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    I pass Fuerteventura Airport quite often, but just today, over a long time, I caught a very interesting moment when Airbus is landing near the highway :love:

    Let's try to keep within the schedule and drive this route as quickly as possible without getting into an accident. Fasten seat belts! The race against time begins ;)

    could you elaborate here a little bit please?

    Quarney I made a new video for you showing passengers running away from me :D

    Also I want to share my comments and notes that I noticed in the new update.

    Since you will read this message on Monday, if I notice anything else, I will definitely write about it. In the meantime, I wrote what I managed to find.

    :fbs-sign-250: № 1

    A car near a bus stop hovers in the air

    :fbs-sign-250: № 2

    When you select the system time (10/30/2020 - 18:37), the simulator displays a different time (10:00)

    :fbs-sign-250: № 3

    I thought for a long time that it was ...:/ ^^ but oh well. Let it stay like this^^

    :fbs-sign-250: № 4

    The time that is given to drive from one stop to the next is sorely lacking. In my opinion, it is better to add a few minutes to each stop. I rode the bus very quickly and barely managed to meet the schedule. This can be seen in my last video in another thread (The race against time begins).

    :fbs-sign-250: № 5

    At the end of the first trip, we are offered to wait 10 minutes and go along the route in the opposite direction. But the time of the route in the opposite direction is indicated incorrectly!!!

    To be continued... :)

    Thank you very much to each of you for your support. I appreciate it very much :love: :thumbup:

    On the occasion of the new 9th update, I decided to step out of the shadows and record some gameplay in my native language (Russian). Hope the Russian-speaking members of this forum will enjoy this video and that other members will be able to turn on subtitles for translation if they wish 8o

    This is my first video in this format. So do not judge strictly :saint:

    Also, I have prepared another video, which, by tradition, will be in English and without comments. So that you can evaluate the news of the 9th update and see what and how ;)

    At the end of the video, I set the graphics to their maximum values to show the beauty of the simulator and how the performance compared to the eighth update works.

    I really liked the traffic that has a realistic reflection (like in "The Bus")

    No big deal, Quarney. This regime did not disappoint me. Here you can also travel around the already familiar island. Moreover, this mode is very suitable for variety. Brings new things to the simulator we love so much.

    Moreover, in this update, the first economic regime remained the same. Nothing was removed from it. Only in addition to everything was added one more mode. So I am not disappointed with this. Thanks for your efforts :thumbsup: :)

    Well ... Apparently, nothing can be done about it yet. I will rejoice at the lighting that is at this point in time. Hopefully Epic Games won't have the same issues with the fifth update in 2021 :/

    there is no economy system so therefore no points to accumulate

    I don't quite understand :/ That is, the accumulated points will not be reflected in this mode in any way? Did I understand correctly?

    Then the interest in driving interesting routes disappears, while earning nothing.

    As for the economy, I understand that it is not needed there. But I would like to propose to make a function so that the accumulated points after each trip are summed up and displayed as XP in the driver's profile in this mode, as it was done in Fernbus Simulator. Then it would be much more interesting (without the economy)

    Ideally it would be great to make a list of the "top players" among the accumulated points (online). But I already ask too much ^^

    I like this driving mode with beautiful stops, their variety, but this mode will quickly get bored if it consists in the fact that you need to drive from start to finish without earning anything in the end.

    For some reason I thought that the schedule mode would be available in the first economic mode :/ It would be logical :)

    Ok, I agree that the second mode is more meant as a free mode, but is it possible to add a mode with a schedule and new stops to the first mode as another type of passenger transportation? Is this possible?

    Those people who play in economy mode will enjoy this feature and will be able to spend even more time in TBS, earning points and money for trips along designated routes that they themselves create.

    After all, many wanted this.

    On this forum, people have already asked about this. Many participants want to be able to create their own routes in addition to those that already exist in the economic system. Maybe I'm wrong, but that would be much more interesting ;)

    I agree with Maximus. If we set post-processing to medium values (as we did before), then the light is very white

    But at the same time, post-processing at maximum values now works very well and there is no such brightness as it was before

    Now everything is reversed ^^

    I really liked the two modes. The first remained as it is. And in the second, a schedule with new stops appeared. It's great that the save works in two modes independently. It is very cool! :thumbup:The only thing is, I still do not understand where the accumulated points go from scheduled trips? There is also no economic system ...

    Bad news. Passengers at the end of the trip are still escaping from the 3rd generation MAN bus. Also caused the inconvenience of exiting the game. I have to go to the menu twice. Is it possible to make the "exit the game" button in each mode separately?

    Thank :)

    :huh: Great news. Excellent! :thumbup:I will be happy to continue testing and will send my comments to this topic to improve the update. I wonder what kind of regime it is :/:saint:

    I've always wanted something interesting with the schedule and this is amazing news to me :thumbsup::)

    Thanks for your work at TML-Studios. Wait for feedback and many interesting videos from me in the near future. Thank you! <3:)

    PS: are you going to buy the game?

    I'm still thinking. Because I love buses and trolleybuses more, but now I'm thinking about purchasing a tram simulator for a change :thumbsup:

    First, I want to watch a video of the full route on the day of release, then make a choice. I really liked the city of Vienna.

    I was in the real city of Vienna a few years ago, and after watching the last video, memories came flooding back to me. Even the stops are in their places. I don't want to advertise this simulator here, but I liked it ;)

    In Erfurt wird das Tagebuch des Toten geschrieben

    ERFURT. Die Computerspielentwickler von TML wurden mit Simulatoren groß. Jetzt wollen sie eine Bundesförderung nutzen, um den Konsolen-Markt mit Dead Man’s Diary zu erobern.

    Thomas Michael Langelotz steht in einem Büro der TML-Studios. Die Grafiker arbeiten an neuen Computerspielen.

    Foto: Holger Wetzel

    In Erfurt wird das Tagebuch des Toten geschrieben

    ERFURT. Die Computerspielentwickler von TML wurden mit Simulatoren groß. Jetzt wollen sie eine Bundesförderung nutzen, um den Konsolen-Markt mit Dead Man’s Diary zu erobern.

    In einem Büro an der Erfurter Haarbergstraße baut TML-Mitarbeiter Daniel an seinem Computer Häuser für Berlin. Eric setzt ein holländisches Dorf in eine Dünenlandschaft, und Attila teilt die Welt in Abschnitte auf, damit der Verkehr im Fernbus-Simulator ruckelfrei fließen kann.

    Vor dem vierten Computer sitzt der tote Mann mit dem Tagebuch. Er läuft durch eine Fantasiewelt aus verfallenen Hütten, unbefestigten Wegen und jeder Menge umgekippter Ölfässer.

    Es sind die ersten Szenen aus „Dead Man’s Diary“ („Das Tagebuch des Toten“). Das Überlebens-Abenteuer der Erfurter TML Studios hat gerade 200.000 Euro aus der Computerspielförderung des Bundes erhalten und soll bis Ende nächsten Jahres auf den Markt kommen.

    Langelotz fing klein an, aber nicht in einer Garage

    Die Spieleentwickler um Firmengründer Thomas Langelotz betreten mit „DMD“, wie „Dead Man’s Diary“ kurz genannt wird, mehrfach Neuland. Es ist das erste Abenteuer-Computerspiel aus der Ich-Perspektive, und vor allem das erste Spiel, das für Playstation und Xbox entwickelt wird.

    „Für uns ist das ein ganz wichtiges Projekt“, sagt Langelotz. „Wir wollen mit unseren Simulationen auf die Konsolen und zuerst mit etwas Kleinerem beginnen.“

    Klein begonnen hat einst auch Thomas Langelotz, der aus seinen Initialen samt zweitem Vornamen Michael den Firmenname TML gebildet hat. Der frühere Disc Jockey begann 2004 in seiner Wohnung damit, Ergänzungssoftware für bestehende Spiele zu entwickeln. Über eine Garage, die am Anfang vieler Software-Legenden aus dem amerikanischen Silicon Valley steht, verfügte er nicht.

    Zuerst fuhr eine U-Bahn durch Berlin

    Der erste Erfolg war ein U-Bahn-Simulator für Berlin, den die TML Studios aus dem Zug-Simulator der Firma Microsoft heraus entwickelten. Die Wohnung war da schon zu klein geworden, aber zwei Büros an der Haarbergstraße reichten damals noch aus. Heute sind es mehrere Räume, 15 Programmierer und Grafiker und einige freie Mitarbeiter.

    Fahr-Simulatoren sind noch immer die Kernprodukte der Erfurter Spiele-Schmiede. Sie sprechen eine ganz eigene Fangemeinde an. „Viele Menschen träumen als Kind davon, später einen Bus oder eine U-Bahn zu fahren“, meint Langelotz.

    Hinzu komme der Beruhigungseffekt: Während andere Computerspiele das Adrenalin durch die Adern treiben, habe das wirklichkeitsgetreue Abfahren etwa von Fernbus-Linien mit Computer-Maus und Pfeiltasten einen beruhigenden Effekt. Zwei Drittel der Kunden leben im Ausland, viele in China oder in der Türkei. Sie interessieren sich zugleich für Europa und Technik.

    Vom Flixbus-Simulator wurden über 200.000 Exemplare verkauft

    Das Aushängeschild der Firma ist der Fernbus-Simulator, für den das Unternehmen Flixbus die offizielle Lizenz erteilte. Eine Plakette im TML-Beratungsraum zeugt davon, dass bereits 200.000 Exemplare verkauft wurden. Auch durch Erfurt und über den Rennsteig kann der Nutzer fahren.

    Erfolgreich ist auch der Tourist-Bus-Simulator für Fuerteventura. Anfang 2021 soll der Stadtbus-Simulator für Berlin, „The Bus“, veröffentlicht werden.

    Alle diese Spiele verlangen einen immensen Aufwand. Die Nutzer legen Wert auf authentische Fahrzeuge mit authentischem Verhalten und eine echt wirkende Umgebung. Dafür bauen die Entwickler ganze Welten im Computer nach, in denen auch der restliche Verkehr ganz natürlich fließen soll.

    Auch Nicht-Spieler verfolgen die beiden Radiostationen

    Nicht jedes einzelne Gebäude und jeder einzelne Strauch werden eins zu eins abgebildet. „Es geht darum, die Atmosphäre einer Stadt herüberzubringen“, sagt Langelotz. In Erfurt gehören dazu natürlich auch Blicke auf den Dom.

    Im TML-Fernbus kann der Nutzer sogar Radio hören. Dazu betreibt Langelotz zwei Internet-Radiostationen, „Double Bass fm,“ und „Flash Bass fm“. Die beiden Sender, von denen „Flash“ an Freitagabenden sogar eine Live-Show mit dem früheren DJ anbietet, haben sich verselbstständigt und werden auch von Nicht-Spielern gehört.

    „DMD“ ist für TML nicht der erste Ausflug in die Welt der virtuellen Abenteuer jenseits von Simulationen. Den Anfang machte 2007 „Sunrise“ („Sonnenaufgang“). Drei Jungs beamen sich dort aus Versehen in ein menschenleeres New York und müssen den Rückweg aus der gefährlichen Parallelwelt finden. Probleme beim Vertrieb haben verhindert, dass das Spiel durchstartete.

    Neues Spiel handelt in einer Welt nach einem Atomkrieg

    Das „Tagebuch des Toten“ handelt in einer postatomaren Welt. Der Spieler ist einer der überlebenden Bunker-Bewohner, der in der verseuchten Welt Rätsel lösen, Codes knacken, Hinweise finden und so eine Rettung herbeiführen muss. „Ein Happy End ist möglich“, verspricht Thomas Langelotz.

    Geschossen wird bei „DMD“ nicht. Computerspiele seien auch ohne Waffen spannend, findet Langelotz und verweist vielmehr auf die gründliche Recherche etwa zum Thema Radioaktivität, die das Spiel in wissenschaftlichen Details glaubwürdig machen soll.

    Die 200.000 Euro decken rund die Hälfte der geschätzten Entwicklungskosten ab. Das Bundesverkehrsministerium hatte die Computerspielförderung erstmals aufgelegt und wurde von den Bewerbungen überrannt.

    Deutschland hinkt bei der Spieleentwicklung hinterher

    „Mit der Gamescom hat Deutschland die größte Spielemesse der Welt, aber wir haben auch die Rote Laterne in der Spieleentwicklung“, meint Langelotz. „Deutschland hat den Startschuss für die Spieleförderung um 20 Jahre verpasst.“ Der Markt für Computerspiele hat das Kino an Größe längst überholt, doch in Deutschland oder gar Thüringen sei das noch nicht angekommen.

    Mittelfristig plant Langelotz, auch Fahr-Simulationen für die Konsolen anzubieten. „Die Spiele schreien danach“, meint er. Da sie aber weitaus aufwendiger seien als Abenteuer in virtuellen Welten, sei „DMD“ ideal, um sich zunächst mit den Anforderungen der Konsolen vertraut zu machen.

    WOW, its cool! I am very glad that the newspaper has published real hard workers in the gaming industry. Even in times of pandemic, TML continues to work and give us joy. And this is very good :):thumbup:

    Bevilacqualex for translation, you can use translation using the camera on your mobile phone. Google translator has such a function ;)

    The entire text cannot be translated exactly, but the general meaning can be understood:)

    The entire text can be found in the electronic form of the newspaper, but as I understand it, you need to pay for a subscription there to see the entire text: newspaper

    hadi but if you didn't like LOTUS you could just get your money back. Is not it? Steam has such an opportunity ;)

    I personally like the LOTUS-Simulator, namely the Streets of Lotus module. I really love buses and bought it as a sequel to OMSI. Which I do not regret at all :)

    Yes, while everything is under construction there, but the results are very good. So far, you can ride just like that (no passengers and no schedule) on various maps.

    Two of my favorite buses are currently under construction

    MAN Lion's City (Ü / GL) (by Alper)

    and especially the beloved Mercedes-Benz O 405 (by TramKatze)

    I also dream that this bus (MB O 405) will be made sometime in "The Bus" :love: <3

    Also during this year for LOTUS-Simulator the developers have created new lighting, which was not in OMSI and new car traffic. LOTUS also has shadows and multiplayer!

    Here are some screenshots of mine ;)

    I am sure that in the future there will be passengers, pedestrians and timetables with the new Berlin map. And then everything will be fine. Just need to wait a little :)

    And since I wrote about LOTUS-Simulator, I in no way consider Oriolus Software to be a competitor of TML-Studios.

    For me personally, these two studios produce completely different simulators, which I love very much and which are distinguished by their unique atmosphere. As a bus fan, so far everything suits me :):thumbup:

    This bus is also exported to the LOTUS-Simulator.

    In the ETS-2, this bus just looks perfect. I liked the ride in the rain at high fps. The video runs very smoothly 8|

    But it seems to me that the city bus in the ETS-2 is almost useless. Unless, of course, a city with stops is built there ^^ :thumbsup:

    Unless this bus can be used for short-distance travel between cities.


    If you wish, you can use this video for your own purposes ;)

    It would be great to make "The Bus" temperature controlled in the future :thumbsup:

    Most buses have window vents and hatches, and when the temperature in the passenger compartment rises, you could open the vents, hatches or doors of the bus to reduce the temperature. Then you would not have to turn on the air conditioner every time on the bus, which is very noisy :rolleyes:

    This will add even more realism, especially in the winter season, when passengers will complain about the cold in the cabin or in the summer when they get hot. And it will be enough to open the front door or vents in the cabin to ventilate.

    There is such a function in the already existing bus simulator, which most of us know. In my opinion, this feature will have a huge advantage not only in The Bus, but also in FBS and TBS, which is sorely lacking 8o

    I have a question (not urgent :)) and a proposal (not hands and hearts ^^)

    Will there be an Early Access (Phase 1) regular disc (DVD)?

    There is a proposal on this score ;)

    For example, it would be possible not to indicate in the description which individual functions this simulator will have in the future (Scania buses, VDL, MAN, several routes, etc.), but to summarize the information (a general description of the functions that will be available starting in the first stage and will not change in the future tense).

    Because during the passage of the stages, a lot of things can change (new routes, buses, etc. will be added).

    The DVD disc will have to contain an early version (stage 1) of the simulator, and when installing the simulator from the disc on a computer (when the final version comes out in a few years), a person will just need to update the archive with the game on Steam. The price can be increased depending on the passage of stages (1, 2, 3) directly in the stores themselves (Aerosoft, etc.).

    This is my proposal 8o

    I would be very happy to buy such a disc at an early stage. Because if it is released in the final third stage, many players who bought the digital version of "The Bus" in Steam in Early Access won't want to re-purchase the product at the increased price.

    Personally, I would really like to buy such a disc for my collection :saint::thumbup: