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    The RTX 3070 is the most interesting model. :)

    If I could afford it I would invest in it.

    They say it is equivalent to an RTX 2080 Ti.

    And a new video card was announced at $ 499. ^^

    Dollar price today (Monday) in Brazil R$5,30 reais.

    A bad joke. :|?(;(X(X/

    In my country, besides the devalued currency, taxes are absurd and stores take the opportunity to bill on top of the product.

    The way is to wait for cards below the RTX3070 such as RTX 3060 or lower, which should be announced soon.

    With the pandemic problem, things are very difficult where I live. :|

    I will have to spend more time with my prehistoric hardware.?(

    Please correct the lighting problem.

    Even making changes in brightness and changing the postprocessing, High, Medium and Low conditions are favorable in some posts and bad in others.

    Post-processing levels:

    High: the excess of light is very strong in the whole scenario is something that bothers.

    Medium: the game is too dark.

    Low: During the day it is great, as it gets closer to the end of the afternoon it starts to get very dark, places with many shadows begin to hinder the visibility. Beneath buildings and tunnels it is very dark, even if I turn on the lights it is still dark.

    A comparison between High and Low:

    This is the only serious problem I have with the game today.

    Incredibly, this new MAN pleased me a lot. I am very familiar with it if compared to the vehicles available in my country that are from other automakers.

    I changed some things in the painting to look more like vehicles in Brazil. For example, I removed the dark part of the front windshield.

    One of the best adaptations I created because of this familiarity (close design) of the MAN vehicle. :*

    I am very happy with the new vehicle, it is very good to drive. :love:<3:saint::thumbup:

    Busscar | Marcopolo

    The problem of excess (solar) light returns to the state of two previous betas. In the last one it had improved and now in the final summer it went backwards.

    The mirrors are too bright and the GPS panel is too dark to the point that I can't see practically anything (both dark and light).

    There are many variations of light that is changing the colors of the vehicle and scenery in general.

    Denis_W MBO530
    Looking at the images and even now working on the paintings I noticed some similarities between this new MAN and the vehicles available in my country. I feel some familarity.

    Certainly things need to be done safely for everyone.

    The sound is really the same as the old MAN.

    Unfortunately we will continue with this sound system for a while longer.

    In this period other functions can be improved in games.

    I hope that the situation will improve in relation to the pandemic and that work on the sound part will begin.

    Yes, I believe what you said. Dynek MBO530

    Personalization adds a lot to experience and satisfaction.

    Just like when you buy a house, you make plans to make some improvements and leave it to your taste thus providing you with well being.

    In games this is no different.

    Especially in the Tourist Bus Simulator format if these improvements have a cost to be applied. It is an extra encouragement for you to make a good management and thus improve your entire fleet.

    At the moment I am happy with Scania Touring.

    And this new MAN has great features and a little more customization, exciting. 8)

    And I agree with you, I look forward to Irizar's models, it has always been among the first of my favorites list. :saint:<3

    Irizar has component variations, it is found in the Volvo or Scania version.

    Particularly at the moment the Scania version is a viable option due to TML's contact with the brand (Scania Touring and Scania Citywide.

    I am not sure, another negotiation with Volvo should not be an easy task, but it is not impossible. Since we have the brand present in other games and licensees. :)

    Most of the time at some point the licensing must come out. This Volvo Coach 9000 series is wonderful and cannot be missing from the collection. I say the same for the Mercedes-Benz (Tourismo) models.

    When these are in the games we will be well served by vehicles.

    I liked the news that comes in the package of the new MAN Lion's Coach, these two mirror modes and also two hubcap models are sensational ideas.

    I hope that in the future they will include vehicle customization. replace hubcaps, vehicle floor, seat upholstery, lighting, curtains, among others. :)

    Too bad Volvo is making licensing difficult.

    Although I never saw Volvo in any game of its kind. ?(
    But we know that in truck games it is possible. The biggest example is ETS2. :)X/

    Is Irizar easy to deal with when licensing? :|
    Irizar was also never present in any game. :/

    Tree on the shoulder (highway 64 - between Toulouse and Biarritz in France).

    I checked some rest areas and I especially liked how it was designed.

    - This FF Restautant is well done.

    I liked this red structure (in my country this is called reducer or speed bump), it forces the driver to slow down, there is a lot of it in Brazil and it is very popular in cities.

    The intelligence of vehicles seems to ignore and pass quickly over it.

    The sidewalk is totally messy with many junctions and different floors. Put a maximum of two types of floor and leave everything level (standardized). Use some flowers and vegetation in these areas with soil. Add whites.

    If you adjust all of this it will be beautiful and very interesting.

    This junction seems unfinished, it needs a whim. I see this a lot in several exits from rest areas and gas stations.

    This rest stop I liked the differentiation of the floor in the parking of vehicles. Something that can be copied to other similar locations. The environment becomes pleasant with this differentiation.

    In this publication the problems reported are all between the city of Toulouse and Biarritz.

    I found some errors in positioning objects and incorrect textures on the asphalt (signal strips).

    The Transit was confused at this point.

    Following some problems in the same place.

    The side protection of the overpass with a loading problem.

    The base of the plate is in conflict with the structure of the overpass (bridge).

    I believe the problem is the lack of space for this new viaduct model. I suggest making changes to the viaduct by placing a dedicated space (base) to add similar objects such as signs and lampposts. This will facilitate the setting of the scenario and become standardized.

    A little dirt in the asphalt.

    All of the above reports are located in the same region. I followed the location in the image on the map.

    I don't know if it was put on purpose. A surface above the asphalt.

    Thanks Quarney for the answer. TML team is very competent and even with this problem the lighting is incredible, congratulations.

    The paintings are being loaded normally, but I have something to report regarding it.

    First I want to complement on the subject of enlightenment.

    • The mirrors are being affected with the lighting problem together with the vehicle panel, GPS display, reverse camera, the auxiliary cameras that appear when we close the doors. What happens is the same thing that I explained earlier, at times the saturation of white happens and also the excess of black (the image is extremely dark). This variation of light changes all the time in sunny weather.

    1 - Image on the left: we have the problem of white saturation in the whole scenario, mirror, reverse camera (on the LCD), vehicle panel, the other buses parked, in the background outside the building in sunlight.

    2 - Center image: In this example it is a lighting transition, we see an improvement in the image, several points are normalized but others we see the problem of the excess of white, I highlight the rearview mirror and the strip of light (sun) in the asphalt.

    3 - Image on the right: A clean and sharp image, but the problem is the reverse, excess of black on the inside of the vehicle and rear view.

    The vehicle will undergo light changes all the time because it is in motion. There are times when sunlight gets stronger or darker because clouds block sunlight and other times when the sun will emit a lot of light. It is natural in real life. In the game these variations occur in the extreme for both white and black.

    • Returning to the problem of paintings, trying to get around the problem of post-processing I did some configuration tests and found a serious problem.

    When changing the "texture quality" setting that was in the "epic" I changed it to "high" I had a surprise.

    1. Left image: "Texture Quality" in the "epic". Normal clean and sharp textures.

    2. Right image: "Texture Quality" at "high". Usually between the high and the epic the difference is minimal. In the case between the two the difference is extreme, it seems that at "high" the image is in the lowest possible quality.

    • With this problem I noticed a connection with the painting mods.

    - In this exchange between "epic" to "high" the painting of the bus and textures of the scenery were inactive or lost quality as I showed the previous example (image of the announcement panel).

    - Another comparison when I switch from "epic" to "high".

    At the moment these were the most serious problems I encountered. In my next publications I will address other problems that I consider mild. :);)

    Now I can test Beta 1.26. 35419

    I will do a series of publications in parts.

    - The first problem that I found and was visible right in the game menu is the fog (excessive light and white).

    There are ways to reduce this excess of white, such as setting "post-processing" from "high" and making changes to Gamma and Contrast (little difference). I'm sorry but this problem is extremely gross.

    Some images reporting the problem:
    (Post-processing in the sequence in low, medium and high)

    Despite the problem the lighting of the game is great. The traffic lights and the cars are clearly visible, the sun's rays on the objects are pleasant and beautiful, even the shadows are good.

    I hope that the TML team can fix the problem without affecting these wonderful adjustments.

    In my next publication I will address other problems and also highlight what I liked. ;):saint: