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    The new coaches are great! The only oddity I've noticed so far is there seems to be a dramatic speed loss when the automatic transmission downshifts from 2nd to 1st when coasting (gas and brake off). The coach goes from 17-16 kph down to about 5 kph nearly instantly. It makes sharp turns a bit awkward, because you suddenly end up nearly stopped mid-turn instead of keeping your speed.

    The MAN coaches and the Neoplan don't have this behavior. I use the same control scheme and device (G27 wheel) for all of them, so I don't think it's an input device issue.

    I've been playing for a couple hours now and there's a few things I've noticed (some of which have already been mentioned).

    There's a strange issue with the vehicle wanting to accelerate after stopping, as if the throttle were being held down. The effect disappears after a few seconds, at which point releasing the brake results in no uncommanded acceleration. This happens both with my G27 and using the keyboard.

    I've noticed there's some stretches of road at interchanges where AI traffic speed drops way down for no reason, maybe to 50-60 kph. This isn't at the merge point either, and the slowdown spans all lanes. It seems like the AI speed limit on those segments is set too low. The through lanes on the trumpet interchanges are one example where it seems consistent.

    Road markings don't always appear until you're nearly right on top of them. It resembles poor anisotropic filtering, but only some roads are affected so it's not a global thing. Regular freeway straights are fine, but the lane reduction areas (where the left lane has to merge to the right) and many of the bus station lots have this problem.

    Finally, the text on the overhead freeway signs is really hard to read at a reasonable distance, even at 1080 with 100% scaling. This isn't the night-lighting issue, it's a problem during the day too. It feels like the small font plus general texture blurriness at speed are the culprits. The post-process anti-aliasing isn't helping with the blurriness, I feel (but I don't think the UE4 engine supports an alternative, which is a shame). I'm running on full epic settings for reference.

    There's a lot of potential with this game, and I really hope TML is serious about post-launch support. I've seen the list of planned fixes on the Steam forums and it all looks like great stuff!