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    I´m no programmer, nor is Gil a programmer, and Chris isnt a programmer either. Chris told you several times now, that we will find a solution that hopefully fits everyone.
    Chris also told you, that it isnt a matter of one click, or 10 minutes of work. And Chris told it to you in a very very kind way, over, and over and over and... I think you get it. You´re walking on our nerves by repeating the same thing every time. The time we have to invest into senseless conversations with YOU again and again, would be better used in improving current features in the game, implementing your, and averyone elses wishes and suggestions and so on.

    You got your answer, you got it several times now. It is enough NOW.
    Stop it.

    Last warning.


    Good update. Thanks for this.
    I noticed problem, when AI cars to cut off me many times and spoiled my statistic.

    Switches light/transmission on mouse does not always work very well.

    Hi @AllMore
    The AI still is a big point on our improvementlist, some behavior you may consider as being a bug and may actually is a bug, is not that far from being realistic, and you would maybe flip that driver the bird in reality. Nonetheless, there will be further improvements.

    Could you please give me some details on the light/transmission switch doesnt always work very well. Which situation it doesnt work?, while driving, while stationary etc.



    Thank you, will have a look at the reported issues.

    Hey Guys,

    First and foremost, you have a great simulator on your hands. I get lost in play multiple times and looking forward to seeing the development and how far you guys go with this. I would like to mention, upon upgrading to the beta build today, I notice anytime I turn on the electronics in the bus (pressing E), the game slows down to 1FPS. I know its the electronics because when I turn them off, the game goes back to normal.


    did you try to get back on the public/normal build to see if that FPS-drops still happen?
    If you still encounter that problem, please create a support ticket, so we can try to help you out there.


    Alles kaput! It is a pity that hacked the game ;(

    What exactly you mean? Some more details really would help to help you.

    Hi ,

    little road bug near Mülheim/Ruhr.
    Have a grat day !

    @Roslav If you allways encounter your blury texture issue with bad graphics, try to play within Steam offline mode.

    @Yannick [FR] Thanks, will have a look at it.

    That town sign grew a bit too big.

    @Routeres Thanks!


    Al bug (images 1 + 2)
    Plusieurs photos de la végétation bug sur Hanovre et ses environs...

    @Numetix Thank you, we´ll fix that.


    thank you all for the very detailed feedback and bugreports, especially the screenshots showing the position on the ingame map are very very helpful.

    We´re currently running a new beta update build, so you should get a new beta update for the weekend.



    Hey, I´m currently testing a new version, I think it just depends on how well that version is working.
    I know we said that way too often, but we´re really close to have the Modding released public. If you cant wait to start off, you can get the current version which should work fine to start off, only the final packaging is not working in that version.
    In case you want to give it a try, please mail to

    Since there are no tutorials yet about the modding, you should already have some experience in working with the unreal engine.

    Kind Regards,

    Nice work Konrad!

    just a little hint: when you select a Sign, you can adjust the position of the texts, like the "E30" on your first Screenshot, just have a look into the details tab, there is (almost)everything adjustable. :)


    Hey, yes you can import/add own made Assets, there is literally no limitation. Even special functionality like for tollbooths can be scripted in the visual blueprint scripting provided by UnrealEngine. Signs, Monuments etc. etc. are no problem. Even new Roads with the typical Roadmarkings for Poland are no problem. UnrealEngine supports many Fileformats, so it should be easy to export/import from your 3d program to the game.

    Kind Regards,


    yeah, the AI is still painful, AI improvements are on high priority for coming updates, so it hopefully doesnt take too long until we got some results about that.


    There will be some map expansions, official announcements surely coming soon.
    Plus the mentioned playground for the map-modders in the Modding-Editor, so I guess there will be some cool mods soon.

    Kind Regards,

    Hi guys,

    a first test of sharing a modified Ingame-Asset via Steam Workshop. Would be nice if you test out and let me know in the Steam-Comments if it works, or maybe doesnt work:
    (Not working at the moment)

    Thank you :)

    Marcin, you´re really walking on my nerves....

    I explained you several times in support in a very kind manner, that the thing, you call a "good PC" is not much more than a toaster, you still blame us for having a piece of electric garbage. The systemrequirements are there for a reason, when your PC is not powerful enough it is quite clear that you have some massive issues. I´m not saying that there are no bugs in FBS, or that it is performance optimized to the max, we know about it and we´re working on it.

    We warned you several times, its enough now.

    Kind Regards,

    @legress I was driving the road from Nürnberg to Würzburg, but wasnt able to find the spot you mentioned, could you please attach a screenshot from the ingame map at the exact position? Same for Nürnberg exit? I guess its on the Highway/Autobahn somewhere?

    @AllMore for now as "quickfix" you could adjust the color-grading in the graphicsmenu, we´ll take care about the nav and mirrors asap.For the Mirror-performance we hopefully will update to a newer engine version soon, that should bring some overall performance, until then I´d suggest you set the mirrorquality to high.



    @martijn189 The dirt is new, but we´ve seen that it is too strong at certain daytimes and weather settings, so it will be reduced a bit.
    The Trucks&Trailers still have some physics issues, which hopefully will be adressed soon, sometimes they "slide" sidewards when stopped.
    I hope we can release it this week, or early next week.

    @Marcin26677 Thank you, will fix those radar bridges.