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    I noticed that at night the raindrops on the windshield look bright white (like snow). This is most likely something to do with the new coverage of this update.

    Even if you turn off all the electricity on the bus, the droplets stand out strongly. This distracts from driving at night when it rains.

    During the day they are transparent, as they should be

    What do you think about this? Maybe this is the way it should be and I'm picking on a lot? Just in case, I decided to write about it :)

    I found one very interesting video on the net - the last flight from Tegel airport <3

    Just look at how beautiful Berlin is from a height at night :love:

    Well, since I mentioned Tegel Airport, I will share with you a video of a trip on a modern MAN Lion's Coach as a passenger from Tegel Airport (Berlin) to Schönefeld Airport.

    Surely many of you will recognize these opening shots 8o

    There is one more thing that I forgot to write about. This happens extremely rarely, but it does happen (in the latest update)

    Sometimes not all passengers who have passed registration can enter the cabin.

    Such a passenger came across again today. As I did not try to launch him into the salon, he did not. I made a video:

    At the end of the route, all passengers left, but the route was not completed due to the remaining passenger. Perhaps due to this reason, our forum member Beanou also did not complete the route

    Today there was a funny moment with the passengers. At the final stop, they got off the bus, broke a lamppost and fled the scene ^^

    Just look at how quickly they left :D

    This is a funny moment that I wanted to share with you :)

    Have a great start to the new week! 8o

    And as always, a new video and photos: ;)

    Beanou, I have no such problem with double ordering. I tested the update for 3 days and nothing like that happened. Perhaps this is some kind of glitch. I advise you to save the game periodically.

    I can lend you a few million of my 11 million to pay off your debt ^^

    Cuzzy thanks for the answer :thumbup:

    Yes, I understand perfectly well that due to the peculiarities of the "Unreal Engine" it is not possible to solve most of the problems related to graphics. In particular, this is a tree soaring in the sky over the city of Ajuy, shadows on bridges, poor quality shadows on the bus panel (when the bus drives into the shadow), lighting and distance. Therefore, lately, I try to pay less attention to them when a new update is released.

    By good tradition, over the weekend I tested the entire map of the new update and was satisfied :) :thumbsup:

    With each update, the graphics of the Tourist Bus Simulator are getting very good, reminiscent of the same footage from "The Bus" that we saw in August (reflections, shadows) :love:

    :fbs-sign-250: In the new version of the update (mode with economic system), I noticed that the information board on the bus does not always show the current route :/

    Instead of a route number (on both Shuttle trips and scheduled routes), "Fuera de Servicio" is displayed. In this case, the route works and passengers enter the cabin.

    Please look.



    Everything is fine in the second new scheduled trip mode. I have no complaints. Time is working right. Good job! :):thumbup:

    TML-Studios, does your eye twitch at the sight of my bus yet? ^^

    Since I have not yet fully tested the entire map of this update, for now I want to share only the first impressions during the time that I was able to test.

    I really enjoyed using the camera change mode. For those who did not understand what I mean, I will demonstrate in the video:

    It makes it real and looks really cool!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    However, such a camera has a small drawback. Switching all cameras with the "0" key is not so fast. It is better not to switch cameras when the bus is moving in this way.

    Or it would be great to put this camera on a separate key on the keyboard ;)

    This camera is very popular, but unfortunately there is no separate key for it 8o

    It's nice that the dream of our forum member Cuzzy about the license plate is already starting to come true. And in the new update, the license plate will be even better. It's great! :thumbup:

    There are no comments on the bus. All nameplates are in place.

    Passengers behave well so far, no one escapes from the bus at the end of the trip.

    I have managed to drive about 7 routes so far, so I can write a little :)

    I can't mention the comments either.

    The growing artisanal tree is still at the bus stop in Costa Calma

    The shadow on some bridges still misbehaves. This was in the last version of the update. I completely forgot to mention this ?(

    If you go from the city of Puerto del Rosario towards the city of Corralejo, then on almost all bridges such defects appear with a shadow.

    But in general, this is not a critical remark.

    What upset me the most was the range (range of sight of objects). In my opinion, in this version of the update, the visibility range of objects has become even less. Now some objects appear and transform 50 meters from the bus. Some, not all. My graphics setting is set to "Epic", but it doesn't look very nice :/

    Especially when parked cars begin to change shape as the distance approaches. First, a parked car / stone / plant / or some other object has one shape (not a beautiful figure), and then it starts to change. It used to be far away and not as noticeable as it is now. If you drive very close, then the windows of parked cars behave well.

    I understand that this is all done for better performance, but for Epic settings such graphics do not look very good. This is especially true of road markings at intersections in all cities, which appear 5 meters from the bus :rolleyes: And this situation has been observed for a very long time. Maybe you can think of something for powerful computers? For example, add another slider to the draw distance graphics setting? This is just advice.

    When you spend a lot of time in the simulator, this is the first thing that catches your eye.

    I understand that everything cannot be fixed right away, so let it be as a wish for the future.

    Over the weekend I will try to test the entire map and provide a complete report. Best wishes, Denis :) :thumbsup:

    Maximus your photography looks incredibly fabulous. Yes, yes, precisely photographs, not screenshots. I already wrote on Steam that I even confused them with real photos :love:

    It's great that Fernbus Simulator allows you to visit such picturesque beautiful places at any time of the year and regardless of the situation around.

    It is a pity that there is no contest among photographs. Many participants of this forum deserve prizes. Very cool photos! :love::thumbup:

    Hi guys and girls! :)

    Today we will once again embark on a fabulous journey across the beloved island of Fuerteventura <3

    The movies were recorded in 21: 9 format especially for those with 21: 9 aspect ratio gaming monitors.

    Otherwise, your monitor will display black bars at the top and bottom :)

    In the first video we will create our own route Jandia Playa - Antigua (this became possible thanks to the new 9th update) and deliver all passengers to their destinations

    In the second video we will tour route 233, which runs in the evening. I chose it so that you can appreciate the beauty of the night in the new 9th update. Surely, some of you wanted to see an updated night in the Tourist Bus simulator. Here she is ;)

    kingof50 i doubt there will be other map DLCs coming out this year. There is still work to be done on the Netherlands DLC. And also very soon "The Bus" will be released into Early Access ;)

    Of course I understand everything, but TML-Studios doesn't have 200 hands to do such a big, even a huge job ^^

    In the future, of course, all the promised DLCs will be released :):thumbsup: But now the main goal is to release into early access the new project "The Bus" :S

    Why don't you use the post-processing mode at maximum values? Therefore, it is dark. You need to set your post-processing to maximum. Then it will be very realistic and beautiful at night, as well as light. In extreme cases, you can additionally turn on the high beam ;)

    Then the night will look like this

    Perhaps your brightness values are incorrect. Try to set it like this:

    Pedestrians and motorists are suicides ^^:D

    I like watching videos without comments more to appreciate the whole process.

    I really hate that TramSim has recorded the sound of the environment (where passengers are laughing) and this piece is played back about every 10 seconds. The sound of passing cars is not heard at all. They simply recorded the sound of a real road that does not match the game. Passing cars in the game just drive without sound.

    But in general, I'm interested in watching the development of TramSim. Moreover, this is their first big project. So I also think and watch the video on the game.

    Hi Beanou :)

    I have no problem with this bus. The "MAN Lion's Coach L 2017" shows the correct mileage (8 956 km)

    However, some of the buses I used to ride still show the wrong mileage (exactly what you wrote about)

    "MAN Lion's Coach" (-474, 552 km). Although I actually drove 6, 286 kilometers

    But on the other hand, the "MAN Lion's Coach C" bus shows the correct mileage. On this bus I traveled 12,960 kilometers

    I confirm that this problem still remains, but I am sure that when there is time this problem will be fixed. In general, it's okay, just ignore it ;) :thumbsup:

    I have new comments. But since in one message you can attach no more than 10 images, I decided to write today ;)

    :fbs-sign-250: № 6

    The inscription (nameplate) on the MAN Lion's Coach L 2017 bus is duplicated

    :fbs-sign-250: № 7

    A bush with a plant grows at the bus stop in front of the hotel in Costa Calma

    :fbs-sign-250: № 8

    The tree in the sky (near the city of Ajuy) is still in place

    :fbs-sign-250: № 9

    Sometimes this happens to passengers 8| :D

    But this is not related to the current update :thumbsup:

    :fbs-stop-sign: The night is incredibly beautiful and realistic. The night lights and the moon look very cool. And about the light from the headlights of traffic cars, I'm generally delighted 8| :love::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    The moon looks awesome. I have never seen such a moon8| :love: Fantastic realistic :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    I liked the more glamorous paint on the traffic cars, how they are reflected (as in reality), new objects in some parts of the island, as well as green spaces throughout the island (trees, grass, plants). Now the island is not so deserted :love: :thumbup: