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    I hope my passengers can't be more. Each point has already pulled the bankrupt person in reality. There are also random events such as traffic congestion, and road control. Hope can be more, and there is a scheduling to inform the driver. Drive through the town or the parking lot and have a driver sign in. Rather than boring to get to the end of the car, it's very uninteresting.

    I would like to know why the speed table is not clear, I hope to improve the next, I was too much speed. There is why the road will suddenly come out of the vehicle. There A1 a little wonderful, do not understand the rules of the road. There's a problem with the car accident. Personal advice can increase the A1 bus.

    @Mathias You said you did not understand the Chinese partner, I am very happy to help you. For our non English speaking countries. It is too difficult to play this game. This game in STEAM unlock, including me, a lot of Chinese players to buy. I think you should be able to see some data. In our post bar, and QQ group in the discussion of how long the official chinese. @Mathias I hope you can help us.

    @Mathias The game in China has already had the QQ group and Baidu post bar, are waiting for the release of the game. Unfortunately, China can not see you in the face of the Facebook. But a lot of players like this game through a variety of channels in the update on the cool you video. Very excited. For players who like this kind of game, it's a good news. In fact, in the same type of game, a lot of Chinese genuine players. European Truck Simulator 2. This kind of game has a lot of Chinese players. I hope you can have a Chinese version, traditional Chinese is also OK.