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    You don't need to spam on all topics. Just write in one. It doesn't look serious when you're trying to solve a problem.

    Damn it is a pity. it is rare to find someone who has good and regular contact with the community.

    Good price in Poland. I do not know the exact content but respect for this direction. I still remember the launch price of Neoplan which, like in OMSI, was really high considering the content.

    The vibe of this map I say again; is just pure. I feel it when I play, as if I was there again in 2017 walking the streets.

    Goddamn photorealistic. Who saw it so that I only looking by the side mirrors and the minimap noticed that this is not a photo of Berlin on the first photo 8o

    N-n-n-n-ice!!! The photos look very atmospheric. It is true that it resembles more graphically OMSI than TML productions, but it may have "that something" in it that gives you the deepest immersion. I remembered Trams and trolleybuses from Bus & Cable Car.... <3<3<3

    I liked the initial menu. I paused the video and looked at each tab for a long time 8|

    Same :)

    Multi lang support, creating servers, wide modding possibilities. ranking system. NICE!:love: I can't see if you can add a password or create server only for friends, but I think TML hasn't forgotten about it ;)

    I really like the main menu, it's simple and clear, Although for a moment I had a thought tiles from windows 8 but it looks very good:) It all looks like the basis of a project that will be supported and extended for many years. Let the number of bus stops in the future exceed that of the game Bus & Cable- car Simulator:thumbup:

    Arghh.. Well, it's very bad.. Because Bus- & Cable-Car-Simulator is a game in which I spent well over a thousand (not kidding) hours playing great despite many mistakes and apart from climate driving in a big city (especially at night) wandering on foot the streets of San Francisco in search of hubcaps...

    ...Often, not once all night long

    Well ... it's a pity that the lack of technical support, game saves, and multiplayer with dedicated servers killed this game.:( It was a huge potential. I will not stop dreaming of remake / remastered.

    Wow. Congratulations, CeBeS486! Great collection! :love::thumbup:

    Thank you :)

    Well, I'm crazy about the sale. I bought several DLCs and managed to collect the entire set for the collection TML Studio8)

    Task completed!:)

    So... Maybe TML would like to mobilize me to my next goal and add two great (though old) titles to their Steam collection - Bus- & Cable-Car-Simulator :love:... and City Bus Simulator 2010 Regiobus Usedom? Hę:?: :/

    Congratulations TML!

    You deserve it for your contribution to the continuous development of games, constant contact with the community and for organizing events which shows that you are not just profit-oriented.

    And I'm glad that I could put two bricks in this building (I bought Fernbus for the first time a few years ago and a few months ago for the second time to have a boxed version for collectors and free shipping to Poland when buying additions to OMSI 2 on the aerosoft website :) )

    We are waiting for new news on upcoming productions and personally I hope that maybe one day I will see the game Bus- & Cable-Car-Simulator Remastered / Remake from multiplayer8)

    many players will buy because the map is beautiful, the village is just beautiful houses, green, it's nice as if they gave to Fernbus a DLC, a typical village, dirt roads, animals, such a DLC will buy a lot of people, but first give as I suggest CeBeS486 :) I say it in the sense of the wish of an idea, not that I am giving orders:). such areas are something beautiful:)


    TML, just do not let this great add-on remain only in the pictures. And by the way it is also worth noting that between New York Bus Simulator and Bus Simulator Munich there is a huge hole. Missing Bus & cable car Simulator. It is a pity that these titles did not appear on Steam.

    6:10 - 6:20 - it's a great feeling of rocking. I remember ... a tear in my eye ;)

    Hi CeBeS486,

    it maybe would be fun, but only because of the surreality of it. Usedom is a tiny island in north germany, does not go together well with New York

    The most important is fun. It doesn't matter that it's unrealistic. But I really liked the holes in the roads that rocked the bus, and the map that looked like a village. At that time, this physics was a phenomenon in my opinion. I have traveled this route hundreds of times. Same. Because it was fun for me. And I am asking about the possibility of adding this DLC to steam because I would like to include this DLC in my Steam bus collection, and simply download this steam add-on rather than install the boxed version of the game looking for a buried disc and using (as I remember correctly) the aerosoft launcher that was required,

    I know that this is an archival game but it is your addition, adding as a DLC is not connected with a lot of work and I think that there will be people willing to buy it. It's just my suggestion. You can think about it. If on steam is a base game, why not add DLC?…26/regiobus-usedom?c=1130

    CeBeS486 is it about this add-on, if so it's nice if TML STUDIOS gives it to the steam store, if he does, of course will

    It's good that TML STUDIOS is already doing steering wheel games, today it's the basic thing of every game, which players are especially looking at.

    Exactly this add-on Martin

    no, it is not certain, you need to try

    TML, does the steam version New York Bus Simulator have an add-on Regiobus Usedom? Personally long ago I bought a box version and I remember that I had more fun with this add-on than with the basic version of the game. If not, wouldn't it be possible to add this DLC to this game on Steam? Of course, for a fee as DLC which was the only one to this game.

    the steering wheel does not work CBS Munich , it's a pity because the game is very interesting and pretty. CeBeS486 handyplayer13 :)

    egudek257New York Bus Simulator does the steering wheel work in this game ? :/

    In New York Bus Simulator I also had a problem with my Logitech G25 steering wheel. It was a long time ago and I don't remember exactly if I dissolved it completely, but I remember it was a long battle with the steering. I had a problem with the unresponsive steering wheel, or the gas and brake that I could not set. Unfortunately, I do not remember exactly if and how I solved it, but it is possible that I was using the keyboard and the steering at the same time because I could not get to the problem. I don't know how it is in munich because I didn't play this game on the steering wheel.