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    many players will buy because the map is beautiful, the village is just beautiful houses, green, it's nice as if they gave to Fernbus a DLC, a typical village, dirt roads, animals, such a DLC will buy a lot of people, but first give as I suggest CeBeS486 :) I say it in the sense of the wish of an idea, not that I am giving orders:). such areas are something beautiful:)


    TML, just do not let this great add-on remain only in the pictures. And by the way it is also worth noting that between New York Bus Simulator and Bus Simulator Munich there is a huge hole. Missing Bus & cable car Simulator. It is a pity that these titles did not appear on Steam.

    6:10 - 6:20 - it's a great feeling of rocking. I remember ... a tear in my eye ;)

    Hi CeBeS486,

    it maybe would be fun, but only because of the surreality of it. Usedom is a tiny island in north germany, does not go together well with New York

    The most important is fun. It doesn't matter that it's unrealistic. But I really liked the holes in the roads that rocked the bus, and the map that looked like a village. At that time, this physics was a phenomenon in my opinion. I have traveled this route hundreds of times. Same. Because it was fun for me. And I am asking about the possibility of adding this DLC to steam because I would like to include this DLC in my Steam bus collection, and simply download this steam add-on rather than install the boxed version of the game looking for a buried disc and using (as I remember correctly) the aerosoft launcher that was required,

    I know that this is an archival game but it is your addition, adding as a DLC is not connected with a lot of work and I think that there will be people willing to buy it. It's just my suggestion. You can think about it. If on steam is a base game, why not add DLC?…26/regiobus-usedom?c=1130

    CeBeS486 is it about this add-on, if so it's nice if TML STUDIOS gives it to the steam store, if he does, of course will

    It's good that TML STUDIOS is already doing steering wheel games, today it's the basic thing of every game, which players are especially looking at.

    Exactly this add-on Martin

    no, it is not certain, you need to try

    TML, does the steam version New York Bus Simulator have an add-on Regiobus Usedom? Personally long ago I bought a box version and I remember that I had more fun with this add-on than with the basic version of the game. If not, wouldn't it be possible to add this DLC to this game on Steam? Of course, for a fee as DLC which was the only one to this game.

    the steering wheel does not work CBS Munich , it's a pity because the game is very interesting and pretty. CeBeS486 handyplayer13 :)

    egudek257New York Bus Simulator does the steering wheel work in this game ? :/

    In New York Bus Simulator I also had a problem with my Logitech G25 steering wheel. It was a long time ago and I don't remember exactly if I dissolved it completely, but I remember it was a long battle with the steering. I had a problem with the unresponsive steering wheel, or the gas and brake that I could not set. Unfortunately, I do not remember exactly if and how I solved it, but it is possible that I was using the keyboard and the steering at the same time because I could not get to the problem. I don't know how it is in munich because I didn't play this game on the steering wheel.

    Martin 40 Bus This is all good, but there may be scammers who will earn points in the Cheat Engine program and no one will be able to check. I offer a simple way, we always win prizes. TML-Studios makes a Facebook post, those who want to participate in the draw put a Like on this post and share it on their page. TML-Studios can only randomly choose winners, for this there are even programs that themselves choose a randomly winner.

    Great idea

    CeBeS486 Although the discount campaigns are coordinated by Valve, the publisher always decides at which price a game will be sold. Also in this time Steam gets 30%. That means in the Epic Store it is theoretically possible to give better discounts than on Steam. But as I said, that's always the decision of the publisher.

    At the beginning of the year there was a Steam offer that when you bought for 100 PLN (in poland - about 25 EUR) you get a 15% discount. It does not matter which games. I bought a game which price was not reduced NEVER by the publisher. Or I could also buy a game that was on a 30% discount for 100PLN I received an additional 15% discount. In this situation, Steam covers the costs discount? Probably not every publisher agreed to this rebate.

    I've read the last article that prices Anno 1800 and The Division 2 were increased after being removed from Steam. (…sion-2-ida-w-gore/z91c041)

    I'm not an opponent of Epic, I'm not a Steam fanatic. But I think the commission of 12% EPIC is simply to attract game publishers, but it is not dictated to the benefit of players.

    Despite this, I understand publishers who decide on temporary exclusivity.

    Hence my starting my post with "personally". To each their own. I'd rather play a game I want to play when it is released, not a year later. I have no loyalty to any particular gaming store, Steam included (and I currently own 915 games on Steam). If nothing else, I hope the competition will make Steam improve in some areas - their client has been the same clunky thing for years and could use a new coat of paint and made more intuitive.

    EPIC has a very aggressive policy. The prices of some games instead of falling down are increasing. Big rebates on Steam, a discount for a purchase for a certain amount (last January for example) and other rebate actions would not be possible with the 12% commission that EPIC takes.. I do not know the rules for generating keys Steam by producers, maybe it is also stupid what i write, but I think that if the game producers who decided on EPIC for the first year for all buyers on EPIC would give a 90-95% discount to buy copies later after a year on Steam, The fire of the whole community around this topic could be extinguished. I'm not talking about TML, but about all producers. I repeat: this is only my logic. For example, the GOG platform adds a few games for free which someone has on Steam. The Bus I would like to have on Steam. If TML decides to use the EPIC platform, I'll probably wait a year. Of course, it's everyone's choice.

    Personally I don't care if it is on Steam or not. If I want a game, I buy it, whether it is on Steam, GOG, Epic, Windows Store or elsewhere. Steam's 30% cut is a big burden for publishers, so I see why they are looking elsewhere. I can't imagine not buying a game I want to play just because it's not available in my preferred digital store. I use the Playnite launcher anyway which unifies your entire game library, so where stuff is from makes no difference to me.

    Not everyone has the same opinion. Personally, I did not like the decisions of Epic games for temporary exclusivity. I did not buy a few planned to buy production just because they are in Epic. I will wait a year when they will be on Steam. I'm not however an opponent of Epic, i'm not also fanatic Steam. I'm just used to steam. I like this platform for many reasons, this is my money and I should have a choice where to buy the game. This is my opinion.

    3.... tourist and city buses, not everyone likes a particular type

    8.... in full range for new maps and vehicles

    9... with the ability to run your own private dedicated server (IMPORTANT)

    10. Trams and trolleybuses, if possible Cable Car.

    11. Campaign single player mode (A short one was added in CBS 2010 New York - a great idea for me)

    Maybe some beautiful day I will see a message: BCCS San Francisco Remastered with modding and multiplayer: D

    The graphics Maximus of the game you showed is like the BS 18 for me the best simulator bus are TML STUDIOS:):thumbup:

    I watched photos from this game because I found it on the internet what I can say:

    texture of the execution is not very good, it will be a Russian bus simulator or on the road game, for me it is not competition and the level of TML STUDIOS games, they can write a lot but you can see the picture of the game .

    Of course there is no doubt that the games published by TML are characterized by a very high level against the competition. In addition to driving physics (where I think OMSI wins) there is no better developed simulator. I think that TML puts the heart into it. This is not a job. This is passion. And that's why these games are the best. I'm sure from the materials posted so far, The Bus will be even better

    But issuing similar projects should not be bad even for TML fans. If someone is a real fan of this bus theme, he will buy every simulator released. I will never forget about TML - BCCS stole my heart. It does not matter that newer games are better, more real, more beautiful. I play in different projects, but I'll be here forever.

    Can I shorten? Regular update support and new DLC, multiplayer mode, and full support for modification by the community (and God not only painting - creating maps and buses) as in OMSI ;)

    Not only LOTUS-Simulator will be a competitor The BUS, here's another one - Bus Driving 2019. Bus Driving 2019 - Work in progress - This game is coming on PC Steam, PS4 and XBox One. Fist it will be available as Early Access on Steam, Q2 2019. It will have awesome features, including a route editor, mods and multiplayer. The BUS should be a great game to compete with these games.

    Maximus Do you have an official website for this project? I can't find anywhere...