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    If you cannot turn off the function, then I recommend trying to delete the save and start the simulator again.

    The saves are located in the folder:

    C: \ Users \ Name \ AppData \ Local \ TheBus

    Just delete it and start the simulator again!

    Today I found one video on YouTube. This is amazing! The bus looks very realistic and the picture is smooth.

    Perhaps someday when I buy a new, more powerful video card, I will see a similar result in "The Bus".

    Perhaps by then, too light skies will be corrected and performance improved :)

    Buddy's Bear is a symbol of Berlin!

    If you have not seen it in the simulator "The Bus", then this video is especially for you ;)

    Now I am working on another big project, which will premiere next Tuesday 04/13/2021.

    I'm sure you will like it 8o

    Do not miss!

    Apparently I misunderstood ^^

    I thought that the eggs marked in the picture are also in the simulator. I was already delighted, I thought something like an event :love:

    Allegedly, you need to find a place in the simulator, photograph it with the hare and eggs and indicate how many Easter eggs were found.

    But everything turned out to be much easier! ^^:thumbup:

    I have something to please you again. Several new screenshots and videos from the simulator ;)

    I think you will immediately see the word "BUS" illuminated by moonlight in this photo :S

    And other no less interesting photos :)

    And as always, according to good tradition, a color video (daytime) with graphics settings and performance measurement on a gtx 1050ti.

    Attention! The color was created exclusively in video editing!

    If you have a flight simulator joystick, you can use it as a smooth acceleration or deceleration of the bus. And leave control to the left or right on the mouse.

    Then your bus will slow down and accelerate smoothly ;)

    While the bus depot is being built, each of us has a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes 8o

    In this edition, we will pick up our bus from the bus depot and drive to Alexanderplatz. And then, together with the passengers, we will go along the route in the direction of Tegel airport :fbs-sign-224:

    We have a long way to go. But even rain will not spoil the good mood on this beautiful day :)

    In return, I want to say thank you, TML-Studios! This is a great early access for "The Bus" :):thumbup:

    Despite some subtleties that will be tweaked in the future, this is a truly great bus simulator! I read a lot of reviews but no one wrote for the attractions. They need to be given special attention. Architectural buildings look amazing and realistic. Every time I only have time to turn the camera when the bus rides to see all the buildings :love:

    I also like the picturesque places of Berlin. There are many trees everywhere. Even though I cannot afford to enjoy all this beauty on my video card yet, when I buy a new video card over time, I will get even more pleasure from the simulator.

    Thank you very much for your hard work and efforts! <3

    Together we will continue to develop the simulator further :)

    Perhaps my settings for raising fps will help someone :)

    It is necessary to reduce the amount of AI traffic to 30, and in the graphics settings, remove the effects to the "low" value and set the scale to 110.

    Now I can more or less see good fps on my GTX 1050 ti. But sometimes, even with such settings, it drops to 6 fps (closer to the airport near the river).

    At the same time, I do not recommend driving in rainy weather, as well as when the city lights turn on, which consume fps very well.