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    PATCH 1.7

    Other bugs... spawn IA is very bad.

    The change of lighting is not very good.

    The game seems to get stuck when achievements skip, sometimes. Not always.

    I think this simulator needs a great job yet, the FPS are very good now.

    But AI, illumination or stability, do not seem appropriate.

    60fps@High-Ultra. 1080p.

    One question, why the cars disappear in the videos? Does that happen in the final version?

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    Sounds good. I like to care about product quality. I think it never happened anything like it, that's a great sign. I prefer to wait 2 months and play it for 1000 hours.

    Thank you for your effort they will be rewarded with the purchase of your product.

    I have been researching UE4, I think it's amazing.

    We will be able to create really stunning maps, and much faster than other simulators. Furthermore, UE4, is a motor with a much more stable than other simulators editor.

    I think this simulator is a "must-have" in the future.

    I have a question, can we create articulated buses? ie, if a programmer wants to create them, can he?

    Edit a physical bus is very difficult? or it is similar to other simulators competition, as OMSI2 (it is a "cfg" file).

    We can find something like:

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    and some free assets.…021-Free-Community-Assets…supportue4-urbancitypack/

    In addition, you can create your own objects, which can be imported in a very simple way, UE4 is very flexible.

    All objects are incredibly well

    You can test downloading UE4.

    In short, you are a content creator? (Modder) then you'll enjoy with Fernbus, as it uses EU4.

    A boundless editor, really amazing. I can not wait to try it, even I can create maps.

    Hi. Need cameras as OMSI, I told him long ago. And a developer TML-Studios, said it was a good idea and try to implement it.

    However, in the versions shown by Mafuyux or "NexGenGames" there are no cameras through buttons.

    That is, I press a button on my steering wheel and I can look to the left.

    That's comfort, it's something comfortable. However with the mouse, it is annoying.

    This is important, people will prefer city maps before long distance.

    In addition, with the original map of TML-Studios, there are thousands of hours of fun

    If the editor is friendly, I create my map.

    Thanks for all the information, this is great. I like very much.

    I did not understand well, because my English is not the best.

    I mean that all users OMSI fans, surely prefer Fernbus Simulator.

    Since it uses a more modern physical, a more modern graphics engine. I mean that, it will be something new.

    By the way, there is news about the force-feedback?

    It is wonderful, I think it will be the new "OMSI". Modding, good graphics, good sounds. And best of all: Unreal Engine 4, the current best graphics engine.

    It will allow us to map cities or long distance, with an engine that adapts smoothly. I ask a question, is it possible to import roads? known in OMSI as "Splines"?

    I think UE4, can modify and adapt, I'm not sure.

    I think the new generation of simulators bus will: Fernbus Simulator vs. LOTUS Simulator, and Fernbus arrives just in time.

    In a few months, I'm sure these forums will be full of mods, maps and new buses!

    I think TML-Studios, took a very wise decision.

    modifiable game with EU4, is great. I do not know how to thank this, well yes, making the purchase the day of departure and buying all DLCs ;D

    pd: I recognize it is a difficult genre, but a faithful genre.

    Yep, it will be a DLC.

    Surely, many people make creations urban maps. Would it be possible to recreate buses as MAN Lions City or Mercedes-Benz Citaro?

    I understand that TML-Studios do not want to create something, but with Unreal Engine 4, should not be as complicated as in OMSI 2. Right?

    Hello everyone.

    I wanted to show the progress of the translation of this simulator, I know, it's old and not many people use it. But I want to practice for future simulators.

    If there is a Spanish user, you can give me your opinion.

    I'll leave some screenshots, I hope you like.

    I have a question: is it possible to stop in a town or city? for example, I'm from Berlin to Hamburg and Bremen want to stop at. I could do it?

    ie choose an itinerary.

    I think it is the most ambitious project I've seen in simulators bus, I like too.

    Does the bus leaves from a bus depot to ZOB?

    Can we refuel?

    Another question I have is about mods: Will there be a map editor? Can we add new buses? Will there be tools or a FAQ?


    Hello Juan. I'm from Spain, a few days ago, I volunteered to translate the simulator to Spanish.

    I have not received a response.

    So in any case, I also offer to translate this simulator.

    Greetings! ;)

    - Add (although I recommended, but add all) FFB Steering Wheel: Logitech, Thrustmaster (at least) and if possible, Fanatec. Three major brands, with that 95% would be covered.
    - Add interior views that can be added to the keyboard, that is, I press a button to look left or right.
    - Add the GPS right corner, in the bus on the interior view, optionally. Style "ETS2".
    - Add radios, also the style "ETS2", which is very comfortable, believe me, it is much appreciated. Maybe it was intended or added.

    I liked the simulator, I'd settle for the first and second option to buy it, I loved it. What a great job, it is a great SIMULATOR :)

    When can I book this simulator in steam?