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    It's a place for regulation of the lines :D

    There the guys "regulators" decide to regulate the departure time dynamically, to separate busses in dependancy of traffic or passenger amout and other events like deviations on the route, bus replacements, signaling failures etc...
    Drivers are theirs eyes beside the monitors and exchanges of info goes in two way between them. If you arrive at the final stop and you need to pee you call him for more time lol xD

    As a real bus driver, that comes in handy :P

    They see there the busses on screens via GPS tracking on the route map, position and distances between them, delays or advances etc....

    Very nicely represented!

    Let's hope many of their work will be put in here since it is difficult part and on the massive lines with traffic it is needed!! :D
    And make a Supervisor role also if you are plainning putting one dispatcher at one the desk, for coordination guy! If a dispatcher do the "shitty job" a driver could call a sup! :D

    Keep up the great work TML, make this as complete as possible.

    The right stick below the steering wheel in MAN is a retarder, so there he is, but NOT ANIMATED, 3 levels.
    As for me, there should be a "bus stop brake", since You do not engage parking brake at the streetlights any time stopped and You don't maintain the brake pedal (fatigue). The coach have this also.

    [BOL]TavoBus - but the speed limit in Europe is fixed at 100km/h for any coach and 80km/h for buses by transport reglementation.
    DaveAngel - exhaust retarder is very rarely used, that's for the retarder is (3 levels), it is powerful enough. Exhaust braking is more for steep descends and emergency braking in case of a failure mainly.


    The patch (update is here!!) :)

    However, there is one little or big bug as always...
    The wheels follows any movement of the wheel instantly, but there is a problem with any released TML Studio's bus simulators, corrected later with patches or while tampering in the config files.
    There is a lag input between the wheel turn and wheels reaction, which doesn't exist in the real world...

    There is still one thing to know, there is differences in turns while moving the wheel between city bus and a coach, this is due to a different "differential settings"
    (the speed at which the wheels turns accordingly to a wheel turn at a different speed in turns in dependency of driving speed).

    There is also not linear steering applied sometimes:
    - the wheels are turning at the same rate that You turn the wheel
    - at some point the wheels turns more than You turn at the extreme ends of wheel turn to give more radius of turn in a very low speed to pass difficult intersections or turns (to do not "R" - dangerous )
    - in city buses You can even turn a little more than allowed, thus You force the wheel to turn even further when below 5 km/h to make a tight turn to avoid for ex. a parked vehicle in Your way of turn

    It depends of the steering model applied in the bus or coach, but in any cases the REACTION is INSTANT.

    The brakes however in any cases have some delay to start braking (air pressure), so in a rush it comes sometimes to push it very further in quickly and release a bit to do not bring the passengers to a front windshield.
    The more pressed, the more the pressure is produced and therefore the quicker also the effect of braking.
    Optimal is to keep the distance and to look around and analyse any potential dangerous situation that may come real, a pedestrian crossing in a second, a car cutting the road.
    With experience of driving, You have some kind of intuition, ability to judge is it really needed to brake, reduce speed or to keep it.
    The more comfortable drive come from that experience and gentle acceleration/braking.
    But there is also time alleas (advance or running late)....
    That's why it is not so easy as it's not only driving a bus or coach, the fatigue comes from analyzing the situation on the road and around at any time since there is not much time between the spot, the brakes reaction and a potential hit.
    The car is much easier on that, since the brakes do the job instantly while pressed. But even that I prefer a bus or coach, because of visibility and diameters
    That's why You accelerate Your bus quickly, then put Your foot up of brake pedal while not accelerating any time or while a danger is spotted, the seconds counts in that case.
    But the brakes are very badly simulated in this one and there is a lack of retarder stick movement as well as turn indicator stick (as animation on the dashboard, it is sticked to the wheel at the same position)


    Does the next update include Force Feedback? It feels weird to drive without force feedback.

    The force feedback is the most important one, atleast for me.

    Heh, in the real world and in a brand new coach and city bus you do not feel those vibrations in hands while driving, hands on the wheel of course, but the wheel goes out in opposite direction when you hit a curb of sidewalk for example,
    AS MUCH as You just can not hold it in the same position! It came just out of hand hardly!
    not to tell that I haven't hit ones or passed through a corner sometimes in a rush (not a good practice thought).... ; ))

    Force Feedback should reflect the real "wheel feel" as this is mentioned to be a simulator. Of course it can shake or force when off-road - I comply with it.

    ALSO, there is a lag in input and that is for every game released by TML Studio - corrected else by tampering in settings config personally or as a patch, nothing new but a thing to consider when patching a steering behavior.
    Also steering sensitivity should be included as well as mouse control, but let us please, do the mouse steering while doing keyboard acceleration option. Should be great as it is so missing in CBS2.

    Hehe, that might be an incapacitated person, just we have to use some of imagination ...

    My game freezes much after load-up of the route for few seconds at the begining every 15 seconds, then every 2 minutes after some play but still not optimal.
    Anti-alliasing makes the game very ugly and blurried - GTX660Ti 2Gb

    That's my first thought on improvement since I'm a bus driver in the real world ;)

    1) Clickable dashboard with mouse, good idea with right-mouse-button to zoom, but can't see a mouse cursor to click on buttons
    1a) Add brief description of a button the mouse cursor is pointing at
    1b) Little window that could appear like for destination displays while button is pressed to inform what is going on in/on the bus

    2) Seat positioning (up, down, forward, backward, inclination) as the coaches and buses are very ergonomic these days

    3) Coach tilt while turning should be equal to speed and not constant value

    4) Retarder not working but should be the main braking utility as it's use is even compulsory now to not overheat brakes, down to 20km/h with 3 notches
    4a) Intarder function should also be implemented or coupled with cruise-speed control (to slow down when descending)
    4b) Brakes temperature simulation, braking sounds, compressor sounds

    5) Multimedia display more functional

    6) TV in the bus interior is now off - not showing route info

    7) Autobahn entrances have too tights turns to enter at reasonable speed and too much loops behind bus stops in many cities

    8) Physics tweaks of the coach comportment on the route as for now it seems that it is so easy to drive, and passengers angry while hard braking

    8) Driver in first view is way to speedy, too fast mouvements like he's running an olympic marathon ;)

    That's it for now, but more crucial thoughts on this since there is VERY BIG POTENTIAL to be great and I hope the simulator will grow and last long while polished to the best, since with mods made there will be future customers as well.


    I can help with translation to Polish.
    I'm a bus driver and actually driving city bus in Paris, so I can make a quality translation since my first language is Polish, I speak English and French also.