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    The light is too saturated - everything looks very white almost like a white bloom. What setting would affect this as nothing I have tried works?

    Hello here is a few little things I hope you are working on and i am sure you are. I think the random events need tweeking a little as I have it on 100% but there is hardly any random events happening, Also some of the AI needs a little work ie on the Auto Bahn some of the cars go very slow in certain interchanges also please zoom the navigation out a little. Also can you please put parking areas at every petrol station as it seems we need more parking areas than petrol stations so why not combined them both?


    Hello I am not getting many dynamic events happening. On all the beta videos there was police diversions, Lane closures break downs (I think) but i have had none of them all i have had is about 3 police stop checks and loads of large roadworks but i do not know if these are dynamic or not as they seem to be in the same place. I have my setting on full so i should of thought there would of been alot more happening. I dont know if you have not added these features to the final release properly yet but i hope you do soon as it will add a very good feature to our journeys. Plese can you tell me if you are planning to add this soon please.


    1 - There does not seem to be any random events apart from the odd police check., (No road blocks)
    2 - Not enough rest stops (I think they should be added to all fuel stations.
    3 - The parking break does not seem to work.
    4 - When braking to stop stationery the coach will often start to move again unless I press the brake again
    5 - The AI traffic on the autobahn needs adjusting on many parts.
    6 - The rain effect does not display on the standard coach
    7 - The aeroplane traffic sounds seem to have been placed around the Dresden part of the map and not Frankfurt.

    Other than that a very good game and I hope these issues can be sorted very soon.