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    Yes I agree you (TML) are open to cricitism. My comment was not aimed at TML studios members but at certain community members. Btw when I was describing a certain type of comment I did not mean your comment (reply to me). I just decided to write this now, but it was not related to our conversation about Tourist Bus Simulator.

    Oh there is criticism, don't worry. There is plenty to criticise about our products (more than we care to admit:)). People definitely do not praise us all the time, maybe you should check out some threads ;) Criticism is very important and encouraged, that's the only way we can grow and make our games better. The community makes every game stronger!

    It is just that we want constructive and respectful reports and keep an eye on the tone of the messages around here. That is what makes this forum different from platforms like Steam etc. You can give negative feedback in a way that is non-toxic. There is also room for positive feedback of course. We also like a pat on the back sometimes :)

    Maybe you've got the impression because we polished the games in the last updates a lot and the community noticed. There is still a long way ahead of us, but let's just enjoy the good times shall we?

    Best regards

    This wasnt my point. My point was there are certain community members who are only positive no matter what. Sure there is criticism , but not by those people im mentioning, thats the thing. I've seen this enough in the forums. If cricitism is toxic or not wasnt a part of my original comment and is not really related in any way, because I take it as granted to be non toxic. It was strictly about some members praising the developers no matter what. I wasnt trying to be negative. If new forum members are scared away when they post criticism because some members here automatically fully defend the devs, even in a overly annoying way, like they will tell you how you are wrong and they are right, this is not encouraging for new people to join the forums.

    Maybe you are right, after a while it got easier to drive the narrow roads in some of the areas in Tourist Bus Simulator. And especially in the narrow mountain route it is nice for the AI vehicles to wait for you to pass in some of the corners. I do think it is important to have a community who can also give their opinions and feedback tho. I feel like in this forum some of the members are just here to only praise the developers and any criticism seems invalid to them. Overall I like Tourist Bus and Fernbus alot, but it can only get better when community members will post feedback, opinions and criticism. This is not necessarily related to this specific forum post, but more in general. Wanted to get that off my chest.

    I have relatively good FPS in Fernbus simulator. I recently purchased DLC Netherlands and In some of the cities such as Amsterdam my FPS drop to around 25 sometimes. I have this problem in none of the other big cities in for example Germany map. Please improve the performance on DLC Netherlands. The performance really is worse than the default Germany map.

    I don't have a really good answer to that. I just can say: You need a powerful graphics card for such a high resolution. If you set 200% scaling you need 4 times the performance compared to 100% scaling. So maybe this is ans option if you have a high end graphics card (e.g. GTX 1080 or RTX 2070).

    GTX 1080 isnt that high end anymore. And it will most likely not run 200% scaling.

    that being said, I would like to adress something about Tourist Bus Simulator:

    There is 1 thing which bothers me in Tourist Bus Simulator, this is the fact longer busses cant make corners properly inside the villages and on the hillside roads. It is pretty much impossible to make those corners with all the trafic and the tight roads. You will always get either gridlocked by traffic or drive over roadsigns or get stuck on rocks. It is a bus game after all so IMO you should make the roads drivable for all busses which are in the game.

    Please make the photomode in fernbus so that it automatically switches to the orbit camera when you press the home button. So it automatically lets you move the camera around the bus by default. Also please implement a way to acces photo mode from the Pause menu. Thanks


    A while ago I acidentally reset my profile causing all cities on the (german) map to be locked. Is there a way to download a savefile so my cities are unlocked again? This is just the germany map since I dont have map DLCS. But I dont want to unlock the entire map again manually. If I ever want to purchase map DLC in the future, I prefer to have the germany map fully unlocked so I can easily drive into DLC maps.

    The method is called "Set AA to low and increase the resulution scale to sth. between 100 - 200"
    I don't know even one UE4 game where AA doen't mess up everything. Don't know what everyone or Epic is doing wrong here.

    Regarding to your D-Pad question. Isn't this already ingame since launch?

    I've disabled it immediately cause for me it's pointless but you could be right, that you might be very limeted in terms of funcions there.
    Atm. there is no way around a keyboard 😅. Probably it will change in the future since TML is going to concentrate on consoles, too with the DMD-project.

    I will try the AA method. I know some Unreal games which don't have this issue. For example I play "Hell Let Loose" and it has a Clarity TAA option which does not give a blurry image. Regarding the D-PAD menu I can remember it being there in the beginning yes but I remember it wasnt that good, I cant find it anymore in options tho. Maybe its because I rebound my controller settings, Not sure. Lol.

    Another thing I think should be improved is the following thing: Fernbus relies too much on using keybinds imo. Most features ingame are tied to keybinds. For example the photo mode. I think more ingame features should be able to be chosen in menus, or be easily accesible with a game controller. For example the photomode should be able to be entered from the (ESC) pause screen imo. ETS/ATS does this aswell. It is more user friendly. But this also applies for certain options inside the bus. There should be somekind of pop-up menu (for example using the D-PAD on controller) to access certain bus options. Such as closing and opening doors, and many more options. In the end this makes the game also more accesible to a wider audience, but still be realistic. The truck game "On The road" also has such a D-PAD menu (for example to start up the truck, and controll the lights). The ingame Anti-aliasing also makes the overal image too blurry, is there a way to implement AA method with a more clear overall image? And please add a jumping animation for the main character. Inbefore people tell me Im wrong for having my own opinions.

    Looking nice so far. The only issue I have is some of the buildings still look abit too german in style (in the city). And the color of the water isn't realistic (too light in color). But this issue is not just for this DLC. Water graphics should be improved in fernbus overall imo. I'm from the Netherlands btw.


    I haven't posted in this forum for a while. I like where fernbus is heading but I would like to suggest some things. These are also relevant for the upcomming game " The Bus''. I recently watched a video of "Tramsim" click for video. And I noticed the game has very detailed audio, rattling noises from the streets and vibrating doors etc. This is very important for a simulator game and I hope "The Bus" will improve this upon Fernbus. Maybe later in development, because I see the game will release in early access. but audio and physics are very important. I also think NPCS should be behaving more realistic. Interaction with the NPCS should be more advanced (like in Bus Simulator 18, eventho that game in general is worse than Fernbus imo). We need more options to interact with the NPC's. Ofcourse they should also walk onto the bus in a realistic way but this is already being worked on for The Bus (I don't own Tourist Bus). The game world needs to feel alive, this is done best by having interactions with NPC's and realistic NPC behaviour. Also having pedestrians walking on the sidewalks etc. I hope The Bus will become an excellent game. Fernbus is already a good game but it could be improved in some areas. Last thing is, in my opinion the lighting in Fernbus isn't good. It looks weird and often the skybox is very bright giving weird effects on the bus dashboard. The lighting system should be improved.

    Can the splash screen volumes be lower? Im not sure but I feel like the splash screens when you boot the game arent effected by the ingame audio sliders. They are ear pearcing loud , maybe make a option to disable the splash screens? Or make them as loud as my audio sliders.

    Also, i sitll think the foliage could be smaller, it seems abit unrealistic how high the foliage across the map is, if it would be 1/2 of the height it is now it would be more realistic imo