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    1. Vehicle light illuminates the road, they are too dark light
    2.Mirrors in the night are poorly visible
    3.In general the night is too dark
    4.The navigation is poorly readable at night on the bus
    5.The reverse gear can be seen in the photo window a good picture, the bus navigations no visibility.
    6.In the day, almost no navigation can be seen .
    7. Bus Neoplan , on the reverse ride , lack of acoustic sound in the cabin .

    Thank you for your work and for the next update, please improve what I wrote. All these points are very important, I have been talking about weak lights a long time ago. Maybe finally I will see this I hope so.

    I must admit that these solutions are so great And so beautiful to have such routes new vehicles and maps is an idea for players as a modification and I think TML STUDIOS. Such a game will love a lot of people who like buses and beautiful landscapes, Congratulations on the idea @Yannick [FR]. And I dream of such a simulator and I put such a task and an idea for just people who have experience like TML STUDIOS. I encourage fellow programmers to take up such a game just for its construction ,With our help as people who know a lot about buses and realities of places and vehicles themselves and traffic. I declare support for TML STUDIOS and purchase this game also with all previous tests and patches for the game. This will be the # 1 simulator in the world in version where you will also be able to go with your colleagues. Such a simulator is only allowed under one condition, Fine-tuning Fernbus because it is a priority to do one game and perfectly well, a lot is missing to the perfect simulator.Ale you can achieve by listening to us just.I hope that Fernbus and the new type of game will be wonderful and enjoyed everyone. For that we are all just waiting to refine Fernbus to put our plans and release such a game as he says @Yannick [FR] and me. It does not have to last 5 years then it can be done in a year time.

    I agree with David @Dynek , Night is too dark and lights are weak bus , Everything visible in the pictures Which I gave @Yannick [FR]. The slider just to brightness in the game is indicated because with this everyone has problems in the game is overexposed , You can also contrast the additional slider @Yannick [FR]. If colleagues with TML STUDIOS They will take into account what we are saying @Marcin26677, @schlemiel , @Dynek, @Ansy, @ @martijn189 And others. The game will be great and it will satisfy TML STUDIOS and us players. I hope all this will eventually be done pretty quickly. @Dynek Says the same as what I play is the best in the world graphics bus ride you just have to improve what we say and it will be perfect. You do not have to make new buses and have problems if Fernbus has much to improve. Players want to have a super simulator Fernbus only after they buy the next game Citybusberline, otherwise they will not be happy to buy a new game since Fernbus will not be perfected and our suggestions for the game. I congratulate the idea of this game and work together, we can really be Chris At the head of the world in the field of bus simulators this is what we all want. Thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas to TML STUDIOS and the gaming community.

    Hello, could you tell me when the update for the force feedback will be set up for this game? Because I have a T300 and the steering wheel is all soft and without force feedback, set apart if we hit an obstacle. I found that you say for 6 months at least ca has been added but still nothing appeared in games .Thank you in advance.

    You're right , feedbacks do not work at all . I have a G 29 steering wheel. A lot of things have been reported long ago, talked and lacked . Chris wrote, there will be many free extras such as cabin accessories lack , Passengers getting on the bus and missing, Pedestrian traffic on the streets , These are just a few examples , The game has been around for more than half a year since these basic things should have been done a long time ago. Why does not the game seem to have no bugs and you could do what I do not understand, optimization is also not the best.I spoke with Timo diod leds G 29 ADD GAS He had to do it and was also missing ,Logitech SDK is not difficult to implement TML STUDIOS.A lot of games it has

    Public questions you never respond@'UndergroundBerlin' . 1. I was asking about DLC and no response , 2. When you improve things described here as night driving, Why as a company from the game, as the errors show or ask does not answer Chris . Regards
    3. I gave 2 photos to improve Polish language, also without any response or change in the game
    If the players show an error then this is to fix the game to make the game better and better if you ask a few times about something here you should answer for 1 together Chris @UndergroundBerlin . Such disregard of players is not good for anyone and above all the game is spoiled for a long time. I appreciate this game your work please only another approach to the game of errors and to the questions our players here to answer. We are from playing testing You as a programmer since repairing the game. Any company that has such a relationship with players is successful in the gaming market, and so on. Any one who is disrespectful is unsuccessful then. On your part is the approach to me of disregard and error and the answer I have to write about what I think because the truth is important. If I am someone who bother you please tell me And usune yourself with the forum and help for the game.Sporo I take my time for this game and good just. I will be playing I do not have to give advice and write here Chris@'UndergroundBerlin'e Please write Chris @UndergroundBerlin
    I disturb you TML STUDIO I will go away, will adjust. 8|
    I'm sorry I do not write well in English because I'm learning and I'm helping myself with the strokes :|

    In my announcement @martijn189 I asked for a slider option radiation of light to lower it at also . Night as you see pictures my description also for improvement. Not all TML STUDIOS colleagues on private questions answer by telling me SPAM . That is why I am writing is understood why i do it doing for the good of the game . This is not the only one but the best man who answers the questions etc . the fellow deserves here I praise It's a colleague Chris @UndergroundBerlin okay guys it's also @Timo Timo , @mk0 Gil . Friend @Mathias Mathias I asked for PM today for an update and the DLC said it was SPAM , I said I will not write more. I have made wishes for the world . Because I have a different opinion thank you.

    Beta version 1.13.12326 - night driving is not possible, everything is too dark and mirrors of street lights, light road. Falling FPS at night and falling
    Please update your work, please correct.
    1. Vehicle light to give more strength to the road Stronger light To see better
    2. Stronger street lights
    3. Brighter mirror, you can not see at night
    4. Generally brighter to give at night
    5. A slider to the brightness of the daylight of the sun
    6. Improve navigation on the bus we can not see day and night

    @puzio_luca and @martijn189 Errors in your support department ,new ticket. Pictures and description. Due to many bug reports we write here colleagues ,please friend Gil @mk0 TML STUDIOS He wrote for us whether these errors will be eliminated by Friday with the BETA update . This is what all of us are looking for here . I wish you successful work and fast and merry holidays for your fellow players , For the TML STUDIOS team.

    the new gamma/color settings do not help to reduce light effect in-game. World is too bright. Anyone else have issues?

    These settings are good because they improve the overall brightness of the game, color sets up well, saturation green vegetation, because they are good. do not help to reduce light effect in-game. World is too bright. you're right @martijn189 . Only improve it what you say @martijn189 .I think TML STUDIOS Will add a setting slider light effect in-game , Each one will adjust accordingly and will be satisfied with the current sliders. settings . Please a colleague Gil @mk0 Have a say in this matter and earlier what did I report here the fault. The Flixbus route disappeared from the map no driving . Weather selection in the smartphone in the game not possible, pops up the result board. Vehicle lights are too dark for daytime and long , you can not see the road at night well. FPS optimization at night is bad.

    1.13.12262 New version Beta Farnbus, Very good update with picture settings Gil @mk0 :) :thumbsup: . There are three defects still in the game I give , The Flixbus route disappeared from the map no driving . Weather selection in the smartphone in the game not possible, pops up the result board. Vehicle lights are too dark for daytime and long , you can not see the road at night well. FPS optimization at night is bad. Please improve what I'm saying GIL @mk0 . Thank you for the work and this update because It introduces a lot of good to play :D :thumbup: Your work is going in a very good direction to improve the game thank you so much GIL :) :thumbsup: @mk0 , Listening to people with knowledge always helps and the game gets better . So continue to work for the good of the game GIL @mk0 TML STUDIOS team . Thanks you regards @Marcin26677

    Thanks a lot for all your reports and feedback. Just for your information, we'Re quite busy fixing the issues you reported and thus can't reply on each of your posts. So don't worry, if we do not reply. We read every post and put your reports into our bug list.

    Yes I understand that you have a lot work of Gil @mk0 . I am very happy and thank you for having everything on the list and that you are reading. Thank you for your work, wishing you the best results. Regards @Marcin26677.

    From my experience the game runs okay at day time in cities but at night time the performance is quite bad.
    However, once I'm out the city, it runs pretty well.

    The problem with the performance of the game optimization is for many players and at night also in the same day confirmed by colleagues with TML STUDIOS, This can eventually be improved also because it is a very important matter for the players .

    Yes , optimization has become even worse ;(

    Everything we write here needs improvement, Too bright light and bad visibility of bad green vegetation, At night for the dark lights of the bus, lighting the road. We describe everything here thoroughly and I and my colleagues do not need to repeat. We hope this will be fixed soon by Great fellow graphic professionals with TML STUDIOS Timo,Chris,Mathias,Gil And others. They will fix it for the good of the game :thumbup: :) @Zerden