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    heavy vehicles can also be introduced, such as a fire truck, crane or a taxi or ambulance :), vehicle tram,ect

    This is exactly what is so lacking in FBS and TBS traffic. I would really like to see cars of special services. It's great that there are police and taxis in FBS, but they are not in TBS. Or an ambulance that rushes behind you with signals and you need to miss it. It was very cool. Or a tram. In German cities, FBS also lacks them. I love this beautiful sound when cars sweep the rails and the bus sways.

    Works progress on AI traffic and tests are underway.

    If necessary, I am ready to provide any help to TML-Studios to make the simulator better. If there are not enough people at TML-Studios to conduct tests or there is still some problem where you need to do something simple but time-consuming, we could help with this. TML-Studios can count on us. On me for sure!

    For me TML STUDIOS is the best company because it makes the best buses on the market. :):fernbus::thumbup:

    I am of the same opinion and completely agree. I do not stop writing it everywhere that TML-Studios makes the best bus simulations! And for me, a bus simulator is something more than a simulator or some other game. I am <3 :fernbus: TML-Studios.

    But anyway, the next bus will NOT be the New Lion's Coach, it will even not come in a near future, since we just released a MAN half year ago and another MAN (A39) is coming for TheBus.

    But on the other hand with a bus brand "MAN" there would be no problems in licensing :)

    I like MAN buses<3

    However, the good news is that there will be another manufacturer. This is intriguing! I will look forward to the new DLC. I love big buses.


    I think the night should be made a little brighter. I liked the Kadimbey comparison.

    The light in the bus in the second photo looks more realistic. I also like the dark night, but in the last update it is very dark. It is important to find a balance between the night in the past and the current updates. Or, as a last resort, add the brightness control to the graphics settings, so that each player can do for himself as he likes. In the meantime, you have to add gamma in the settings for greater lordship.

    But more worried about the sharpness of the image on the "Epic" settings. It is especially noticeable at night when cars, trees are drawn in details, as if they were drawn on paper. It doesn’t look very pretty.

    I began to have traffic problems to a greater extent in the latest update. I noticed that accidents began to occur more often through no fault of mine. It also happens that he completely disappears to a certain point. A.

    But I understand perfectly that these all the flaws can not be solved with one update. This is especially true for traffic. It takes a lot of time. Therefore, I am glad that there is at the moment and for this I first of all thank TML-Studios. I also continue to believe that TML-Studios will succeed. The main thing is not to give up and move only forward.

    All these problems with too sharp images, dark nights and traffic that is not at intersections and hits each other and the player’s bus are also present in Tousrist Bus Simulator. It seems to me that the traffic in the latest update has become worse than it was before :/


    I'm on my own, on a desert island

    Not one) There are many of us ;):)


    -The game crashes in photo mode.

    This also happens to me when I set the scale to more than 100% in the photo mode. He immediately knocks out.

    In the past, the video was jerky. Slightly reduced the graphics.

    Below everything is set to "Epic". Performance is significantly reduced due to video recording. If the video is not recorded, then you can set it on EPIC and it will not slow down.

    We hurry to Corralejo. Car traffic completely refused to go to this city. Only we were able to get to Corralejo.

    I would like to make a small suggestion for future updates :anniversary:

    Make some kind of timer or passenger animation for sightseeing tours.

    For example, when I drive up to the place and open the door, the timer for 3 minutes starts. After which I can close the door and continue to move to the next excursion point :S

    Or, ideally, make an animation of passengers so that they can leave and enter in a few minutes. So it will be very cool and realistic :thumbsup:

    And it turns out that I did not have time to open the door, as I already need to go to the next point :whistling:

    I think that this is not only my request, but also other players8o Many thanks! :)

    We are all really looking forward to The Bus, and I am very glad that TML-Studios presented us with a gift as a video8|

    It looks very cool, realistic and intriguing. Even the LIDL supermarket is present. I am very happy about that:!:

    I agree with Kadimbey and CuzzystyleTV about beta testing. I would love to help in a closed beta. I want to help make the simulator even better. It is an honor for me. I have been with TML-Studios for over 10 years and admire every creation. Thank you for your work TML-Studios! I look forward to following the news about the upcoming project :thumbup:<3:)

    P.S. i think that the time has come to create a separate Facebook page for the 'The Bus' project.