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    Because we will be asking about the news on The BUS every week, they will not be added :S

    After all, you yourself see that recently the guys from TML-Studios were engaged in updating for TBS, after they finished, switched to updating for FBS, now work is underway on the Mercedes Sprinter DLC for both simulators. And besides all this, work is underway on all the expected The BUS. As previously written, work continues on the construction of the TXL and 200 lines. Everything will happen very soon. There will be news, and soon The BUS itself. We need to be patient and give the TML-Studios guys more time to get a quality product :thumbsup:

    Moreover, we all want this.

    It seems to me that this bus with a low landing will hardly pass roads with a large slope on serpentines and not only, touching the asphalt with the bottom of the bus. He doesn’t rise? Do I think right, or have there already been tests on the routes in TBS (serpentine at the entrance to the city of Esquinzo, the route from the airport to Corallejo)?

    Overall, I am pleased with the sixth update. For the future, if the seventh update is to be prepared for release, I would like for the MAN bus to fix the defect with the driver’s seat ;)

    It is as if shifted back and the back of the chair is sewn into the panel

    Thank you again egudek257, MBO530, to my friend Martin 40 Bus and to my friend in the Russian-speaking community Maximus for positive ratings for my videos 8o:thumbup:

    My vacation is drawing to a close

    How great it was to spend your vacation on the island of Fuerteventura 8|;):)

    But I’m sure that I will spend my next vacation here again on this beautiful island, working as a bus driver.

    In the meantime, let's relax a bit and ride a buggy with a breeze

    Well, that’s it, my friend, the driver, drove me to the airport and we are getting ready to take off. It’s time to go home again, to Russia.

    I am pleased to be back in the next vacation to drive and we'll continue ;)

    Thank's, Gracias, Danke und Спасибо <3

    Dziękuję, Martin!

    Thanks a lot for the positive feedback egudek257!<3

    We continue to work as a driver on an island in Spain and today in the issue:

    Setting lower values in the graphics settings (average), we will again move along the serpentine from the city of Esquinzo to a hotel located in Gran Tarajal

    We will again use the novelty in Tourist Bus Simulator - photo mode (RUSSIAN TEXT):!:

    And in the final on the BB 40 minibus we pick up passengers from the Airport to ... =OStop! Where is our passenger Cecile Norris? :/ Have you not met her?:?:

    Apparently, her flight was delayed ...:/

    I am using OBS-Studio. Intermittent image due to maximum values in the graphics settings. The performance of my 1050TI graphics card is not enough.

    The game itself works fine, but when you turn on recording, FPS crashes. Let's try to use 1920x1080 and lower settings in the second part of the video for smooth viewing, but the first part has already been recorded. And today in the issue:

    we get out of the difficult situation at the intersection,

    overcome the dangerous descent on the serpentine in front of Esquinzo and safely get to the destination.

    I was able to test the beta version of TBS for several hours. And here is what I can say.

    Pleasantly pleased with the new screensaver when downloading the game. It looks modern and cinematic. Thanks to the new hint system, I learned that there is a Tempomat, which can be activated with the T key.

    Very pleased with the green trees and grass on the side of the road, flower beds and in the city. It became even more picturesque and more beautiful.

    I also liked the braking on the MAN bus (on the keyboard).

    Performance is better.

    I also liked the photo mode.

    Thank you for correcting the text in Russian localization. And yes, when creating a new tour, passengers get off the bus:)

    I am very pleased to update version 6.

    Compared to the fifth version, the changes are colossal :thumbup:

    Thanks so much for the beta update. Be sure to check and unsubscribe.

    I read all the posts in this thread and despite the fact that pedestrian messages in FBS are not related to this topic with an update for TBS, I would like to wish all of us patience. The guys from TML-Studios are trying for us, releasing updates for both TBS and FBS. A little patience and everything will be!

    It is not very appropriate to compare TML with SCS, as SCS have a very large staff. I agree with Martin 40 Bus about the help of third-party companies or programmers, but this is already a personal matter of TML-Studios.

    It seems to me that the guys from TML are doing great results. They still continue to release updates that are useful to us, but are not funded for the company and take some time!

    The only financial source is the development of new games and add-ons for existing games.

    I look forward to The Bus, which the guys are working on now and wish us all a little patience. Pedestrians and other add-ons will certainly be available for FBS ;)

    Galdon! I also created a topic with my problem and have not yet received an answer. This is most likely due to the fact that the guys were busy releasing a beta version of the update for TBS. I advise you to wait a bit and we will definitely get answers 8o