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    • Will there be a working IBIS system to collect manual information such as entering bus routes?

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    I hope that this feature will be available in The Bus as without it, the game would lean towards being more arcadey than realistic, which would be a mistake in my opinion. ?(


    I'm also super-excited about The Bus and I also cannot express it enough how good the game looks. The Early Access will only help us make the game even better as it will be easier for the entire community to spot bugs and problems, as well as give us the opportunity to give suggestions throughout the development. Now where is the pre-order button? ^^

    I keep replaying the same video over and over again... it looks great! :huh:

    The graphics look absolutely stunning. The AI vehicles look a lot more realistic, perhaps the best I've ever seen in a bus simulator. If you look closely, you can even see the different amounts of passengers in the cars. Maybe the new AI can some day come to Fernbus & TBS. ^^ The map also looks very authentic.

    I'm only sad that multiplayer isn't going to be available throughout Phase 1 & 2 but at least the team will have more time to polish it out.

    I'm very excited for Early Access. I believe it's the right direction to ensure the quality of the product, whilst giving players the opportunity to play, test and report bugs along the development.

    Can't wait for the EA release date! :)

    Welcome to the forum! :)

    It's unlikely that multiplayer will come to Fernbus since the game would've had to have that in mind when building it from the ground up.

    TML-Studios implemented multiplayer in the beginning phases of its upcoming game, The BUS, which is why its possible there.

    I remember TML suggesting a few years ago that someone might be able to create a multiplayer mod, like TruckersMP for ETS2/ATS, but without modding tools I don't see that as a possibility.

    With regards to more bus variations, TML are constantly working on new bus models so more variations are coming. Take a look at the upcoming MAN Lion's Coach 3rd Generation DLC if you haven't already. ;)

    Make sure to add future suggestions, wishes and ideas in this thread to help keep the forum clean. 8)

    Can this be my new favourite coach? Looks quite promising! ^^

    I really like the overall design, the dashboard with that large digital speedometer is great, and the digital mirror variant is something new indeed.

    Can't wait for the release :)

    1. Will The BUS feature real world weather, making it rain in-game when it rains in Berlin?

    2. Will there be a functioning IBIS system, on which we can manually enter information, such as the bus line and route? ***

    3. Are there going to be real bus schedules, implemented from Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, in the game?

    4. Will there be new DLC bus lines after release? We know already that there will be new bus DLCs.

    5. What will the capacity of the servers be, meaning how many players will be able to play in the same session?

    6. This might be an interesting question, but are there going to be any COVID-19 measures implemented in game, reflecting the realism of the current world situation? (Such as locked first doors unabling passengers to buy tickets from driver, passengers wearing facemasks, capacity of seats reduced)

    # Here are some more questions, to which we'll hopefully receive answers. I'm not sure if any of these have been asked or answered before, so you can update me on that. I'm super-excited about what will be announced at Gamescom, regarding The BUS. 8)

    Can Fernbus get the features from TBS where passengers speak different languages (as right now everyone in France speaks fluent German :lol: )

    The text-to-speech voices in TBS aren't the best though... they sound rather robotic ^^

    It would be interesting if TML allowed the community to do voice-overs for different languages (especially since the community is so diverse) as it would make the passengers sound genuine, and TML wouldn't have to bother to employ people for voice-overs specifically. TML would obviously check if each voice over is good enough for the game. Just a suggestion:thumbup:

    Martin 40 Bus

    I'm sure we all want the manual gear functionality to be added, and that it will be eventually implemented in Fernbus & Tourist Bus ^^

    But for now, I also think it's important to focus on The Bus as Cuzzy mentioned, so that we can enjoy driving a city bus in Berlin as soon as possible 8)

    Honestly, I cannot wait for The Bus. TML have improved a lot since their last city bus simulation games, especially with the use of Unreal Engine 4, and it will be very exciting to see how they pull it off. They probably have many obstacles to get by (passengers, pedestrians, etc.), so it's important to be patient with everything when it comes to all three games! :)

    I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate you TML for your hard work :thumbup::!:

    I'm delighted to be a member of this fantastic community since Fernbus' release, back in 2016. You have created a successful simulator game that has been improved upon a lot since release, and you can see how your hard work had paid off ^^

    It's important to note that you have quite a talented team working on the game, like the map designers, who do such an amazing job with the in-game cities, and the coach models as they look far superior to other simulators imo. There's much more positive things to discuss so those numbers don't come as a surprise! 8)

    Continuously listening to the community will only increase those numbers even higher! :)

    I would say the France map DLC is the better choice if you are looking forward to the cities, and Austria & Switzerland is the better choice if you are looking forward to the scenery surrounding the motorways. Those mountains look incredible, but you can't say no to Paris ^^ Personally, I prefer the ComfortClass coach DLC, but the choice is yours. 8)