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    Okay, for now, I won't get much into detail about the pros/cons and space for improvement in terms of WOS4, but I will drop some sentences about the general concept of a possible next part of the series.

    I really like those games (got 'em all) and I would really appreciate if there would be a next part in the future.

    Until now, the series featured some classic subway systems, not only regarding their age, but also regarding their characteristics with independent track networks, third rails, rather smooth curves etc.

    So according to this logic, the next candidates could be:

    • Paris (as far as I remember, this was already announced when WOS3 released) - because of the historical and a bit "raw" vibe
    • Moscow - because of the architectonical highlights being the stations (aka "underground palaces") as well as the very deep location of the tunnels
    • Chicago - Although similar to NY in some aspects (like the vast majority of elevated parts), it contains one special element, The Loop. Also, the subway stations in the city centre consisting of several successive stops forming one extremely long platform or the parts outside, especially when the tracks are situated in the middle strip of the expressways, are worth a notice.
    • London Deep Tubes - Although the London theme was used in WOS3, it only simulated the heavy-railway-like subsurface part of the network. What about putting the focus to the Deep Tube system, since it is pretty different to the first one? Another point why I am mentionning this is because I stumbled upon an interesting advertisement on the Aerosoft page. It was about a game by TML called "London Subway" and the cover wasn't the same as on the actual WOS3 game. It also did not feature the "World Of Subways" text in the title. When I clicked that banner, I got the information that this product doesn't exist. Strange. Probably just an error of the Aerosoft guys, but there is surely a reason why they had this picture. Nevertheless, it is still worth a try.

    But what about doing something else besides following the classic subway concept? I am speaking of the Stadtbahn, a system being a mixture of a tram and a subway, which is pretty common in many cities in western Germany and was introduced during the 1970s. The characteristics of this concept are overhead wires instead of the third rail, much sharper curves than in pure subways, not necessarily grade-separated route branchings (track crossings the same level are possible) and shorter trains that are more similar to trams rather than to typical subway trains, but are made to stop at high platforms.

    In contrast to trams, the Stadtbahn tracks aren't usually located in the streets and the vehicles don't share the space with cars etc. The mostly have their own routes between roadways, crossings with streets or pedestrian paths are usual.

    Possible candidates for an upcoming WOS-part focussing on the Stadtbahn theme are Cologne/Bonn, The Rhine/Ruhr area (with cities like Duisburg, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Essen, Mühlheim (Ruhr), Oberhausen), Frankfurt (Main), Hannover and Stuttgart.

    Why am I mentionning this idea since many people woudn't consider this a subway? It's simple: In the aforementionned cities, people consider these systems as a subway, not as a tram. Moreover, in many cities, the networks are separated into the U-Bahn part with predominantly underground routes and the tram part with mostly overground and street-bound tracks.

    From my point of view, the two best cities to be used in a game wold be either Cologne/Bonn, because it is the first system of that type, or Frankfurt Am Main, because it is closer to a typical subway since it is totally separated from the tram network (due to the exclusively high platfroms and high-floor trains), but still features a big variety of route characteristics - from classic subway tunnels through street level parts separated from the rest of the traffic, street-bound tracks to routes through the countryside.

    Plus, I'd be also interested in the latter one since I originally came from FFM :D