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    Well, that Unreal Engine can be used to simulate vehicles is known since Assetto Corsa Competizone created by Kunoz. They managed to do the best GT3,GT4 Racing Simulation and its based on UE4. Even better than iRacing (even in terms of Physics!). So that shouldnt be a excuse anymore.

    hmmm my friends very like latest tml studio bus simulators

    anyway about the cars in the game tml studio using the normal way for their materials however ue4 can do lot of powerful stuff

    if they will using PBR it will make the materials bold and more realistic then the game object include cars in the game will be much realistic then what they now

    many games start using PBR materials , me and my studio using PBR method too not for simulators game but for mmorpg and we can lot of positive feedback on the models look

    morever early i ask about the pa "that woman announcement on station" also the engine can do lot of in the sound .earlier they changed the audio system too , and i dont know what they plan to 4.26

    Lust ah, I thought PA was short for "part" in this case. About the voice: we have not dealt with this topic yet so I can't give you information on this.

    @Denis_W as you said, in the future we will have some answers to these detailed questions :)

    thank for the answer , however if you know something about the voices I be glad if you can update us

    Sorry, the link is not working for me. But yes, those sights will be visible in-game. You can drive along the Berliner Dom f.ex., which is visible on the picture of the clip.

    you know what I mean by "PA" its the woman doing the announment with the bell what will be the next station

    is this pa of the bus lines in berlin will be on the game "The Bus"

    video link here

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    wait I think I lost it , no we need to pay epic games money for using the unreal engine to publish games srsrly?

    france dlc have issue with the light traffic i saw them in red and green and car not driving i keep wait and its back to red few second later again red and green , and the cars keep stand , what cease the traffic to be stucked


    thank again is all what I wan to know by the way I just informed about the Scania topic , but still glad to hear on that progress, keep the good job , yet I hope for a good performance.