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    I congratulate our beloved forum TML-Studios on this truly grand event, happy birthday! :)

    And of course, I join Maximus. For me, the forum is also one big and friendly family. Here we can learn a lot of new, interesting, joke and laugh, as well as share interesting facts and news with other users, who have become real friends during this time.

    It is a great success to visit the TML-Studios forum every day and just communicate without language barriers.

    The forum brings together many fans, mostly bus simulators, from all over the world: Europe, China, Japan, Turkey, England, Russia, and many other countries. Here we are one big and friendly family, despite the situation around the world.

    Our forum is a place of warmth, joy and love, to which you want to return again and again.

    We are making history. Perhaps in a few hundred years someone will come in and read our messages, watch videos and photos ;):)

    I am extremely happy about the news that will appear in the near future. I won't tire of repeating that you are doing a very great job, TML-Studios. It is very cool. Low bow to you :thumbup:

    I wish the forum to develop further for many many more years :):thumbsup:

    Thank you for your love and warmth! :thumbup:

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear TML-Studios forum! Happy Birthday to you!

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, liebes TML-Studios Forum!

    С Днём Рождения, дорогой форум TML-Studios! :anniversary:

    With respect and love, sincerely yours, Denis Varlamov! <3

    which takes place in our little home town Erfurt where we get very rarely international visitors

    I do not know about other foreigners, but if I am traveling in Germany in the near future, I will definitely visit this small town of Erfurt. Perhaps even with a small gift for TML-Studios ;):thumbsup:

    Wow, great! This is what I understand, innovative technologies. I would like to attend this conference in real life. In the meantime, I do not have the money for a plane ticket to Germany and plus the epidemiological situation around the world, I will be happy to attend this event online tomorrow at 14:00 :)

    called "bus world"

    Everything is correct. At the moment, the developers are working with characters for the script. Let's see what happens in the end in 2021.

    2021 promises to be very hot for bus sim fans ;)

    Hi neves768 :)

    Playway S.A. is a publisher, just like Aerosoft. The developers of this simulator are "SimRail S.A." ;)

    They only have two products: "SimRail 2021", which will be released in the third quarter of 2021 and "SimBus" with an unannounced date:

    I think it is too early for now to draw any conclusions about the "SimBus". Maybe it will come out in general in 3 or 4 years. It is not known what will happen by this time.

    At the moment, there are no correct mirrors, pedestrians are disappearing (you can see it even in the video), the bus behaves aggressively when cornering.

    In any case, I will follow the news and hope that it will be a simulator, and not an arcade game like "Bus Simulator 16/18/21"

    neves768 you haven't visited this forum for too long ^^

    During your absence, a lot has happened. For example, this year, the developers announced «The Bus» Early Access at Gamescom 2020. Isn't it proof that the project is actively being worked on?

    I believe «The Bus» will be in Early Access in 2021. We have all been waiting for this for a very long time and now it remains to wait quite a bit 8o

    You're right Cpt.Slow. I may be wrong, but there are some similarities with games TML-Studios: «City Bus Simulator: Munchen», «City Bus: New York», «Bus Tram Cable Car Simulator»... ;)

    Here is a 100% hit. Take a look at the pants of the character. They are the same in both photos :)

    In any case, I definitely saw them in bus simulators that have already come out :)

    Well ... After two and a half days of testing this update, I have no comments. Everything is perfect :thumbsup:

    The truth sometimes happens like this: ^^

    "I can see everything from above - you just know!" :D

    Such moments even create a positive mood when passengers try to make out the bus by climbing onto the roof of the bus stop. I have seen such a picture in real life, when a mass event is taking place in the central square of the city :)

    With regard to this update, everything was done successfully, I did not find any bugs. All the comments that I mentioned earlier have been corrected. Excellent work of the whole team and testers of TML-Studios :):thumbup:

    When I opened all the photos, I could not believe my eyes.

    It looks, of course, very cool and tempting! Sounds on top. When did they manage to do all this?

    In 2021, "Urban Transport Simulator" will be released on the same game engine. Let's see what they present to us. In any case, I'm really looking forward to "The Bus", "Urban Transport Simulator" (the first trolleybus simulator) and now I will add this simulator to what I want. Thanks for the news tip Maximus. I didn't even know about it before.

    Hopefully more bus models will appear in this simulator soon.

    I also chose MAN Lion's Coach 3rd Gen. Why? First of all, because I love buses from MAN and Mercedes-Benz (namely, large buses) <3

    I like the MAN Lion's Coach 2017 primarily for its design, driving physics and handling.

    The bus itself is well raised (kneeling system) and has very good suspension.

    I would very much like to see a sun-protection curtain (visor) in the future, which is sometimes very lacking. For me, MAN Lion's Coach 2017 is the best choice :):thumbsup:

    After watching this video, I get the impression that this game is for the Android platform =O These buses look old :|

    First "Blue Bird", and now this ;(