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    I had to get rid of the game once and for all,first off it kept crashing repeatedly and second off the steering wheel no longer worked properly.

    Sorry to say this but once again TML studios released a lousy product full of bugs much like their last game bus simulator 12. I'm sticking with games from SCS software from now on because at least they know what they're doing.

    Had to reset graphics to auto detect to resolve that issue but now in the process my G27 wheel no longer works. I even tried using the assistant thing for help but it still no longer works and takes me nearly a 360 degree roation just to turn the bus wheel even half an inch.

    I swear this game is about to join all the other defective games on my steam list that I've had to get rid of recently because of this garbage.

    Noticed a few bugs since I started playing.

    1. The frankfurt airport stop no longer works and if I'm not mistaken there's no "H" marked on the sat nav indicating a stop is present. 2. The refueling option isn't working properly as you cannot close the window after refueling. 3 the dynamic weather isn't all that dynamic as I've run it at least twice and no rain at all,at the most it's gone from sunny to overcast and back to sunny again. Another bug I've noticed is that the arrival times are slightly off in addition to the day night cycle being short with it getting light rather early nd last but not least a lot of the keyboard shortcuts don't seem to be working.

    Dynek has a good suggestion on future expansion outside of Germany and perhaps in the future this game can become to coach driving what Euro truck sim 2 has become for hauling frieght? I mean you can only drive around the same map but so many times before the novelty wears off. I believe I remember Sim UK mentioning this in one of his videos recently.

    Hoping it takes care of the Frankfurt airport stop issue and the refueling bug. I completed a rather long run today(one of the premade routes in the game) and I swear as I was on the final leg going to Munich I got pulled over at least 3 times!! Every single rest area on that stretch of the route I was required to pull over and submit to an inspection LOL!!

    It seems like the transmission only works properly if I'm not using the wheel. I'm going to try seeing if it works right in realistic mode vs. arcade mode with the steering wheel. It seems like we can no longer start at the garage anymore either regardless of what mode we're in.

    Wierd problem here....all of a sudden I have no way to reverse the coach at all as neither the brake pedal nor the down arrow key are working. I don't know if it's a bug in one of the routes I'm driving or not(one of the flixbus routes that become available on level 4) and I've tried resetting the wheel several times over and I still get this problem.

    I'll try loading one of my shorter custom routes made earlier and see if the problem still persists.

    I got rid of the game from my library entirely and would have to purchase it all over again and no.....I'm not going to waste yet another 35 dollars doing so. I'll just live without this flawed game,it was NOTHING but trouble for me from day one and now I feel ripped off by the publisher.

    Would running in offline mode make it run better than in online mode? If I want to get this game to run it HAS to be on my laptop because I cannot get it to run on my desktop due to an impossible to solve windows runtime error that prevents the game from launching. It launches on the desktop installation but has terrible lag so much so to the point that it's simply unplayable.

    I got a new desktop recently that should be able to run the game but when I installed it from my steam library I can't even launch it....I found that there seems to be a runtime.DLL file that's missing so how can I get this file replaced? I tried checking to verify the game cache via steam but it doesn't say any files are missing please help!!

    This is weird/ I went to play a little this afternoon but when I launched the game and waited for my profile to load low and behold it asks me to login and select a new city. I looked on the map and my old city,stuttgart is still unlocked along with a few I'd visited but all of my custom routes are gone except for two old saved game files. Steam has been acting up recently and I had to uninstall and reinstall it last night along with all of the games in my library(fernbus included) so I had to restart in Hannover...I did notice less lag up north compared to down in the southern region though but fortunately I'll be getting my new system within a week or two.

    We will release a new update probably this week. It will contain several bug fixes and improvements, more info will follow up.

    Good,hopefully it'll fix some of the lag and load problems dues to my system requirements not exactly measuring up. I'm hoping to get a new system that meets the basic requirements within a few weeks or within the next month but until then I'm stuck playing Euro truck sim 2 or(if I'm lucky bus sim 16.