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Welcome to the new TML-Studios Community! Please read through the Community Rules and Guidelines and Tips & Tricks. Have fun!

    Our latest update contains mostly improvements of the lighting system and the player camera. That's all it is about. Pretty small, but neat.


    • Rear positioning lights of Lion's Coach / Lion's Coach C fixed
    • Front Lights of Lion's Coach / Lion's Coach C updated
    • Mirror lighting improved


    • Tunnel lighting updated
    • World lighting updated


    • Player camera updated and Third Person Camera added (Toggle third person via wheel wheel)

    [Blocked Image:]

    It wonders me everytime nobody notices our hint. I mean look, we're humans as well and our support members want to enjoy their holidays as well.

    Anyways, bear with us. Our support should be in full blast again by next week. But we can't make any prediction how responsive we're gonna be, depending on the amount of unsolved tickets. If you don't hear from us back in a week, just bump us once in your ticket.

    EDIT: We got a community board for gameplay related issues. If your issue isn't tech related, it might be a good spot to ask here and to see whether other users got a solution.

    We already fetched out the winners. All three players posted their screenshots on Dec. 21th and were the first ones who posted them:

    • Taff in Exile
    • Mr_Dieter
    • ZjemCiKolege

    Congrats to them, I already contacted them through Steam, no further action is required.

    We released another hotfix which includes minor improvements and fixes:


    • Fixed Hotkey Wheel. Numpad input works again as expected


    • Fixed camera position in Lion's Coach C
    • Fixed raining in busses


    • Fixed wrong sound on MAN Lion's Coach C luggage

    We just released a small hotfix which deals with missing input and bouncing AI trucks:


    • Fixed cockpit camera views cycling
    • Fixed mouse steering


    • Fixed bouncing truck trailers


    • Fixed missing original Flixbus routes

    The current patch includes a loads of updates and new content. From now on you'll have to share your lanes with AI coaches and semi-trailer trucks - these big trucks are an important part of our Christmas raffle - and repaints are going to be accessible via Steam Workshop and tons of other stuff:


    • Semi-trailer trucks in highway traffic
    • AI-Coaches in highway traffic
    • Improved AI behaviour on driveways
    • Despawning of all AI Vehicles has been fixed
    • AI Vehicles will no longer take a turn without any reason
    • AI Vehicles will no longer be blocked by other Vehicles right behind them


    • Christmas decoration added to various cities
    • HUD mirrors will now update after Graphics have been changed


    • Added optional automatic centering of steering
    • Input axis fading for Controllers
    • Standard input mapping added for Controllers


    • Raffle video added
    • Added mini map zoom in 3 steps (Key: Q)
    • Mini map auto-zoom updated
    • Mileage counter updated
    • Cruise control icon is shown in Dashboard and mini map
    • Controls menu updated
    • HUD settings will now be saved in profiles


    • Repaints available via Steam Workshop
    • Hot Reloading for Repaints

    Hi folks,

    we launched our new forums after months of planing and development which replaced our old community network a year ago. We received loads of feedback and continued to improve our platform based on your input.
    12,300 new posts have been submitted widespread in 440 different threads by around 1,200 new users. That's almost the same amount of content we got on our old community network over four years.

    We discussed various ideas on how to enrich our community base even more. Since we aren't able to develop an own chat on our forums we actually came up with an idea to introduce an own Discord server since tons of users requested to have a nice looking chat service.
    What is Discord you may ask? Well, according to them it's basically...

    All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers and hassling with Skype. Simplify your life.

    TL;DR: a neat chat application for folks like you. We got some separate English channels for our non-german speaking users.
    Join us right here!

    Grab the desktop application right here and hit us on Discord! Feel free to shoot us a message with your feedback regarding Discord.

    Besides Discord we planned to introduce a facelift on our current blog page. Our facelift includes accessible navigation for our international user base without bothering with our German blog posts. We promised to include official Steam Workshop support on our forums to let you search for Fernbus Simulator modifications with ease. Workshop for FBS is still in development and will hit your desktop soon. We also planned to give you the opportunity to personalize your profile with your individual needs, stay tuned for awesome customization.

    Oh and we got a tradition going on soon: We got loads of of stuff to show off at all upcoming Advent Sundays. Watch out for exciting stuff regarding Fernbus Simulator and our next bus simulation. We already planned stunning gameplay features for FBS and as we mentioned earlier we are going to build Kassel to enrich central Germany. Besides Kassel we're going to replace our current set of AI models with newer ones. Our Neoplan Skyliner bus DLC will follow up over the next weeks, probably still this year, otherwise early 2017. We got some decent screenshots almost ready to publish and can't wait to show them to you.
    We asked you which bus you'd like to see after Neoplan Skyliner and we're happy to announce we got a plain result on our poll. We'll release at least one additional bus model after Neoplan Skyliner, stay tuned which model we're going to implement in FBS.

    Loads of information is likewise coming up for our next bus simulation. Let yourselves be surprised with decent screenshots and additional information, just take a regular look at our forums.

    Exciting stuff is coming up within the next weeks and months.
    Huge thanks to all of you for being on our forums! :anniversary:

    Take care, have a nice Advent
    Gino and whole TML team

    I edited your title to match your project. We're going to provide specific boards for third party mods as soon as we're ready to launch our modding tools. No ETA yet though.

    We got some minor stuff left on our next update but we are still hard working on it. It should arrive very soon, however we don't have any final release date yet.

    EDIT: Just in case you're confused, I've moved all your posts about Skyliner and our upcoming update to this thread.

    Hey folks,

    we asked you which features you want to see in Fernbus Coach Simulator and which busses you like most already months ago. We are going to finish the Neoplan Skyliner soon and want to ask you folks which bus you want to see afterwards.

    You may want to vote for existing busses in the list or add your own suggestions. Take a look here and vote for your favorite one: