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    Hi , glad to see your Facebook Page which said that the Neoplan Skyliner would be included in. And I can't wait to see the images, that must be a great incredible work.
    And best wishes to the project ;)


    It must the most incredible simulator I've even seen, I'm also glad to see the English discussion because I cannot understand so much Germany... And also forget my poor English. Let me bring you my question.

    1) Could we ride on a AI bus to get anywhere we want ?

    2) I didn't see the passages with luggage in DevDiary 10, will they have it ?

    3) Will there be some special events like AI's traffic accident on the Autobahn ? I really like the drunk men with very interesting sound in CBS2, will they come back in FBS ?

    4) I really hope to see more information about the planning DLC bus, according to the photo you posted months ago (a bus with a open door), I guess that must be what I want and hoping to hear more about it soon.

    These are my questions, hope you can make the game better than your ever be.