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    What we are writing is just a game error @schlemiel, Fps growth and bad texture loading grass games are from many bad updates in the game. Many times I have written about it to tml studios colleagues, and all the time faults can not solve, damage because it spoils the game they finally solved all these problems with textures with small fps at night rides.This is a priority for good games if it goes further in the game then the whole game is spoiling very much. Please make tml studios fix in the end those faults that are very good players on good computers it is not wine players hardware and erorr game Fernbus.

    The game is very interesting in the bus in the world, hence my showing the fault because the game we want to play perfect . @'Heinz14 I know that TML STUDIOS is a smaller company,
    Just let them know that this game can be the best way to remove only these errors. This is a great work in simulating buses and thanks to them we thank players. Only OMSI 2 and FERNBUS are the best coaches in the world. If only what we say will be resolved then I will tell you TML STUDIOS that your Fernbus will become the No 1 game in the world it is certain for professional players who have knowledge of bus and traffic. Because the game has the potential for graphics, physics sound and traffic.I will also add that players look at Fernbus in the sense that these problems will be solved under the new Citybusberline game and that should be a priority for TML STUDIOS, refining Fernbus to their new game was willing to buy and have good reviews. Unreal engine 4 already has experience with TML STUDIOS. We are counting on correcting errors at Fernbus players, and then counting on Citybusberline good at startup. Fernbus, you can develop great new cabin additive maps in DLC, I'm just suggesting new DLC maps to fernbus TML STUDIOS.

    How often will you say the same things again and again?

    I raise this aspect because it annoys many players it has been around for months now and still is not resolved, please understand it in the end @Heinz14 .
    All my attention tests and colleagues need to appreciate and not criticize, then only the game can improve and not from not bringing anything to play @Heinz14
    TML STUDIOS It should appreciate the reported problems, ideas comments and make such errors in 1 order.

    It is very significant for the game thank you. It is important to correct the texture errors in the game and the cockpit red blur. @Mathias , These textures appear to many players on good computers, I reported to @Timo in the help section I am discussing there. This is a serious Mathias bug game that spoils this good game. Fix it because it is very bad that the game had such a serious fault. Thank you for your work on the game and on behalf of the players in the world, please fix the loading texture for the game and blur the cockpit red light to fix it.

    All of our hardware, software, and game tests show this error in the game @Yannick [FR] Here is not a problem in steam off a game error @Yannick [FR] . May only TML STUDIOS They solved this problem , It really spoils the game, which is interesting. This texture error is a serious matter, I wish you a speedy resolution of this problem @Timo TML STUDIOS company.
    With the steam mode turned off also have these malfunctions occur @Yannick [FR]

    Thank you Dimitrij :) :thumbsup: @Zerden. The problems described here by the bad grass loading game has many players. Bad texture. I talked about it 2 months ago not once. To this day the game has these bugs not resolved, This is a priority and the basis of how to optimize and please fix it with colleagues TML STUDIOS, To approach this professionally, because all our computers are suited to games and have pretty good parts. The fault lies in Fernbus loading the textur. The red light cockpit itself changes and bad sharpness errors as in the pictures as they appear are already at of the ride and it's in many places on the map Textures bad loading is game still at all players, Grass on the road, bad tree buildings, Vehicles AI , etc. @Timo This is not resolved to disconnect the Steam, the game should not have such errors and all the time has, please professionally repair it because of the fernbus game because it spoils this simulator.

    Textures bad loading is game still at all players, Grass on the road, bad tree buildings, Vehicles AI , etc. Please look at the pictures.Version 1.14.12636 beta
    Please do it in the end to fix TML STUDIOS, It spoils the game very well. The cockpit is also light red blurred.

    Thank you for the update, Improved the game, the sound of ticket sales, Navigation on the bus, Cool driver. Lighting at night driving is a good bus and road. Changes require two things.
    1.Navigation on the bus to give greater, no zoom, Larger will be better visible. Reverse gear at night lack of visibility.
    2.Navigation in the window Is not smooth, jumps the line. All the time I work on optimizing the game please.

    listen to me @Mathias , You sit at the computers, if we do something here we show errors then you can write us what? How long will it take you 1 minute. Instead of being grateful for our work of showing bugs you are deleting posts you do not write to me. As you can not write it all here is annoying, month time error is with the black belt and what do not you even know. As I say something I also have to wait 5 times to repair. Why are you doing so wrong answer me? And a colleague here because it annoys us all the players. Or there will be professional call reporting and response and repair or we will stop reporting to you. This is the position of most of my colleagues here, also consider as a company and answer us, and if you have the desire to make the game perfect, then listen to what I say.
    Motion Blur will be fixed with the next update.

    Vegetation works correctly. It reduces the density of grass and similar plants.

    @Marcin26677 Please do not repeat others!

    You punish me for showing you the truth, and that you are wrong with the slider because it is the brightness of the sun and not the plants. And I gave the picture and in Polish to give it correctly. @Mathias ? Remembe please reply to everyone here and make repairs. There are also people with professional skills in the field of games.

    Like this. Happens in both 1st person and third person view. Happens for 0.5 second or so around once every 30 seconds.

    Interesting fault @DBS101 , Please write to the support section, new ticket , But I think your TML STUDIOS colleagues will answer here as well . maybe @Mathias
    I will take a route of about 500 km, I will check whether it is also with me and I will answer you @DBS101
    @Mathias The name of Poland is bad, this slider is responsible for, the brightness of the sun, not for grass look in the pictures.
    1. image - Setting 0
    2.image - To the far right
    You have to change the language to the correct Polish, I'm sliding Brightness of the sun. Not for vegetation. I checked it myself and @Yannick [FR] It shows you in pictures and it's a must to give Poland a correct language. is Roślinność must be Jasność słońca. Polish . English - Brightness of the sun.