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    Not sure i understod everything of that but ok. as a translator i have contact whit them and i can say that its probably not long befor either an update or dlc release.

    If i get you right DJALEXC then you mean for Fernbus if so i do know that ther is updates and dlc on the way just give them the time they need.

    Regards Swedish Translator Rasmus

    hello chris do you know if theres going to be a beta version of the bus ? if so will i get to test it out ?
    also do you know when the release of it will be too please ? :)
    and also if there is a beta version could you email me or i could give you my info so you can email me.

    As a translator for Fernbus i do have som behind the scenes info but nothing i can confirm as i am not a dev for TML Studios, But i havent heard alot about a beta but as of experience i belive ther is going to be a closed beta atleast in the begining befor release as most game devs do this and if so i belive it will first be the devs them self and the people translating The Bus and then maybe afew big youtube channels. and from ther it could be possible they do a more open one after that.
    The release date i can't really say that much about but they are developing as fast as they can and i think i heard they expected somewhere towards the end of this year but ofcourse i can't know for sure.

    Disclaimer- All this text is from my own opinion and toughts and not from the devs and i expect everyone to take this as my point of view and not from the dev team.

    @Goblins I belive ther isent any official release date yeat i have only heard some rumors and some small info as to wen to expect as i am one of the Translators for both Fernbus and The Bus. and the only thing i can say that i know i am allowd is that they are trying to get it out as fast as possible and last thing i heard was them considering Autumn/Winter, but can't really say for sure both because i havent gotten it confirmed from them completely and as i cant speak out about everything loud.

    I Wanna wish everyone and the whole TML Studios team a late Big Merry Christmas and hope you all got a wonderful christmas whit family and friends. I also wanna wish everyone a early Happy New Year. This has been a great year for both Fernbus and The Bus and i know i am not the only one that can't wait for The Bus to get released. Fernbus has gotten really big now and i can say that i belive many tought it was gonna become a dead project because of all the bad comments in the beginning but you guys TML just continued to push on and now look how it has changed, i don't know what to say but thanks for continuing to push on and ignoring all the bad comments and listening to your most trusted player's i can see next year as becoming even better and can't wait.

    Best Regards.
    Rasmus/Swedish Translator.

    I dont wanna disturb or anything but @Champ17 Do you have the logitech Profiler for your Logitech Driving Force GT if not test and that might help i have no clue if it will but it might i myself have a Logitech G27 and i am having no problems whit the game at al that i can see only some minor bugs but those are so small that i dont even feel that its worth complaining aboute like for e.x. wen loading a save game at a station the passengers that gonna board are gone but that dosent matter for me its more important whit the bigger so but anyway back to what i said test whit the logitech profiler and see if that may help i know quit abit aboute logitech and prety good to troubleshot thats why.

    @Narkano I think you should get an answer really soon now as what i cna get from what you said you contacted the support on August 26 whits is a friday and i dont think they work on weekends so they probably just dident have time to get to your post befor the weekend started they will probably contact you back soon. This is not coming from an admin or anything, only from what i think.