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    As previously noted by one of the forum participants, TBS does not have a total vehicle mileage counter.

    I also miss this. Especially now, when a bus comes out and has to rewind the run again. And in the end, I do not know what the total mileage I made. This upsets and loses interest.

    The vehicles on which I drove try not to give my drivers to roughly understand what mileage I made.

    It would be great to introduce a general mileage function in TBS, as it is in Fernbus Simulator.


    the second option with MAN is more likely. I also thought about it. But if it is not a bus DLC, then V2 means something else.

    Okay, I’ll wait. Now, nothing will change.

    The only good news is that soon TML-Studios will give us great news. Be it a new bus, new sounds or some other addition. This is cool!

    Well, we are looking forward to news, including news on The Bus project. I am sure that this year TML-Studios will still please us with news and will surprise us :love: 8o

    I sincerely wanted to believe that it is something related to new vehicle sounds, perhaps an isolated vehicle being tested.

    why not. TML-Studios were ready to record new sounds as soon as the epidemic wave subsided. Now is the time for this ;)
    I like your train of thought :)

    DLC for a new map?

    As it was clarified recently it is discarded (Tourist Bus Simulator). ?(

    Yes, Quarney wrote about this, the whole island may not be built soon. But there may be some small section of an existing island. As it was in FBS (Usedom and one more).

    If you believe the official message on the page on Facebook, then until the next new ninth update of TBS, we will still see the new DLC in Tourist Bus Simulator 8o

    As for V2. Could it be Version 2 (V2)? I do not know :/

    In the last update, I noticed that many new stops were added. It is possible that some addition will come out as new routes. Maybe. These are just my guesses. I personally think that if this is not a DLC as a bus, then most likely some new section of the island, or new routes. Or is it a new garage for our buses ^^ I have no more options :)

    It’s great that you touched on this topic, Maximus!

    My interest has warmed up! :thumbup:

    Maximus, on a Facebook page in the Tourist Bus Simulator (TML-Studios) group, there was a message that the latest update to TBS was in preparation for the upcoming DLC release.

    We all look forward to the DLC coming in the coming weeks.

    I don’t want to guess now which DLC will be released and I want it to be a surprise. And of course I look forward to the bus of my favorite company MAN.

    Let's see what a surprise TML-Studios has prepared for us :love: In any case, I am very happy about this! 8o

    I was just thinking about it today, Daniel F

    We can play The Bus together in multiplayer. We can drive each other to the desired destination. It will be very cool. True, multiplayer will be limited in the number of players. But I think that there is nothing to worry about.

    In any case, these are my guesses. As will be in fact, we will be able to find out very soon ;)

    Si, Daniel F ;)

    Muy bien :thumbup:

    I studied Spanish for two years 8o

    An unusual video appeared on the network. This is what happens when the bus driver forgets to apply the hand brake 8|

    It’s good that he didn’t fall into the precipice with passengers =O

    The video shows how one of the passengers is trying to run out through the middle door. But one thing bothers me, why no one got behind the wheel and did not apply the brake?

    Beautiful scenery outside the window! :love::thumbup:

    Yes, that would be great. OMSI has such a system, but it has not been brought to mind. It would be great to buy a ticket yourself, get on a bus, get off at the final one and this would be considered as a completed task. One could even come up with an achievement on Steam.

    And this idea is not only for FBS and TBS, but also in the upcoming The Bus it would be great to see such a function. Moreover, this is a completely new product in which it is possible to introduce such a function and this will also be a hallmark of a city bus simulator.

    I would really like our desire to be in the passenger role to appear on FBS, TBS and The Bus ;)

    Yes, the adventure continues ;)

    Thanks guys! :) :thumbup:

    Our tourists sunbathed on the beach and now we have to take them back to the hotel. We will not take time, but immediately hit the road. Knowing the needs of tourists, I reduced the temperature of the air conditioner, as a result of which I received thanks from them at the end of the trip as a rating of 100% ^^

    :fbs-sign-123: The video has color correction and saturation added!

    And also, as in the last video, in order to save time, checking tickets on the video was increased by 2 times (speed x2).

    By the way, does anyone know what happened to the minivan at the beginning of the video? Was it blown up? =O:D

    The official eighth update released! :)

    This time we will have an unusual trip, as our tourists decided to go to a nudist beach8|

    They felt so hot that even on the bus they asked to turn on the air conditioner at a lower temperature than usual ;)^^

    :fbs-sign-123: The video has color correction and saturation added!

    In order to save time, checking tickets on the video was increased 2 times (speed x2) :)

    After some time, we, of course, will take them back. But it will be in the next video. Do not miss! 8o