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    Bus Simulator 2012 was translated by Excalibur Publishing The cover on is the original German, Bus Simulator 2012 cover as too why it was released early IDK. Presumably the translating was finished earlier then planned it was translated by Excalibur Publishing.

    two things 1 it is not your web site2 cover is very very missleading you canm not drive a Volvo B10B-58/Wright Enduarance and YOU CAN NOT BECOME A TRANSPORT TYCOONstill probably pointless posting this here but oh well.

    "any other sugestions?" Yes.
    12. Stop passengers form walking in circles at bus stop it has improved but enough
    13. new option to stop passengers entering through rear door
    14. A MAP EDITOR
    I completeley agree with everything azza 12345 said.

    @dj1999681 if that page you link to is real I wish I had not bought Bus Simulator 2012.
    The description is not very acurate you cant become a "Transport Tycoon" in Bus Simulator 2012.
    Teemu Viberg I agree about some of SF map being boring there is a whole part of the map I have never and dont want to ever again go to since less than a month after buying the game.
    But the map was bigger had Golden Gate bridge, rural areas and realisticly sized bus routes.

    Well I have been playing Bus Simulator 2012 a couple of days now and a English Manual would have been a huge help still by watching videos on YouTube the game becomes quite simple to play but please make an english manual. An option for miles per hour instead of kilometers per hour would also be good. And an obvious one a Map Editor you could sell the map editor as a different product or at least could you convert the map and vehicles from BCCS just the map buses, Cable Cars and Steet cars but also have buses from Bus Simulator 2012 on SF map (nova is not in real SF) keep the "ticket machines" and stuff and have more features on SF map no need for anouncements though as they are none in SF. And you could publish it as a Addon or as DLC (and make profit) but Map editor would be even better than SF but the map in Bus simulator 2012 is not very good.