus Coach Simulator!

    Feel free to leave your feedback here: Austria & Switzerland DLC - Your Feedback

    Please make sure to have the currently latest update version 1.17.17900 for Fernbus Coach Simulator installed!

    In order to keep feedback in one thread, we're closing this one for further discussions. Please find all the infos to this DLC in the first post of this thread.

    Have fun,

    Hey @LT586,

    sorry for the late reply to your problem, I had to find out myself what's going wrong there.

    It seems like there's an issue with Steam itself (Steam likes to mess up game data here and then). I would suggest reinstalling the game completely.

    To do so, uninstall the game via Steam. Afterwards, go to the game installation folder (.../Steamapps/common) and delete the "Fernbus Simulator" folder completely. No worries, your user profile data is not affected. Then head back to Steam itself and install the game again.

    Please let me know if this works out.


    This Hotfix fixes some minor issues that occured in the last released Update 1.17. After successful testing, we will release this new version for the public in a few days.


    • Fixed not working police stop and searches
    • Fixed performance issues in Kassel
    • Other minor fixes

    Due to the small amount of changes, we're not opening a new standalone beta feedback thread. Please leave your feedback here: Update 1.17.17721 - Feedback & Bugs

    CAUTION: This is a BETA Update. Please note that this version can cause technical problems and/or may cause instability of your computer system.

    Hey everyone,

    we don't have an April Fools today (this is dead serious, for sure!), instead we're very proud to announce the release of the Austria & Switzerland DLC for Fernbus Coach Simulator on April 5! Including to that, we're releasing the official Trailer today.

    The first map expansion for Fernbus Coach Simulator connects the Alpine countries, Switzerland and Austria, seamlessly and without any loading sequence to the existing Map of Germany. This DLC adds 11 new cities in both countries. The Alpine Landscape stretches from Geneva over Innsbruck until Vienna with new routes, mountain passes, and winding roads.


    • Seamless expansion of the extisting map
    • Impressive landscapes of Switzerland and Austria
    • 11 new cities, including Vienna, Bern, Zurich, Salzburg and many more
    • New graphcial assets, including sights, mountain ridges and much more
    • Many realistic bus stations
    • Expanded route system with highways and state roads
    • Winding roads, mountain passes, new tunnels
    • Note: May contain traces of Liechtenstein

    Fernbus Coach Simulator - Austria & Switzerland DLC
    Release: April 5, 2018
    Price: 19,95€
    Available on Steam

    The price may vary depending on your region and currency.


    Check out some screenshots in the attachments below.

    Have a great Easter!

    Best regards,

    The long awaited Update 1.17 is now available for Fernbus Coach Simulator! In this update, we're adding two major and most wanted gameplay features: Force Feedback and adjustable driver seat position and driver camera.

    Along with other fixes, we have added two web radio streams for your convenience while riding along Germany.

    Also, Fernbus Simulator is now also available in Swedish.
    Tack så mycket till @(SWE)Rasmus för lokaliseringen!

    How to activate or adjust your Force Feedback:
    Force Feedback should automatically be activated. If not, you can find it in the Options Menu under Game Options on the very bottom of the list.
    You can increase or decrease the following values:

    • Spring Force - force of recentering while driving
    • Damper Force - Dampening of the swivel resistance
    • Road Effect Force - damages on the road and effect of the engine
    • Collision Effect Force - for the intensity of impacts

    How to change the seat position and driver camera:
    You can change the seating position and driver camera by pressing the Tab or Tabulator key on your keyboard.
    On the bottom left, you should notice a new button with an icon, which obviously looks like a driver seat with and an eye.
    Left click on the button and the menu for configuring your seating position and driver camera will appear.

    How to use the radio:
    You can find the keys for the Radio in the Control Settings in the General category.
    Radio Hotkeys

    • Volume Up - Num-
    • Volume Down - Num+
    • Switch Radio Channel - Num*

    Patch Notes:


    • Force Feedback added including adjustment options
    • Driver seat position and driver camera are now adjustable
    • Events and vehicle malfunctions should work properly again
    • Miscellaneous AI fixes in Cologne and Kassel


    • Interior mirror has been added to all ComfortClass variants
    • ComfortClass Steam Achievements have been fixed


    • Web radio streams for Double Bass FM and Flashbass.FM added


    • The vehicle selection scene now reacts to daytime, seasonal changes, and weather conditions
    • Street lights, other night light sources, as well as glowing during daytime has been fixed
    • Lighting at ZOB Berlin has been updated
    • Vegetation will blend smoother
    • Several minor to medium graphical issues have been fixed in the game world
    • Player license plate fixed for cities, e.g. Frankfurt, Stralsund, Usedom, etc.


    • Various performance optimizations
    • Input devices returning wrong values has been fixed

    The update is now available for all via Steam. We'd love to hear your feedback. You can leave it in our forums and add screenshots and videos if you like: Update 1.17.17721 - Feedback & Bugs

    Hi Kev,

    I've moved your post into the English thread. Thanks for your detailed feedback! Are you generally not able to play the game at all now due to the minimizing to the taskbar? If you're able to go through the menu, please check the graphics settings and what fullscreen mode you are on (real fullscreen or "fullscreen boarderless"). Depending on which one it's set on, please change the setting to the other, and see how the game behaves. Apart from that, the fps issues should be solved in this beta version, so as soon as the minimizing issue has been solved, please check on that as well.