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    Thats exactly why there are so many stops in Hamburg, it is a preperation for testing random assigned stands.

    Well, can we start testing? The sooner testing starts on Hamburg, the the sooner it can be rolled out to other areas.

    Does anyone know if this is a game issue or my graphics issue? The brightness of the traffic lights is far too high. To be fair, the brightness is far too high in many areas but as soon as you get close to the objects, they sort themselves out. It's really annoying.

    We currently have 2 ends of the spectrum with this. We have Berlin with just 1 single bus stop but on the other hand we have Hamberg with 6 stops showing up for us to pick from. Instead of this, why don't you have a few stops (in areas where there are multiple stands to choose from) and each trip, it randomly picks a stand. It could be any of the stands but because it's random, it means trips won't all be the same and it won't get boring using the same stand all the time.

    It's a minor thing for the game but it's funky and it keeps people interested. I know that I get bored now in Berlin with it always being the same stop.

    I have been using the 'auto detect' function and that sets my settings as 'high' and when I lower them, it is lower quality than one of those Android phone simulators.

    I shouldn't have to have the newest, highest standard custom made gaming computer to play the game. It was fine when it first came out (I have 99 hours play time and I didn't get that through it being this bad) but now, it's unplayable.

    It's only Fernbus which I have an issue with, all my other games work fine and Fernbus.

    I will try the Nvidia Control Panel method and hopefully that might help.

    I am literally on the brink of giving up on Fernbus as my graphics has no end issues. One minute the settings work fine then you drive the bus for 30 seconds and you lag like hell. I spend more time adjusting settings than I spend actually driving. It's a joke.

    I've been a supporter of TML for many years with various products and Fernbus is by far the worst for graphics and sounds. I only have any actual running sound when I am accelerating (it's almost silent any other time).

    As for graphics, when you are in certain areas, regardless of your settings, the game acts as if you are in minimal settings and runs on high FPS. and yet if you are in a city, the game lags like hell on the same settings and you have to stop every 30 seconds to amend the settings because the game can't cope with the most basic of things.

    My settings: (Foliage medium, Lights low. Saves me taking 2 screenshots if I just tell you the missing two)

    TML had such potential with Fernbus and they have failed on it.

    I am not a fan of this addon. So much so I have already requested a refund.

    My coach got stuck trying to enter the petrol station near Mönchengladbach stadium. Everything was visible but the 'floor' clearly wasn't there
    The walk from the coach to the stadium is too far.
    The budgets are too low.
    The tutorial should be longer helping me set up for the first match. Upon arrival at the match, tutorial should be complete (I didn't order a hotel as I pressed the wrong button accidently so I had a long drive the next day with no fuel topup, wash or supplies).
    Emails say 'be there ontime' but there is no actual time given. How can we be ontime for a time we don't know.
    The whole bus goes a very very low quality while driving. When stopped, if you give it a few seconds, it goes back to an alright quality but otherwise, you can see the MAN logo or any of the buttons.
    You get fined even if the crash is nothing to do with you (I got a fine because a car drove into the back of me.... I also got a fine because I hit a truck which decided it couldn't fit through the tunnel so hit the tunnel and spazzed out).

    To say not happy would be an understatement. I have stopped playing Fernbus lately due to the endless low graphics (unless you have the highest spec computer known to mankind), the traffic bugs and how boring and repetitive it becomes. I thought maybe this would make it better but I think I am wrong.

    Just recieved this error.

    LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\Development\UnrealEngine\UnrealEngine-4.16.3-release\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\Serialization\AsyncLoading.cpp] [Line: 3095]
    BodySetup /Game/Assets/StreetProps/Bridges/Tex_Mat_Meshes/SM_Bridge_PeeneWolgast_Pillar.SM_Bridge_PeeneWolgast_Pillar:BodySetup_0 was found in memory and is an export but does not have all load flags.


    Crash in runnable thread FAsyncLoadingThread

    At Frankfurt Airport, it is really annoying that there are bus stops available but the stops for us are in the middle of car pick ups. The old Frankfurt Bus Stop worked well and was realistic in my opinion. I don't know of an airport where scheduled coaches like NatEx or Fernbus are asked to drop off in one place and pick up somewhere else.

    Does anyone else have isues with the map, if i press "M" while in-game the map opens but it centers not on my bus but always on center of the map. The GPS seems to work fine.

    Same issue. Very annoying.

    That is because the route doesnt change to the route towards Stralsund, it just remains as it was as it cant find the path to the next stop. I worked out why it cant find the route to the Stralsund stop though. It isnt connected to the map

    When creating a new career route, Sellin and Stralsund do not show a route nor does the time increase. When you load the map, the times on the phone say the same time 09:43 in this instance.
    On roads with a speed limit of 60, the cars are going at 45 and braking at regular intervals as if they hit the speed limit and want to stop going over it. I am noticing this mostly on the road to Stralsund from the motorway junction.
    Stralsund bus station always shows as OFF ROAD and isnt connected to the road network on the map (possibly why it doesnt show when creating the route)

    Night time is really laggy. Idk if everyone is experiencing this but when you get to 11 FPS, the camera jumps when in camera 1 (cockpit). It is really annoying.

    1. Can we bring back the Green, Red and Orange thing with the staff comments. It seems to be a bit blank at the moment. It helps us a lot as we know what to and what not to suggest.
    2. Can we have more passengers. I am sure it has been asked for before but it is like urgently needed. 21 people for a 56 odd seater is bad and probably not viable irl so please more passengers.
    3. ETA is needed. Again, I know people suggested but as no codes are around, we dont know if it has been accepted or not been read.
    4. Radio that plays Capital FM and other radios. It would help everyone massively. Maybe make it a bit like ETS2 where we have to put the link into a txt file before entering the game.
    5. Zoom out of route navigator. Also at junctions where 2 lanes stay and two lanes leave, please make the nav show that so we can be in the right lane and not have to move last minute.
    6. Attraction bus stops like Berlin Zoo or stops like that. I saw Flixbus have one or two attraction stops.
    7. Private Hire so we dont stop on route. We literally go from A to B but we dont start at the normal Flixbus bus stops. We stop kind of outside a random building and end at a landmark or something like that.
    8. People actually use the toilet when WC Clearance is on. Like see people walk to the toilet and open the door, close it.
    9. A way to stop the steering wheel going automatically back to 'straight'. Like it will stay at the same rotation until you move it back and make NumPad 5 so you press that and it centres the wheel.
    10. Passengers walk onto the bus not just fade and appear.
    11. PAssengers put bags overhead or just random have bags overhead like in real life.
    12. Passengers walk to the coach door when open. In real life, no one stands and waits for the driver to go to them, everyone walks to the door with a sheet of paper or phone to show.
    13. MORE AIRPORT STOPS!!!! I love going to Frankfurt airport for some odd reason. I just like how you can to an airport. Berlin has 2 airports yet none of them are on the game and Flixbus does apparently stop there.
    14. Reversing bus stations. Like where you pull into the stop but you have to reverse out. That would make some really cool maneuvers. Like make a really cool bus station out of it which we can walk into.
    15. Remove some of the unnecessary road blockers. Like there is scenery and everything but it takes us ages to get where we want to go because of all the silly road blockers.
    16. Passengers wear seatbelts. When we are stopped by police it says how many strapped passengers but we cant see. Just show like a lap belt or something to make it realistic. Also the announcement says to do your seatbelt!
    17. Make passengers not appear really early. I was at a stop like 2 hours early at some point and all passengers were there ready to go. I dont know about you but I dont turn up 2 hours early for my coach.
    18. Real Flixbus timetables. So we can run off real life timetables if we want to and those times will show on the phone
    19. Seamless change between routes. I hate having to respawn the bus everytime I change routes. At the end of the route, I just want to simply change route no messing around. If I pick a route from another town, I want to drive there empty not just spawn there.
    20. Option to do the reverse of the 'originals'. The Original Flixbus routes on Fernbus can only be done on way. Can you make an option for us to do the reverse as one way is annoying.
    21. AI buses stopping at all the little bus stops that we drive past. We dont stop at them but it would be really cool to see other buses stopping there. It doesnt have to pick up passengers, just simply be an AI vehicle.
    22. AI Coaches which run on lines like we do. They only operate 'originals' for obvious reasons but would be really cool.

    Sorry, I know this is a long list. I think the game is fantastic but some small adjustments would make it perfect. Most of it is realism updates but some are more personal requests. Please use the color thing on these suggestions so I can see what we might be getting. I love Fernbus. Please keep helping it grow.

    Is it a bug that when I drive in Frankfurt Airport, neither of the stops allow loading or alighting? I went to both stops and opened doors and at none of them did passengers disembark despite the phone saying 9 people wanted to get off. I dont actually know which one I should be stopping at first or how to make it work. Please help.