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We are closing this forum

In recent years, a large and active community has emerged on our Discord server. Many members are therefore no longer active in this forum and contributions from new users were not answered or only answered late. We are therefore closing this forum with immediate effect. Old posts will still be visible, but it will no longer be possible to write new posts. You can find our discord server here:

    Thank you! :thumbup: No matter if the game still runs fine on my end or not, I still agree with you in #3 :).

    I can't explain it but I feel exactly the same. Secondly, I only have this feeling in one more game - OMSI 2 but only in some content created by the community. This actually proves that games that are made out of passion, not for profit, give back feeling

    Unfortunately, I cannot express my professional opinion on the matter because I am green at it. But what you write looks logical. A few years ago I spent several dozen hours looking for a solution and only by limiting the visibility I reduced the frequency of the problem .But it did not solve it, and driving for several dozen minutes and a fatal error was irritating for me. Really the Bus and Cable Car Simulator was a game really close to my heart in which I spent thousands of hours and probably half as much on looking for hubcaps on foot ;) To this day, I remember regions of some huge plant that were not optimized and those FPS drops when I was looking for hubcaps on them, where probably even TML did not think that someone would come in there;) :)

    Ah, If only I had a plug for TML .. ;) I would push for a remake of this game with multiplayer with all my might :) Or, if my professional field was in game development with development background, maybe I would apply for a license to develop this game if it was possible. You can always dream, right? ;)

    BTW you are comparing phenom and geforce 30 series cards. However, the problem already existed on the GTX 970. I do not know if it is also a question of the card or the processor, and if the card which series could be the cause of the beginning of the problem

    For me, the problem occurred after changing the computer components, not the operating system. On the earlier 4-core AMD some Phenom versions a critical error has never occurred. Of course windows 7. Then often on new components already appeared. It seems there is a connection with the technology of the old processors or as you write about the CPU GPU connection. It's hard for a private user to get to the problem. because it would be best to go back to the old components where the game worked perfectly and change the different types of processors and then the GPU one by one. This would require having a large number of components from different models and companies. I regret very much that TML has not addressed this problem sufficiently as it is not marginal however

    Thanks for the more detailed explanation. In 2018, I already tried to solve this problem, but to no avail. (Described in detail here:: Launched has stopped working). I will definitely check your advice from the two posts above, but unfortunately I will not digest the 30 FPS limitation on the 144 monitor. 60 is an absolute minimum and it is terribly uncomfortable to play on it. 90 was optimal for me. I was interested in changing capital letters to lower case. As soon as I return to the game, I will carefully check your guide. If you also find a solution to these single critical bugs in the future, please update this guide.

    I totally agree with that! Due to the unique atmosphere, the game is irreplaceable. I really regret that it is not on Steam, but once one of the members of TML said it depends on the publisher. Maybe someone has some friendly contacts :) I also fought the game's crashes for a long time. Unfortunately, I did not fully fix the problem and although the installation of drivers and c ++ packages reduced the frequency of errors still occurring, and the lack of manual saves is TML's biggest failure in this project. In my case, the bug report is below. I will definitely check your tutorial, but I don't think it will help.


    Nazwa aplikacji powodującej błąd: Launcher.exe_unknown, wersja:, sygnatura czasowa: 0x4df3f66c

    Nazwa modułu powodującego błąd: MSVCR90.dll, wersja: 9.0.30729.9317, sygnatura czasowa: 0x5997638d

    Kod wyjątku: 0xc0000417

    Przesunięcie błędu: 0x000661cc

    Identyfikator procesu powodującego błąd: 0x46c8

    Godzina uruchomienia aplikacji powodującej błąd: 0x01d3705b06b52f16

    Ścieżka aplikacji powodującej błąd: G:\Symulator autobusów i tramwajów\Bin\Launcher.exe

    Ścieżka modułu powodującego błąd: C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_microsoft.vc90.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.9317_none_508dca76bcbcfe81\MSVCR90.dll

    Identyfikator raportu: 7a85f8e2-30e6-4db9-ad1b-da98573ade4e

    Pełna nazwa pakietu powodującego błąd:

    Identyfikator aplikacji względem pakietu powodującego błąd:


    P.S: Maybe someday I will see a remake of this multiplayer game. That would be great and the number of stops and terrain is the perfect basis for this

    You don't need to spam on all topics. Just write in one. It doesn't look serious when you're trying to solve a problem.

    Damn it is a pity. it is rare to find someone who has good and regular contact with the community.

    Good price in Poland. I do not know the exact content but respect for this direction. I still remember the launch price of Neoplan which, like in OMSI, was really high considering the content.

    Goddamn photorealistic. Who saw it so that I only looking by the side mirrors and the minimap noticed that this is not a photo of Berlin on the first photo 8o

    N-n-n-n-ice!!! The photos look very atmospheric. It is true that it resembles more graphically OMSI than TML productions, but it may have "that something" in it that gives you the deepest immersion. I remembered Trams and trolleybuses from Bus & Cable Car.... <3<3<3

    I liked the initial menu. I paused the video and looked at each tab for a long time 8|

    Same :)

    Multi lang support, creating servers, wide modding possibilities. ranking system. NICE!:love: I can't see if you can add a password or create server only for friends, but I think TML hasn't forgotten about it ;)

    I really like the main menu, it's simple and clear, Although for a moment I had a thought tiles from windows 8 but it looks very good:) It all looks like the basis of a project that will be supported and extended for many years. Let the number of bus stops in the future exceed that of the game Bus & Cable- car Simulator:thumbup:

    Arghh.. Well, it's very bad.. Because Bus- & Cable-Car-Simulator is a game in which I spent well over a thousand (not kidding) hours playing great despite many mistakes and apart from climate driving in a big city (especially at night) wandering on foot the streets of San Francisco in search of hubcaps...

    ...Often, not once all night long

    Well ... it's a pity that the lack of technical support, game saves, and multiplayer with dedicated servers killed this game.:( It was a huge potential. I will not stop dreaming of remake / remastered.

    Wow. Congratulations, CeBeS486! Great collection! :love::thumbup:

    Thank you :)

    Well, I'm crazy about the sale. I bought several DLCs and managed to collect the entire set for the collection TML Studio8)


    Task completed!:)

    So... Maybe TML would like to mobilize me to my next goal and add two great (though old) titles to their Steam collection - Bus- & Cable-Car-Simulator :love:... and City Bus Simulator 2010 Regiobus Usedom? Hę:?: :/

    Congratulations TML!

    You deserve it for your contribution to the continuous development of games, constant contact with the community and for organizing events which shows that you are not just profit-oriented.

    And I'm glad that I could put two bricks in this building (I bought Fernbus for the first time a few years ago and a few months ago for the second time to have a boxed version for collectors and free shipping to Poland when buying additions to OMSI 2 on the aerosoft website :) )

    We are waiting for new news on upcoming productions and personally I hope that maybe one day I will see the game Bus- & Cable-Car-Simulator Remastered / Remake from multiplayer8)