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    笔记本,显卡是GTX 1060 6 g 游戏在快速移动画面的时候会出现撕裂,我没办法截到这样的图片。

    Notebook, graphics GTX 1060 6 g torn picture .
    Also can not find the vertical synchronization options in the game, is also the latest graphics driver. How do I solve? This problem do not know I a person to have with us. In control of the driver move and when mobile perspective in the car, pictures will be torn. Hope to be able to help us solve, thank you!

    I gtx1060 notebook, into the game UI screen no problem, is to start the game when the frame is very low and the screen will tear sense. Notebook power supply is also set up a separate graphics card.

    I am very optimistic about your game, for now, I think this game is not particularly bad, but want to get the Chinese players like, I hope you can, increase the Chinese language, like the European truck simulation 2, will always pay attention to you Of the game, also referred to the Chinese language, can come soon, I was using the translation software to translate English, many places may not be accurate enough, please also sorry,

    TML Come on!

    I am a Chinese players, for like this game very, very much looking forward to later can also, more perfect function, for the moment is not particularly bad, think of the future this game is very big, but I think, to get the favour of Chinese players, as a first step, hope you can increase the support of the Chinese language,Then I find your website, and express the feelings of our Chinese players, I hope you can see,
    Then for the first time I buy the original, but, because the UI error, cause I can't start the game, later had to get a refund, at present, hope you can introduce Chinese,
    I am using software translation of English, some places may not be accurate, please sorry!