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    Ladies and Gentleman at TML studios and the FERNBUStm team I just want to take a moment to congratulate you on your work. Although the game does have many bugs and features to be added it is still a masterpiece and within a year I think we will have an exceptional game on our hands and I love it. I don't think most people know how hard it is to make a good game with as many features as yours so don't listen to the hate! You have done a great job and all it needs is a little bit of work and more features and it will be amazing

    Kind regards,
    Ryan Barnes :thumbup:

    Idea (Will most likely be updated over time):

    • Snow ploughs on roads when snowing
    • passenger messages only show for a millisecond (FIXED)
    • two coaches on main menu and when selecting coach (FIXED)
    • the navigation system should also show current speed
    • navigation system needs to be able to zoom in/out
    • passenger anouncement stops playing when going to exterior camera then back to interior (FIXED)
    • need more service station
    • random events dont work i have them on max......nothing happened (broken? Bug?)
    • Going too slow? for God sakes please remove this or fix it. When I have to slam on the breaks because the ai Is so bad (at the moment) it says this....