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    maybe make it realistic?

    • if you crash there's damage on bus
      Staff note: Won't be included due to our licensing with MAN
    • late passengers
    • buses in bus station not just you
    • real situations like fire engine / paramedics / police / helicopter
    • diversions
      Staff note: Already ingame
    • does it need be a coach? :}
      Staff note: We will take this into consideration

    i'm here to write about fern bus its a good game however there's many things that need sorting to make it a good game

    what is that stopping it being a good game?

    • Steering support steering wheels are either not supported or its not easy to set up its makes it got if it's easy
      Staff note: We are working on this right now
    • missions normally on bus games you have missions for you or when you click the dot it just not do the missions
    • the game is not easy to use or to play
      Staff note: Could you add more detail?
    • it's hard to use on keyboard cause it doesn't work for my logitech g29
      Staff note: Same as your first note, working on that right now
    • maybe new busses? :}
      Staff note: Yep! We will release a Neoplay Skyliner very soon