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    I think it’s useless sharing a positive sentiment on these platforms. A future vision is not a bad idea, only a poorly executed idea. The Bus is Berlin, yes I do know that chrisvdhoorn I’ve been following this map and it’s progression since it was announced a long while ago. Also have been playing these simulators since the days of MSTS so I know what I am talking about....

    I digress before I say something unpleasant. I hope that the realism is there as there’s a lot of talk within the community.

    I an not sure if this has been mentioned and happy positivity to all for tomorrow.

    We would like as bus enthusiasts, more emphasis on being able to import our own buses / streets & crossings into The Bus or have the tools to map junctions out. Also the expansion into Left Hand Traffic, Right hand drive buses, if possible. There is a market for it, Aerosoft know this as they tried to get the one we have already as an open source to improve it further.

    I hope, though, more simulator (realistic) less arcade, if you want Arcade, sorry, but play an arcade game. We would like realism! Like the London map for OMSI, as a Londoner myself that map and it’s buses are SPOT on!

    I love what you’re doing with the Bus and I cannot wait for it; just we hope for no more arcade

    I think Maximus mistook what I said, but I knew i’d upset someone, but i’ve been seeing what’s been going on with platforms lately and Early Access sadly hasn’t panned out well.

    I appreciate Quarney’s response as it’s the manner I expected in feedback; just a concern that there’s been many a good start but not followed through. Glad that isn’t the case!

    I know this may upset some of you but hear me out. I would prefer TML to finish the simulator rather than Early Access it. We've already seen games stay toooo long in Early Access and I really don't want to see the potential replacement for OMSI that Everyone in the bus sim community who are hardcore bus enthusiasts (proper hardcore, books, fleetnames, numbers the whole nine) see this stuck in Early Access rather than wait, release a fully finished game that may need an update here and there.

    No Early Access, just work on it, finish it. It's like the beta releases, I really don't understand. I didn't pay to be a beta tester. I personally haven't got time. What I would like is a return to the old school, when you had to wait for it to be finished, you bought the CD Rom / Download and you just come in from work, tired and play and chill. Now you have to be a tester as well. That'll kill it off before you've even started.

    I know it will upset many people here but, I wish not to see this highly expected game to be in Early Access, LOTUS did it and now look what's happened? ViewApp who were a primary dev for LOTUS has now released their own Simulator.

    Let's get back to when it had to go through many channels of proofing before we, who are part of the EULA, got to play it. STEAM is making Devs cut corners and I do not want to see that for The Bus.

    It does look good and the fact that you can buy it via DVD is even better. STEAM seems to be the issue with the file size 90GB and STEAMs pre-allocating needs a week to sort it self out LOL

    Looks spectacular and it looks like you get a lot of in game tutorial to set things up. I love the look of it but It won't be something i'll invest in at all.

    Well, that Unreal Engine can be used to simulate vehicles is known since Assetto Corsa Competizone created by Kunoz. They managed to do the best GT3,GT4 Racing Simulation and its based on UE4. Even better than iRacing (even in terms of Physics!). So that shouldnt be a excuse anymore.

    Hopefully not! Haven’t tried a racing game in many years.

    There are still high hopes for The Bus, and a lot of people are still also concerned that Unreal Engine isn’t designed for simulation of vehicles. Optimistic but curious at the same time. I look forward like we all do to seeing what is on offer. Can wait, but can’t wait!

    I’ve been watching, well obsessing over this for a couple years now and I had no idea!; it’s TML himself talking in the video, I gather I am about 4 years too early to figure this out, but I just visited to see who’s behind it and I was surprised i’ve been looking at the namesake since then.

    Salute sir

    Glad I’m not the only one talking about the physics modelling and sounds. Unreal Engine isn’t really designed for driving simulation; but what’s going to be interesting for the bus is I hope they’ve learnt the tools for UE4 and will implement them better in The Bus. UE4 has a longer shelflife than other game engines; but they have a real chance to outshine everyone with The Bus, and show what proper physics, sounds can be had with UE4, unless the engine itself has sound channel limitations, I think I heard DTG mention this before.

    Unreal doesn’t allow for modding either as the community by now would of modded the handling and sounds.

    I’m glad you’re focusing on one area of Germany rather than a whole place. So correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t Cicerostrasse depot be better for the 100 / 200 as they go to the Zoo which is nearer Kurfurstendamn. Or is it they operate out of Indira Ghandi Strasse?

    I can’t see the DL using the tiergarten tunnel to reach the depot out of service.

    Anyone know?

    Sorry to post this here but this vehicle simulation module needs adjustment.

    The steering is correct when you set it up as the G27 Plugin for UE4 actually responds as it should, but the vehicle response is very slow, the steering needs to be improved, the overall response of the pedals need to be better. The retarder should be active regardless, it's a 24tonne vehicle......... It needs that extra stopping power.

    Come on guys, seriously.