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    still no centering of the view when driving, steering wheel still a bit to the left of the center, truly nice patch tml, but come on... still not fixed the centering of the internal camera view????

    new update and still not centeret the view from seat to steering wheel :(, could someone explain if this is a truly hard thing to fix and therefor patience is required? it just seems that the camera angle has to be fixed?

    Chris i heard/saw you in squirrel interview stuff thingy... you mate DO need to be optimized XD.... funny as hell interview with semi english german babble dutch french total confusement from time to time XD...

    however thank you for bringing a super game to the table, cant wait for it to hit that 100% working product you guys dreamed of from the start.

    Best Regards from denmark (annoying little brother from the north :P)

    århhh, new update and still the center view is not centeret :(.. can you please fix it so that the seat and steering wheel actually is aligned to one another as in every vehicle in the world :(, makes those right turns a little harder to make precise :(

    hey guys, are you going to "trim" the autobahn? there are some harzardous turns and lane closing at different spots i've never seen on the autobahn irl.. example: the inner lane closes followed by a s-bend right and then left turn that one apparently is supposed to do with 100 km/h as there are no speed adjustments prior to these "events" and again i have never seen these on the autobahn my self, germans usually builds roads with long soft turns, as most countries i guess.

    still an awesome game, and thank you for making it..

    best regards

    does not center the view according to the wheel m8, if you look at the steering wheel it is a bit more to the left than the actual center of your screen so imo it is not centeret.

    Hi, first of all thanks for a wonderfull groundbraking game in my own opinion and many thx for the mouse control add-on.

    a couple of questions

    1. will the "camera be fixed" so that the steering whell is in the middle of the screen?

    2. is it going to be possible to change the mouse control layout, example: choose mouse button to accelerate and brake?

    3. will zoom availabilty to the navigation be implemented?

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    hi, i was thinkin that maybe it was possible in the future to implement a Kind of steering camera? So that when turning the steering wheel the camera follows in the direction like a driver moves his Head to Look in the direction he is turning? And maybe also optimize the navigation system to be able to Zoom And or by "arrow" Show direction of next turn? Thank you very much for what is looking to be an awesome product in the future

    Best regards

    EDIT: We've included your idea.