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    Have you all looked at the Berliner Linientronik (lists what depot and what bus BVG use on what route)

    I didn’t know there was GN16 as in OMSI we only have GN14, but for the MAN A39 we have DL05,7 8 and 9

    I wonder though, with the Citea, the 200 and 100 use either GN or DD, the Citea is used on night services on the M29 (Kurfurstendamm - Roseneck) 110 from the Zoologischer Garten to Oskar Helene Heim, and N10 i think is now both C2 GN and VDL Citea.

    I could be wrong but with the Zoo offering so many varients of routes also. I wonder if Cicerostrasse depot will be featured too up at Adenuauerplatz

    I wonder if the TML team are now working from Home as many are and should be, except for our stupid company.

    I hope the working from home means that the bugs we've mentioned get fixed, the steering finally gets sorted, the physics get updated as when you work from home, as i've said about Dovetail Devs working from home, things get done, and more work gets done as you're comfortable at home.

    So this isolation period is a positive because I do feel that things are moving way too fast with games and DLC and it just needs to slow down a lot.

    So i hope to see some vast improvements as I haven't been back to Fernbus since I bought the VDL DLC

    I personally am pleased for a bus simulator of sorts which doesn't freeze every couple of seconds, and takes a half an hour to boot up. I talk about OMSI 2 if you have more than 3 maps installed the darn thing needs to be booted up an hour before you need it.

    I think OMSI put a bad taste in peoples mouths for Germany - not all but those on that forum are awful, however people here are very pleasant.

    When visiting Germany it's nothing as I had thought; so kudos to this forum anyway.

    One other thing I wanted to ask will an editor be part of The bus? One thing we've learnt from DTG is that cooked assets cannot be modified, which may not be the case but a poor excuse. Can anyone confirm this for Fernbus / The Bus.

    One of the drawbacks to UE4 it seems is it's not third party friendly unless you're the actual game developer, but the ordinary man and woman who want to have a go at building something can't.??

    I am looking forward to the bus i have deleted omsi from my pc as i got sick and tired of the micro stutter and random lag

    I am putting up with OMSI just because of the content and realism of driving - if The bus proves to be a contender, am done

    I hope The Bus is planned for expansion, is it in 1:1 scale?

    You’ve picked the best city to do a bus network from, there’s outlining areas such as Berlin Forest on the 133, Alt Heligensee - Line 124 which is a very nice route. Also down to the east where the Techno reigns supreme ;)

    Cool, more input from the TML Team means it's progressing nicely :)

    I just want to know if we invest in this we'll get what we pay for as currently, the train side of things is a let down.

    Thanks again Quarney, give the man an equivalent of a knighthood for services to being a community manager :)

    Thank you Quarney for the clarification on this. What i'd like to know more on, of course in due time, but the control centre! The fact we can tell drivers, there's a hold up at Alexanderplatz, turn at Brandenburg Gate or the Gross Stern. Also is there compatibility to have real weather in game?

    One other fact with regards to this is driving physics, an empty bus vs a full bus is still not simulated, also if I steer in snow it should be harder to drive. Just some things that come with the road conditions. UE4 can do some outstanding things, we just want to see it better represented :)

    Will there be a revisit to other cities as a lot of Germany already has duplicated buildings as I try to drive with visual representations but it’s difficult.

    Im sad MAN no longer produce DDs for their homeland, but I guess the aftermarket sales are poor compared to ADL which may modify the bus for their wider market for DDs.

    ADL are good, just as a non German native I see them daily and even in HK, they’re not special anymore to me personally.

    Perfect opportunity for TML to show that they are capable of creating realistic, detailed bus simulators too, not just arcadey bus driving games aimed at a different audience. No offence to anyone, but when it comes to realism, OMSI and LOTUS are still kings of the genre.

    But competition is always good, and the real winners are us, the customers.

    Couldn’t of put this better myself, well said mate

    Thanks Quarney

    There’s no issue but it should be a little more responsive; I drive in real life and so far OMSI is close enough to real life; also the steering and sudden curves on the autobahn are a cause for concern, it should be straight. You can’t switch lanes or turn steering at 100km/h (70mph) you’ll flip the vehicle over!

    In OMSI you drive at 80km/h you turn suddenly you’ve had it.

    I hope the focus is on realism not arcade as It should be hardcore simulation, this is a great market which has little to no competition.