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    As Quarney said, we´re definately open to criticism, and I think we proved more than enough that we hear our community regardless if it is positive or negative feedback, take it to heart and try to implement wishes and suggestions. It takes a while sometimes, or actually quite often, but we´re definately up to it. Nobody gets banned here for simply having a critical opinion, but we do insist on keeping a friendly level to it.

    The same goes for people who might be overly positive towards us, we´re not restricting this as we dont restrict the negative comments, as long as this stays in a acceptable friendly manner. If we missed something, please feel free to point us at it.

    The current mood seems to be quite good with the recent performance and other improvements, and it is actually very enjoyable as a Dev that many people do express that they like the recent changes. This indeed could look like only heysayers instead of neysayers here, but you´re here long enough I think that you seen it the other way around.

    My previous reply to you was not intended to be rude or anything, reading it again now I understand it could seem like it was, sorry for that, that was not my intention.

    I personally think widening the roads in Fuerteventura would very much destroy all little challenging spots, which is easy to avoid by simply choosing a bus you feel comfortable with.

    GTX 1080 isnt that high end anymore. And it will most likely not run 200% scaling.

    that being said, I would like to adress something about Tourist Bus Simulator:

    There is 1 thing which bothers me in Tourist Bus Simulator, this is the fact longer busses cant make corners properly inside the villages and on the hillside roads. It is pretty much impossible to make those corners with all the trafic and the tight roads. You will always get either gridlocked by traffic or drive over roadsigns or get stuck on rocks. It is a bus game after all so IMO you should make the roads drivable for all busses which are in the game.

    If you understand the AI´s simple minds a little, you can get around every corner in the game. Everything is driveable even in the biggest/longest buses if you let the AI do their thing and wait for your move. Also using the Lifting for the coaches do help on some bumpy and narrow spots.

    We did decide to make the buses useable in both games instead of restricting certain models/variants, they are mainly made for Fernbus Simulator. It is up to you if you can handle the big ones on the narrow roads in TBS or if you better let them in the garage. Its not like there is not enough variants to choose from.


    very nice route and driving, not a single scratch that was not caused by our mighty fine AI :D

    Nice to see that you take the time to see what the AI is actually doing, or trying to do, waiting for them to clear your path so you can make a turn etc. by watching your Video I think you know very well what they will do in certain situations.

    Btw, some really cool photos and screenshots on your website :)


    Maybe your driving was that horrible that they cant wait to get away from you? :D

    But seriously, never seen that before. I doubt that it has anything to do with switching to Win10.

    On the other instance you mentioned, was that on the same spot maybe? Or do they by any chance have anything in common you could remember?

    Hey guys,

    you do not have to pay for each phase. If you bought it, its yours, regardless if you bought in phase 1, or at full release.

    If you decide to support us in phase 1, which would be fantastic by the way, you pay less than in phase 2, 3 or at full release.

    So, the price just increases over time with the features added. If you jumped in early, you ofcourse also get the added features, just cheaper.

    Hi guys,

    regarding the driver seat in the air:

    A temporary/quick fix would be pressing TAB ingame to open the seat position adjustment, change the position slightly and close the seat adjustment again, this should bring the seat back to the normal position.

    Cool stuff Wotever 8)

    Just noticed on your physical cluster that the speed shows correctly at about 30kph and shows 0 below that. That an issue with the cluster or from our value?

    Really cool what you already done there.

    Well, actually I do not understand you at all, Martin.

    Quarney and I told you several times that some things take longer than other. We also confirmed that the mentioned suggestions are not forgotten. But you still use every opportunity to point at them, which we actually also told you several times, does not make them appear ingame any faster, right?

    And yes, I see you as very unpolite and demanding. Also, the way your attitude goes towards Quarney looks like you see her as a second row team member. Which is not acceptable at all.

    You maybe want to think why we always have the argues with you and raise our "voice" against you,