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    The games at Still Alive Studios are good, the big problem is the way of managing their products, which are poorly used.

    The company quits the game in a short time. The biggest loser is always the consumer who invests his money to have little entertainment. :/

    I have Bus Simulator 16 and I like it a lot, but it lacked updates to improve performance, introduce content, resources, vehicles, maps and other things. ;(

    Plus stillalive Studios prefers to launch a new game.

    Despite everything I mentioned, I follow the company on social media in the hope of changing this market posture.

    For these reasons I discard Bus Simulator 2021. X/

    I prefer to invest in "The Bus" I believe that TML has good plans for this new project. <38):thumbup:

    My opinion everyone knows.

    I am in favor of new brands. Many wish Mercedes-Benz is a big name. And we have Irizar, too, that I look forward to.

    Quarney mentioned something important some brands are difficult to obtain licensing and others are flexible.

    I imagined that TML is working on some models but the licensing problem postpones the launch.

    even if something has been said in the past, things change is something that is out of reach and depends on third parties, totally


    Once again I emphasize that I have my preferences, the more I support any new vehicle DLC regardless of which brand it is.

    The most recent MAN are beautiful, I commented and published about them myself here.

    I also want to reiterate an old subject that whenever possible I comment that it is the problem of vehicle sounds. Something that I wait patiently for news and hope that the new vehicles will be launched with sounds worthy of your real vehicle. I still get frustrated when playing and listening to generic sounds, visually I like the game with each update, unfortunately I can't say the same about the sounds.

    I thank you very much for each update of the games, but I want to know about the development of the sound part of the vehicles, Fernbus is in a very good stage of development.

    This sector needs attention is of vital importance to the community, especially for people who like buses.

    I know that the time is limited to do this work and generate content at the same time more if possible create something informative (we are in a community) this is a very important issue. :saint:<3

    I liked this new vegetation and how it was applied, I watched Martin 40 Bus video.

    Observing the publications it is notable that many errors were found regarding the positioning of this new vegetation.

    Wait for them to correct the repaint problem, so I will return to Beta version 1.26 and contribute to the maintenance of the map regarding new vegetation and some object in an improper place.

    In version 1.25 I found many problems with positioning elements along the highways. We have to make the game impeccable in this visual issue. :saint:


    Yes, there is vegetation on sidewalks and on the road when there is some rupture on the surface. In case the vegetation is kept in these places, TML will have to visually create these cracks in the sidewalk, road and position the vegetation between the floors thus recreating what happens in real life. In a video of The Bus, TML put vegetation in the middle of the asphalt is something interesting to see, but as I said it needs to be well portrayed.

    If you don't do it the right way, you'll be rude.

    Same thing as vegetation sprouts in the middle of the floor of my room. ?(

    Leaving some problems at 1.25 because I have no idea if TML made changes regarding this in version 1.26. :/

    - I am having problems with Neoplan.

    I get in the vehicle and when I'm in the driver's view this gross camera placement happens.

    Does anyone know how to tell me why Neoplan is showing this behavior?

    - This problem happens at all times in particular all terminals, vehicles such as cars, trucks enter terminals, these areas are exclusive to buses, it does not make sense to circulate other vehicles in these areas.

    Please correct this disorder. Please. ||

    Location: Bern

    Location: Limoges

    - If possible, exchange this vegetation for something natural and with less repetition. It seems very standardized and repetitive.

    Location: Garage in Limoges

    - This needs to be reworked better.

    Location: Terminal in Toulouse

    - Traffic lights are messed up and vehicles stop in the wrong places. The car stopped for a long time where I signaled with the circle.

    Location in the image below (Biarritz)

    - The poorly positioned fence entering the house.
    - And the house is also very close to the street.

    Location: Biarritz

    Thanks for another Beta. I hope that far from next month it will be refined until its launch. :*8):thumbup:

    The paintings (Mods) are all in black.

    Now I will have to return to the previous version.

    I was doing a check on a painting that I will publish tomorrow (day 1). :(

    I will have to wait until this problem is fixed to test the Beta. ;(

    It could be Volvo's "V". <3:love::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Various possibilities.

    For having the VDL licensed for being.

    This new MAN is beautiful I had mentioned it in the past. 8)


    Thank you friend. ;)

    I like to discuss the possibilities and wishes of our colleagues on the forum. I learned a lot from everyone's diverse opinions and good ideas. We all like buses is something exciting when something new is being developed or suggested.

    - My biggest dream at the moment is the realism and quality in the sound of each vehicle.

    - Vehicle personalization.

    - And if possible new buses, my first option is Irizar with a variant of the model sold in Brazil (with small internal changes and without the door to the center of the bus).

    Of course, any vehicle is very welcome.

    There are many improvements that many of you are always commenting on.

    Performance I don't even need to mention that it's basic.

    Everything is possible, small connections or even new cities, looking at the map of Fuerventura it is notable the absence of some cities or stretches of road. The doubt remains in the air.

    New features of company management mode?

    It would be something interesting to improve the experience.

    I have many suggestions on the subject and I must have mentioned this in the past. ^^^^^^:D:D:D


    Without a doubt it is a model that I would like to see in games, it is beautiful.

    Together with the Setra TopClass S 531 DT. :love:

    No problem friend. ;)8)

    If images had been leaked or something more detailed (direct) would be something serious, the content published is minimal.

    Good for generating discussions of what can be and leaving your guess and even desire.

    I sincerely wanted to believe that it is something related to new vehicle sounds, perhaps an isolated vehicle being tested. But I doubt it very much. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


    Anyway, it can be anything, from a feature being tested or a new vehicle DLC (version variations). :/

    DLC for a new map?

    As it was clarified recently it is discarded (Tourist Bus Simulator). ?(

    The best thing about all this is to know that TML is moving in terms of new features and content. 8o

    This topic is not a problem.

    Genre information has been published on the forum in the past and even so it does not take the shine off an official announcement.

    The impact is when it is officially announced with information about the content, images and videos.

    In Beta 1.8 of the Tourist Bus it was mentioned that they were preparing for a new DLC. A new vehicle is coming soon.

    Good for moving curiosity and discussing what can be.
    I call this my point of view on the subject and respect of the other colleagues of the forum. :)

    Your video was very cool. I recorded a while ago something like that. Thanks for sharing the video I will see it complete at another time.

    The Bus is possible in online mode.

    It will be fun to gather friends from the forum and play, it would certainly be someone's passenger. If you put the option of sitting on the bus seat it will be an advance.

    Since you will not have this option on Fernbus and Tourist Bus, I expect only one camera positioning on the passenger's perspective and another smaller camera with the driver's view on a smaller scale (I suggest placing it as an option), so we can drive the bus to have this view passenger (fun to make recordings and enjoy the trip). :/

    Another suggestion is an editable camera, we own and save it at the desired angle.

    This bug of the character falling into limbo (a real nightmare). :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    It usually happened when trying to open the bus door manually.

    I spent a few months waiting to build a cool PC to play (6 months). I was always watching videos on YouTube.

    I miss the windows getting foggy because of the cold weather. This feature followed in the following TML games (Bus Simulator 2012).

    They are silly details more during the game makes a big difference. I hope that these resources will be planned in the future.

    I joined the forum precisely because of the Bus and Cable Car Simulator in 2012.

    I watched a video on YouTube (this bass) months later I bought a nice PC so I managed to play it. And I continued with the next games released by TML.

    I love making this line 905 :love:

    I found this video demonstrates the use of public transport. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    I really like Bus and Cable Car Simulator, it has interesting features.

    The big problem is the intelligence of the traffic is very bad and also the vehicles disappear in moments.

    It lacked a little more attention and updates to make the game better.

    I liked it when the windows were fogged up and wet due to the vehicle's external cold, it was necessary to turn on the window defroster.

    It was good to leave the house to get the car to drive until the company chooses the vehicle and the line, then drive to the bus terminal and start work.

    Tourist Bus Simulator has a structure to have similar functions. You acquire real estate but it is not used as housing. If the character got tired he would have a reason to go home. :sleeping:

    These are silly things but are absent in Fernbus/Tourist Bus.

    Currently TML works with a quality graphics engine and there is a possibility to implement these features again. :/

    I also took Taxi in GTA and enjoyed the trip. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Very good by the way.

    Great observations on the subject. :):thumbup:

    It really is something that I have been approached in the past but it is always good to see new perspectives on the subject.

    This question of passengers only TML has the answers.

    The ideal would be to program the number of passengers referring to places, dates and times.

    Example: From Desden to Berlin I believe that the number of passengers would be high and at peak times (something logical).

    Many people work in neighboring cities and use this means of transport.

    Positioning of cameras:

    Last year I remember having approached the subject for the last time (or more distant), my suggestion was a camera positioned in the passenger seat. Something similar to the bass video.

    Other TML games like Bus and Cable Car Simulator used resources where you roam freely in the city and used public transport. I confess that I really liked getting on buses and enjoying the city looking like a tourist. I looked for a video as an example but I couldn't find it.

    In today's games the experience of traveling as a passenger would be incredible. :love: