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    Dovetail Games have already announced a sequel to Train Sim World, Train Sim World 2, despite not adding some promised features into the previous game. Nonetheless, it's exciting to see new content such as the high-speed inter-city German rail route out of Köln, with the DB ICE 3M. My local underground system will also be included in the game, with the London Underground Bakerloo line. There will also be the AC4400CW freight hauling train, included with the Sand Patch Grade route. The game is scheduled to release on the 6th of August 2020, and you can read all about the announcement here.


    I respect your opinion and I agree with some of the fairly obvious things you mentioned, but I believe that everyone should have expectations of certain features in a game, and that the developers should strive to make everyone entirely satisfied with the product.

    Personally, I'm mostly satisfied with Fernbus, because behind all its flaws it's a fantastic game. I would just like for this specific feature to live up to mine, and many other players', expectations. We've been asking for it for years, because it's a fairly obvious request for a bus simulation game. :)

    Hi Corentin Terite , I have been mentioning this exact issue on TML's forum since Fernbus' release, the last time is in this topic.

    As we mentioned it many many times, we are working on bringing those issues you all mentioned to Fernbus Simulator.

    This is the generic response that we've received regarding this matter ?(

    Martin 40 Bus

    Yes, I have the Logitech Driving Force GT, but I find it's too much hassle moving the steering wheel around my desk when I want and don't want to use it, so much that I decided to hide it in my room. ^^ But Fernbus also has so much interactive elements, besides just driving, like checking passengers' tickets and opening luggage hatches, which makes sense for me to just play on the keyboard. :)

    I'm playing with the keyboard. Can you bring the steering wheel's rotation speed adjustment?

    That would be cool. However, I also play Fernbus on the keyboard and I have turned off auto-centering of the wheel and surprisingly, I find that Fernbus is the best driving game ever when it comes to playing on the keyboard, far better than e.g. ETS2 which has such rotation speed adjustment option. I recommend you give that a try, although that might just be my personal preference.

    There's no point of getting rid of the whole route that TML has been working on for years, which includes a whole lot of scenery, but it would be wise to include the current line at least in the form of a DLC later on. That way, there's a win-win situation :)

    I would have thought ALL players would expect such a basic thing as passengers to walk onto the bus as they do in just about every other bus game I know.

    I would say that most players expect this feature in the game, but everyone is tired of mentioning this over and over again as we've been waiting for this for years. We're not asking for too much as it's a bus simulation game on a modern game engine afterall yet it's still not here after almost 4 years. ?(

    I also agree with you Cuzzy , players expect realism.

    Another thing worth mentioning is increasing the number of passengers. I remember raising this issue a long time ago in Steam Discussions.

    The response I received from TML was that most players are satisfied with the number of passengers. I doubt anyone is satisfied driving with only e.g. 9 passengers in an ultra-long ComfortClass S 519 HD with 63 available seats; That's only ~14% of the capacity! Why is it so 'unusual' to see a full coach? :/ I wonder how this will look in The Bus.

    Another response I received was that more passengers would cause performance issues. In my opinion TML should be tackling performance issues instead of 'running away' from them by decreasing the game's realism. To ensure that we get the right performance/realism balance, a slider could be implemented in the options menu. ;)

    It is important to note that it's worth implementing these features as players will definitely appreciate that :thumbup:

    Quick translation for Daro27

    jest dobrze tylko ta woda za samochodami jest malo realistyczna i jest nie raz za jasne niebo oraz na asfalcie i te liście na drodze kiedy ustawiam miesiąc czerwiec

    "The update is good but the water coming from behind the cars is not very realistic and the sky and road are too bright sometimes along with the leaves on the road when I set the month to June." :)


    I am aware that there is a large Turkish community dedicated to bus simulation so that means not only more people will people will buy the DLC, but also the game itself, as they will feel more attracted to the game offering their region :)

    However, it's more logical to expand the map by adding countries neighbouring Germany first, and then the countries neighbouring the next countries, to increase the map area as much as possible, and also for the reasons Quarney mentioned.

    At the moment the candidates for the next countries after BeNeLux are Poland, Czechia and Denmark which is exciting to see the map size increasing to more regions! ^^

    The shuttle mode is a great addition to Fernbus. I particularly like this mode as the game distances itself from being just FlixBus exclusive, opening itself to other services, which we can use through repaints in a more realistic way, without all of the FlixBus logos. I really like the way that the location of the bus stops is changed like in Berlin! In my opinion the passengers' voices should not be cutting out when checking their tickets. The addition of new smaller towns should also be expanded accordingly. I would like to see the shuttle mode expanding to new airports. A suggestion which I can make is to add generic announcements such as welcoming the passengers onboard and about the next stop which could be done through scripts e.g. Next stop [Next stop on the route].