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    Maybe you should try the telemetry interface because there are a lot of commands that aren't available for the keyboard.

    Here is a list with some of them:

    That is a good question which Mathias might answer because I would guess something vague like twice or thrice the score value of the recommended system spec's.

    I don't have a really good answer to that. I just can say: You need a powerful graphics card for such a high resolution. If you set 200% scaling you need 4 times the performance compared to 100% scaling. So maybe this is ans option if you have a high end graphics card (e.g. GTX 1080 or RTX 2070).

    The input will be updated in the future. Currently there is a simple sendevent method that can be used to send button events, e.g.:

    Event names can be found in the "Buttons" array from vehicle data.

    Wotever Looks very nice! I really should try out your tool

    Our games are base on the same code base. So the telemetry interface will be included in Tourist Bus Simulator with the next update. Also it will be included in The Bus from the beginning.

    The Speed will be available in the next update. Also i've added a timestamp in the HTTP header and enabled keep alive support. I think suspension data would be possible to.

    This Bug will be fixed in the next update.

    The data is refreshed every frame but currently the HTTP interface has an issue so it will take 200ms to get an answer.