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    Martin 40 Bus Denis_W
    Transfer the subject to this neutral topic and open to any discussion.

    Continuing the matter.

    Unfortunately in Brazil the roads are dangerous due to the lack of structure in some locations and mainly human irresponsibility. I like my country more if I had the opportunity to go to another country with a better quality of life I would leave quickly.

    As our friend Martin said, there are good things about Brazil that few know about. Here you have wonderful landscapes despite the lack of administration by the government.

    Gastronomy is also strong in several states, regional cultures are strong and worth visiting. More like I said, an ignorant population and corrupt rulers dirty the country's reputation. As a result, the biggest loser is the good citizen and the degradation in nature that I love so much.

    Returning to the video.

    Drivers in Brazil are very professional.

    Companies are strict in hiring and guiding their employees. On YouTube there are several channels of bus drivers recording the day-to-day profession and leaving good messages on how to behave in traffic (with responsibility and care).

    If you are interested in following this channel, it is very good.

    Alan by the way is a nice and very professional person.

    This video is interesting to show some areas of Brazil with a lack of structure.

    Of course there are good roads like this in the two videos below.

    A well-tended and well-used toll road (destined for the beach in the state of São Paulo).

    There is a conversation throughout the video but I believe it will not disturb the experience. It is a very winding and monitored road.

    Martin 40 Bus
    Incredible as it may seem, I no longer have those problems with blurring the vehicle panel since this update 24 and the Tourist Bus has also solved the problem. FPS drops happen at times (in both games games) in general improved a lot. Now I can record my travels.

    At the moment I need to buy a good monitor, but I have to wait a little while the pandamy affected my business and I have little money.

    Buying hardware at the moment is complicated by this situation. In my country the availability of parts is limited and the price has increased by about 20% to 45%.

    In Brazil there are many old companies and with that good stories of their trajectory.

    I like to post information so people know a little about the trajectory of companies. :)

    Interesting with these colors, I liked it. Congratulations for the good work. 8)

    Martin 40 Bus

    I try to play more it is difficult friend. ?(:lol::lol::lol::lol:

    In my spare time, I rest or work on the paintings.

    Lately I'm recreating old paintings from some companies.

    Example is below.

    Unfortunately this company was sold to Aguia Branca and I believe that the name Expresso Brasileiro will go out of circulation.

    Taking advantage of the moment and I am also creating the current design of this company.

    A question for everyone.
    Which bus companies are the oldest in Germany or in your region? :/

    Hello! :)

    Over the past few years the opinions regarding the models are the same.

    Previously they were:

    Setra and Scania.

    The expected ones are:

    Mercedes-Benz (Tourismo)

    Irizar (i3, i4, i6, i6S i8)

    Perhaps it is something more recent comments on Volvo (9000 series) due to the market performance.

    All mentioned are marked Global and I believe that in most cities in different countries you will see buses of these brands.

    I'm from South America and here Irizar exists with the same model i6, i6s with some internal changes because they are manufactured in Brazil.

    Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Scania supply chassis, engine and components for bus manufacturers. In South America, Brazil is the country that leads with the greatest number of automakers with partners and the logo of these brands are stamped on the vehicles.

    Irizar for example has partner Mercedes-Benz, Scania and Volvo.

    These brands add value and many are fans of the brands either because of a known car or bus.


    You are right. :):thumbup:

    Yes, in Europe there are similar places.

    This issue has been addressed in the past and I agree that it needs attention. Currently the rest places together with the gas stations are repeated and lifeless, lacking variations and details to leave unique places thus passing realism. :|

    Some larger bus terminals need improvement as well. :/


    I also suggest the SetraS 531 DT

    It is a very beautiful vehicle. :saint:

    New islands DLC would be great, but the current moment is not good. :/

    I prefer improving features, performance and the modding tool (which I will quote below).

    In terms of vegetation, the current map has nothing to do, the place is arid.

    Noting that TML has improved some areas regarding vegetation, they are better.

    I have some good ideas and I believe it is a good way.

    Tourist Bus is a game with the potential to have the administrative part. Some things need to be improved in the management and customization of offices.

    Putting the company name on a sign on the company's delivery would be a start.

    Vehicle personalization is essential. Examples: wheels, upholstery, flooring, lighting, among others.

    Bus resale locations would be interesting and an online website for ordering vehicles with the necessary modifications (having a visual preview of how the vehicle would look).

    I believe that in the future with the modding tool the game will be the best basis for the development of maps.

    Making a separate map on another continent will be a good option.

    When I have the modding tool available I hope it gets to the Tourist Bus because it will be my focus on creating maps. :love:<3:saint:
    The game is a good laboratory to implement news. :)

    Cuzzy  Quarney

    This terminal at Gare routière de Toulouse is one of my favorites. Over night the lighting is terrible, alias in other terminals the same thing happens.

    I reported this lighting problem a while ago.

    The light is very burst in isolation and very resized, it does not illuminate the rest of the terminal.

    Highlighting that at the entrance and exit of the terminal you need light poles. :/

    Taking advantage of the opportunity, add streetlights at intersections on smaller roads. On highways always at entrances and exits (connecting other roads, bridges (viaducts), entry and exit of Gas Stations and Rest Stops).

    Everyone expected company management at Fernbus.

    But TML preferred to create a new game and so the new feature was applied.

    In general, it is a way to generate income and test resources on a smaller scale (Tourist Bus Simulator).

    I believe that Tourist Bus Simulator is a better test area, map and smaller cities help a lot.
    Remembering that at the beginning I rejected the Tourist Bus and over time I started to like it. :lol::lol::lol::love:<3

    About a new MAN it is a very beautiful vehicle and I have commented on it before. :)

    More I prefer other vehicles of preference brands that are not present in the games.

    As mentioned earlier in other topidos.

    - Irizar

    - Mercedes-Benz

    - Volvo

    - Van Hool

    After the launch of these brands that did not exist at the moment, it would be time to launch MAN vehicles and the other brands present. :/


    All of us forum members have discussed the issue over the months and even the past few weeks. This is an old theme here.

    The suggestion of our friend Denis_W is valid, you can approach this subject in the following mentioned topics. It is a matter of organization and avoiding unnecessary clutter of pages. :/

    You will find good discussions and comments on the number of passengers.

    TML team yes look at the comments of the staff, many of the improvements in the games were suggestions from members of the forum.

    The issue of traffic (bots) is programming. There is no other alternative is to work on the intelligence of this mechanism.

    In GTA, which is a messy game, let's say it's normal for you to invade cars.

    In Fernbus, for example, it would be a bit weird to approach this. I keep imagining in real life the driver getting out of the bus and getting in the car at the citizen who closed the intersection. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    I see many bridges with positioning problems in the DLC France, mainly to the south.

    I had encountered some similar problems in the previous version. I need to check if the problems still exist.

    At the moment in version 25 I found this bridge with this problem that I mentioned.

    At the bus station in Lyon I found an object in the parking area.

    The lighting compared to the previous version seems more natural looking at the videos and images. :huh:

    I liked the test between the levels of post-processing.

    In my case I need to test it because my PC is modest. ?(

    I will put it on high and see what will happen. In the middle it seems very dark and the effect of the sun is completely reduced and will not be used. :/

    I thank TML for bringing another package of improvements. :*

    In my perception the maps must have reproductions of real places. I know that at the moment it is impossible to make a real scale with all the characteristics. More so if the TML takes some parts of the real locations and tries to reproduce as close as possible it will attract people to the game.

    Regarding the cities to reproduce at least one way to the bus stations similar to the real one is a victory.

    As I said some bus terminals are similar but need to be improved (details and adjustments).

    Many people from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France when playing will identify themselves with these locations.

    I research the cities a lot and whenever I see any similarity, it gives me a good feeling.

    That's why I criticize the sound of the vehicles a lot, I want to be more involved in relation to the vehicles. Visually they are perfect.

    Martin 40 Bus

    Yes friend, I hope it will be soon.

    I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. :saint:

    That would be cool. However, I also play Fernbus on the keyboard and I have turned off auto-centering of the wheel and surprisingly, I find that Fernbus is the best driving game ever when it comes to playing on the keyboard, far better than e.g. ETS2 which has such rotation speed adjustment option. I recommend you give that a try, although that might just be my personal preference.

    Months ago I addressed this subject. I used the Xbox controller for a long time, I started playing with the keyboard after creating a great configuration where I disabled the automatic centralization of the steering wheel and after this change I remained playing on the keyboard until now. :)

    Despite the good experience I felt the lack of a button dedicated to the centering of the steering wheel. Example: I press the "S" key and the steering wheel automatically returns to the center.

    I made a reference to the OMSI settings where this option exists and I can choose which key to add this function to.

    A suggestion for the TML team: if it is possible to improve the sensitivity of the controls connected to the rotation of the steering wheel, add higher values.

    I was able to configure it in the best possible way but the adjustment values are low, thus limiting the possibilities regarding sensitivity.

    The biggest problem for example is when I turn to the right (or left) and press the opposite side the steering wheel turns very fast, because the values are low in the settings.

    If you are interested I can send my keyboard configurations, so you can test it. And understand what I'm saying. :/

    What an amazing video, thanks for sharing. Denis_W:):thumbup:

    I imagine the driver's patience in this region.

    There should be traffic lights in these locations with steeper curves, thus avoiding a little collision and difficulty or traffic control when a larger vehicle is on the track.

    Very similar to some mountain stretches in the Tourist Bus Simulator.

    If the intelligence of the bots were better it would be nice to go with small vehicles in these areas of the map.

    I see an Italian YouTube channel that records some of his travels in Italy. The more I see the more I like the interior of Italy. The landscapes are beautiful, especially the mountainous part with smaller roads. This video below is an example of what I imagine on a map for Fernbus.

    It reminds me a little of the region that I love so much in my country is very similar. <3

    On board a 1999 Mercedes O404 10 RH, serial number 726 of the TPER of Bologna; 290 hp Mercedes engine and 5-speed ZF automatic transmission.

    Location: Porretta

    If TML has plans to add Italy, take real references and try to reproduce some passages and their beautiful villas and cities. It is important to maintain the cities' architecture to differentiate it from the rest of the countries.

    Maps like this with good vehicle sound will make the game enjoyable and incredible. :love:

    Currently on the existing maps on Fernbus in Germany DLC Usedom is the part I like the most and some stretches between Berlin and Dresden. Much of the map of the Switzerland / Austria DLC pleases me in almost all its territory. In DLC France I explored the southern part a lot, I am always passing in the city of Toulouse. I believe that in the future the maps need reformulations mainly aiming at characterizing each city. What attracts me a lot in OMSI are some maps that aim to resemble the real places, the minimum is to keep the similarities of some parts of the cities in a simplified way. Bus terminals must be identical to the real one. :/

    I suggest you research about the plates mentioned in scenarios that uses the Engine Unreal 4.

    There are gains in certain engines for both Nvidia and AMD.

    Probably on YouTube there are many channels doing tests and reporting on the Engines used in the tested games. At least in my region it is always mentioned which engine is used in the tested games.

    If other forum members use AMD's Radeon RX 500 generation cards, please leave a comment about the usage experience.

    If you go to get a GTX I prefer to indicate the Super version that comes very close to the Ti version (in some cases even a tie in performance), more will depend on the price in your region.