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    Hello, I just wanted to say what an amazing game! I hate that one person, but it still missing atleast two things that are still missing, one are the logos, which you have on the cars in the yard but not on the trains you can actually drive. for example,…-26_00009_zpsf4u6ljzu.jpg
    also the Redbirds had yardstickers underneath each car number for example,…ages/i27000/img_27167.jpg, and the second thing is, theres no propulsion system sounds when the train enters or leaves a station. The redbirds sounded like this for example

    specifically at 2:05 into the video.I hope you guys release another patch with these things in mind. But, all in all thanks again for a great game!

    If i may, i'd like to add some constructive criticism. But before that the game looks SPECTACULAR, and i'm clenching my teeth about how bad i can't wait for it to come out. One thing i noticed in the trailer, at about the :34 second marker, the trains appear to have door chimes. This is inaccurate as these cars were built in the 60's, and even after being rebuilt, they never received any type of electronic departure signal such as a door chime. Also i noticed the interior seemed to have only have as many hand straps as they do in real life. But, yet again i do completely understand that the game still isn't complete as it is not released yet.
    Also, here's a good video of the trains, that might help.

    Thanks and Keep up the Amazing work! :)

    I have a few questions and comments about the rolling stock. I'm sure you've probably heard that the rolling stock is not 100% accurate, as in, the car in the screenshots are not the correct cars used on the 7 line during that time. Specifically the side windows are completely different. specifically like this…images/i4000/img_4073.jpg and didn't have a drivers cab at both ends only one, though at the rear of the car they did have a cab but for the conductor, but the exterior of the end of the car didn't have any signs or lights, and these specific cars ran in 2 car sets with the ends that had the conductor cab, faced each other. These are called r36 worlds fair cars.…images/i4000/img_4075.jpg
    Also, i noticed that the motormans window on the front of the car is a little to boxy, where as in real life they are a little rounder at the edge. Also i noticed that the headlights that red headlight is smaller than the white headlights. Both should be the same size.…es/i115000/img_115646.jpg
    Also, i want to go back on something i said earlier, about the cars that have a drivers cab on the front and a conductors cab at the back of each car, and ran as a set 2 cars. What i left out is that they're is another car identical to the r36 worlds fair car, and its the r33 worlds fair car. This car has headlights destination signs and motormans cabs on both ends of the car, which can also be utilized as a conductors cab. One r33 is usually used to make up a full 11-car train set, and is usually used as the lead car or the last car in a train set, while the rest of the train is made up of 5 2-car sets of r36 worlds fair cars. Also, since i hear this game is taking place during the 70's, this specific paint scheme aka redbirds didn't exist until about 1983. I know this just an alpha version of the game in the screenshots, i would either change the time period of the game from the 70's to the early eighties, or change some of the station signage, to an older style. But, i think changing the time period of the game to the 80's, and keeping the redbirds, as i think it would be more popular for the gamers and train lovers. Here's an example of some of the paint schemes the cars were in the 70's and 80's.…ages/i45000/img_45735.jpg…ages/i77000/img_77634.jpg

    in original colors below…images/i4000/img_4077.jpg

    and as for the r33 worlds fairs car in there original colors…ages/i26000/img_26643.jpg

    Sorry for the long rant, i just want to make some suggestions, that i think might help. Im also sorry if this is all repeated information, and if not i hope this helps.