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    I welcome everyone :)

    Today I re-read some topics and saw that no one wrote anything about this topic for a long time, just like me.

    But just yesterday, I learned the news, which, perhaps, some do not yet know. Tram simulator will soon have rain and realistic drops on glass.

    Facebook video

    By the way, a lot of time has passed, but I have not given an answer to my own message written earlier. Today I will fix it, give an answer and close this question, which has been hanging for a long time :)

    I decided not to buy this simulator for a change for the new year, as I wrote earlier.

    Since I only like buses and trolleybuses from city simulators, I am neutral about trams. Well, I'm not a fan of trams ^^

    That is why I decided not to buy it.

    Yes, I love planes, because I like passenger planes since childhood, I like buses and trolleybuses, which I also like since childhood, but trams do not make me want to spend hours in this simulator. Although in terms of graphics and physics, it may be good.

    What do you say, hadi ? Is the tram simulator really good in terms of physics? Do you like him? You bought a second Tramsim: Munich?

    I was surprised that the developers will release the same product, but with a different name)

    What do you think about the new weather?

    For some time, I have introduced you to various countries and beautiful places through photographs, but I completely forgot to introduce you to Platov Airport (URRP) in my hometown, the southern city of Russia - Rostov-on-Don :)

    It was named after the Cossack chieftain Matvey Platov and was built in preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

    In the photographs of the flight simulator, the airport "Platov" is identical to the real airport

    When landing, we fly over the federal highway M4 "Don", the length of which is 1543 km. It connects such cities as: Moscow - Voronezh - Rostov-on-Don - Krasnodar - Novorossiysk

    Then the guests are greeted by the Don land :) <3

    The photos were taken yesterday (September 17, 2021) when a beautiful moon was shining on the earth :saint:

    Thanks for reading this post. It was a pleasure for me to introduce you to the history of the airport located in my hometown <3

    I drove the route and noticed some things. Please note that the latest version of the update is being used

    :fbs-sign-250: 1.some passengers still prefer to move in the fresh air than on the bus

    :fbs-sign-250: 2. Some kind of defect appears in the place marked on the map.

    When a bus approaches or on foot, this object disappears

    I managed to photograph him using photo mode :)

    :fbs-sign-250: 3. At the end of the route, the trip cannot be completed, and it is also impossible to continue the route

    During the trip, passengers travel in parallel with the bus

    At first I thought it only happened on the first trip, but on the next, the same thing happened, over and over again. Passengers sit parallel to the bus and travel with it

    But when it comes time to get out, the passengers disappear :)

    Like last year, I cut out a portion of the TML-Studios presentation from the full-fledged Gamescom 2021 online exhibition, slightly improving the sound :)

    If you don't have time to watch the entire event, then this video is for you.

    The video recording already contains processed automatic subtitles that need to be enabled in the video settings ;)

    I found a small bug with dynamic weather in the winter (25 January):fbs-sign-123:

    In sunny or cloudy weather, the trees look as if they were in the fall. But as soon as the snow falls, the trees smoothly shed their leaves and look like in winter (bare).

    So that you understand what it is about, I conducted a small experiment and recorded a video. This is how it goes now

    This does not look realistic as the trees shed their leaves in a very short period of time.

    And as soon as the snow stops, the leaves on the trees reappear!

    The video shows the same day

    Yes, with trams the atmosphere will become even livelier and more realistic. But according to the roadmap, tram traffic will appear only in the third phase :/

    I do not know anything about the plans of the developers, and about when the second phase will be launched, but I can guess. This is exclusively my opinion. I ask you to take this into account and not take it as some kind of accurate information:!:

    I believe that all updates do not just have such numbers as: 1.2; 1.3, 1.4, now it's 1.5. That is, before the next phase 2.0, 5 more updates should be released (according to my calculations).

    Considering that the update that goes from beta to full version takes about a month, the release of phase 2.0 should not be expected in the fall of 2021. Perhaps it will be the winter of 2021-2022. Well, at Gamescom 2021, we will most likely be shown the new route 200 and the MAN Lion's DD bus.

    These are my assumptions, but how it will actually be, we will soon find out.

    I am very glad that TML-Studios is always preparing surprises. This is much more interesting than what I have just written. When you know what will happen in the future, it becomes less interesting. Therefore, just dream and enjoy what is at the moment right now 8o :S

    Today, 16 August 2021, Monday morning, we will take the TXL route to get our passengers to the airport on time. But since this is a working day and rush hour, there will be big traffic jams in the city ;)

    :fbs-sign-123: Graphics: EPIC, scale 200

    :!: Interesting fact!

    If you decide to use a scale of 200 in the graphics settings in the The Bus simulator, then I recommend buying a video card with 12GB of video memory, since the simulator uses about 9.5 gigabytes on a RTX 3060 video card out of 12 gigabytes