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    Update 1.6 of the Early Access of The Bus is now available as BETA for testing.

    Various corrections to the level graphics have been implemented, the observation camera system has been revised and the interval time in the timetable menu has been set to a maximum of 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes. We also fixed a rare bug where the bus would be unable to start driving.

    For the full detailed list of changes, please, see the changelog below.


    Please create backup copies of your savegame files before switching to the EA BETA Update. Savegames may not be compatible with the new version of the game.


    ATTENTION: This is a BETA update. Technical problems, instability of the game as well as bugs during gameplay can be possible.

    How to install the beta version of the update?

    Quite easily:

    1. In your Library, you click with the right mouse button on the entry of the "The Bus"
    2. In the drop-menu, you click on the entry "Properties"
    3. In the window "The Bus - Properties" you select the tab "BETAS"
    4. In the field "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" select the entry "beta-beta"
    5. Now you can close the window and the beta version of the update should download right away
    6. After downloading the update you can start The Bus via the "PLAY" button
    7. In the main menu should now be the corresponding version number of the beta version of the update and you can test the update


    Changelog 0.10.43934 EA Beta

    • Performance optimisations on streaming levels**
    • Fixed shadow artefacts
    • Fixed route select left arrow button not being clickable
    • Various level art fixes
    • Fixed another crash when opening the feedback reporter
    • Set timetable menu route interval time to max 60 minutes instead of 30
    • Added line name to savegame info
    • Auto-saves added to savegame menu (only works with new saves)
    • Observation camera system overhauled
    • Fixed observation camera freezing in frame
    • Fixed observation camera doubling up in certain situations
    • Improved cross selector performance**
    • Level streaming bounds optimized
    • Fixed a rare bug where the bus would be unable to start driving
    • Some passenger behaviour fixes
    • Passengers now start leaving the bus when you reach the stop
    • Mouse control now holds the current input when it is paused
    • Fixed inaccuracy with the Scania Citywide door buttons
    • UI updated to better handle lines with a lot of stops

    Changelog 0.10.44062 EA Beta

    • Fixed grainy noise effect on many textures
    • Added Alternative Mouse Control UI
    • Steering Wheel now uses the correct Rotation when using Mouse Control
    • It is now possible to modify Mouse Control Inputs similar to other controls. You may need to Reset your Controls to see this Option
    • Fixed Door Wing Locking
    • Fixed Crosselector door selection not moving
    • Fixed Bus getting stuck if only the simple engine was selected
    • Fixed Animation of Flags
    • Traffic Light Shader improved
    • Fixed Map dragging lag
    • Improved Level Streaming Performance**

    Changelog 0.10.44254 EA Beta

    • Fixed some weird artefacts in the distance (Level LODs)
    • Fixed some bugs in the main menu
    • Improvements in passenger behaviour
    • Fix Scania Citywide’s matrix display brightness*
    • Matrix Display Shader improved
    • Fixed Scania Citywide 12M rear windows not matching frame*
    • Fixed Scania Citywide 12M middle door window glass not matching frame*
    • Fixed a crash when the schedule is opened in the pause menu and sending ticket via F1
    • Fixed bus stops not being clickable in the in-game editors when a controller device was connected*

    Changelog 0.10.44419 EA Beta

    • Added frame rate limit option to graphics settings
    • Standing bicycles with no physics have been fixed
    • Fixed passengers sitting outside the vehicle*
    • Fixed passengers being stuck in the front door area*
    • Passenger improvements

    Changelog 0.10.44440 EA Beta

    • Fixed a crash
    • Fixed menu buttons sometimes not being visible in the main menu*
    • Fixed passengers sitting outside the vehicle (again)*
    • Compatibility update for Intel Alder Lake CPUs

    Changelog 0.10.44613 EA Beta

    • Vehicle shaft inertia and wheel friction updated
    • Fixed passengers sitting outside the vehicle*
    • Fixed embarking passengers being stuck in the front door area*

    *Only occurred during the BETA test of this update

    ** Please, be aware that the impact of performance optimisations varies from system to system due to hardware configurations, installed software, and other programs running in the background

    Daniel F  ItsMiK4

    What are you talking about? Thats totally nonsense.

    These days I wonder why TML chose Unreal Engine for a bus simulator. The engine is so bad that it limits itself to a simple task like this.

    The engine is not limited in do such tasks. We are limited in manpower to do all the things.

    They use Unreal Engine because Unreal is the cheapest and fastest production engine.

    Thats wrong. The Unreal Engine is the most expensive engine we ever used. But it's totally worth it.

    With minimal effort you can produce full games or make changes to existing ones, compared to other engines. You don't even need to design props much, you can find everything you need on the market even free

    Thats only true for crap games. Not for "real" games.

    Unreal is perhaps good for FPS or RPG games, but for driving simulations it is a total waste of time and money. You can't make a good driving experience in Unreal because of its limitations. That's the reason why SCS never wanted to use it and they developed their own engine as well as Turn10 Studios for Forza Horizon.

    Thats simply not true. There is no strong fokus to any genre in the unreal engine 4. When SCS started developing ETS the UE4 doesn't exists. They never had the choice to use it. There are real racing games made by UE4 e.g. Assetto Corsa.

    Which limitations you are talking about? Do you have any specific argument against the engine that is not prejustice?

    The downside is that you have to dedicate a lot of resources to develop your own engine for the game, but on the other side, you can do whatever you want without limitations

    Developing an own engine is not possible for us. How should we develope an engine and a game with 4 programmers in total?

    By my opinion, developers are too into money and profits then devotion to make the best driving experience possible. That's the main problem. They don't realize the different approach would make them even bigger profits in long-ter

    Sure, money and profits are important for us. It's simple: If we had decided to make an own engine then TML would no longer exists.

    Maybe you should try the telemetry interface because there are a lot of commands that aren't available for the keyboard.

    Here is a list with some of them:

    That is a good question which Mathias might answer because I would guess something vague like twice or thrice the score value of the recommended system spec's.

    I don't have a really good answer to that. I just can say: You need a powerful graphics card for such a high resolution. If you set 200% scaling you need 4 times the performance compared to 100% scaling. So maybe this is ans option if you have a high end graphics card (e.g. GTX 1080 or RTX 2070).

    The input will be updated in the future. Currently there is a simple sendevent method that can be used to send button events, e.g.:

    Event names can be found in the "Buttons" array from vehicle data.

    Wotever Looks very nice! I really should try out your tool

    Our games are base on the same code base. So the telemetry interface will be included in Tourist Bus Simulator with the next update. Also it will be included in The Bus from the beginning.