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    Going in this direction, we would not see the ComfortClass (Setra) coaches, the BB40 (Toyota) or the upcoming W906 (Mercedes-Benz) minibus in the games, meaning we wouldn't have as much content as we have today. Of course logos add a lot of value to the DLC, but that is reimbursed by lower prices.

    Do you remember how much time how many years SCS' community had to wait for the Renault Range T because they wouldn't issue it without a license? ;)

    About the airport proposal: although it is a very interesting idea, it is very unlikely now, that we will introduce such DLC, because we would have to generate a whole new infrastructure for it.

    You could at least try and implement airports in the form of new "cities" like you did with Frankfurt & Frankfurt Airport for example :)

    I just find it disappointing that we still have to talk about these missing features/fixes for Fernbus in 2020, whilst TML somehow ended up working on 3 different games. I understand that there are little resources, but the priorities should be changed by working on the fixes and features that the community most wants. That would only make the game rise in sales. I don't understand why pedestrians still aren't present in 2020, there aren't any animations of passengers boarding the coach and the number of passengers is lacking. New players will spot these missing features instantly, having a knock-off effect on the reviews and sales.

    Renault definitely stands out from the rest of the competitors for its characteristic design which is well-known across Europe :)

    Hey guys!

    I've created a quick concept outlining my vision of how future expansions should be added into Fernbus Simulator.

    In my opinion, the countries bordering the base the country (Germany), should be added before any other country, to increase the playable map area as much as possible.

    I've seperated the next suggested countries into "Waves" in which they should be added in my opinion.

    According to my vision, the next countries added should be Poland, Czechia and Denmark :)

    What do you guys think; what are your opinions? Maybe your vision is a little different? :/

    Cuzzy , you may be right.

    If TML released BETA updates more frequently, there's a chance we'd see more stable official updates, as more bugs could be identified and patched during the BETA period :/

    It would also give us a chance to see the changes more quickly, therefore giving us the opportunity to give feedback and report problems much quicker, every couple of builds or so.

    Wow, what a great surprise that Scania Touring is coming soon :)

    Knowing TML, I'm sure that the final model of the coach will have fantastic detail, but I just hope that it will sound close to the original as well :/

    Edit: I've attached a low-resolution image from Steam where you can see the front of the coaching looking more realistic with the black element.

    Edit 2: After thinking about how the fleet of coaches in Fernbus Simulator & Tourist Bus Simulator is expanding, I was wondering when will we finally start seeing other DLC coaches in AI traffic?


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    That's some unprofessional behaviour for a game developer, I must say :/

    Steering wheel compatibility is fundemental when it comes to driving simulators in 2019 and the lack of it is a serious disadvantage for such game as it takes away the realism and fun that a steering wheel offers.

    Such incompability makes the developer/product seem amateur as potential players may choose to skip this title solely based on that reason which is why I understand your frustration Martin 40 Bus

    I've also noticed that I have been crashing more than often lately, in Fernbus Simulator.

    This might be caused by either inadequate speed limits to the section of the road we're driving on, or a bug that makes us lose control of the bus.

    However, I know for a fact that there are far too many sharp turns for the speed limit to remain at 100km/h at such roads like the one in the attachment.

    Slowing down, just when we see the turn, may be too late, resulting in a crash.

    This is why adequate speed limits are also important.

    This all requires time although the countries will probably be fulfilled with more cities but in small steps.

    It's also important to appreciate the level of detail of cities in France compared to a standard city in Germany which sparks a great improvement in quality.

    The cities in France really feel like the cities in real-life with all the different crosswalks (which there should be more of in Germany), seperate traffic lights, great diverse bus stations etc.

    It really feels like driving in an actual city and not a small drive-by destination. It's fantastic and I can only imagine what the next map DLCs will look like.