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    BVG operate.

    Scania Citywide, VDL citea (LFDD demonstrator at Cicerostraße depot) MAN A39 DD, Solaris and Citaro G, and C2G latest to the fleet, soon to have ADL Enviro 500 to replace the MAN DDs.

    These are the buses I was asking about related to The Bus, i.e. BVG Fleet. Nothing to do with Setra in the BVG operations 🙄

    it'll be nice to know what buses we're getting; from official TML devs as we're seeing a lot of buildings which look great but what about the animated objects such as the buses, the sounds and the handling?

    We keep asking because what doesnt move we're seeing; but core gameplay is centred around what we'll be driving. If Martin 40 replies i'll wait for official TML devs

    that looks incredible and spot on by the DB headquarters. Was round Potsdamer platz with the wife for Christmas couple years ago.

    Spot on. Look forward to more vehicle photos too, hopefully MAN DL and VDL oh my.


    Thanks so much for this update. Looking forward to playing but STEAM is giving me problems at the moment, it keeps restarting the download and when at 100% doesn't complete.

    So trying again; I personally miss the old .exe installer file it would of downloaded by now and installed ages ago! Lol

    I think this forthcoming wonder was announced tooo early. The bus community are waiting for a replacement to OMSI but just seems either too soon (LOTUS and this) :-(

    I gather the responses are minimal but we're all entitled to our opinions, in our country, the UK, free speech is a given, we're not under strict rule like some parts of Europe. I just would like to hear from the team themselves.

    Sorry to ask but in the demo videos there's flags with 'Game Over', what is the purpose of these, for the bus it makes it look like a computer game rather than represent something else, fictional shops etc

    I feel this game is another test bed for UE4 and we may finally see some more diversity amongst vehicles in The Bus. OMSI still rules the road imho. UE4 does look great but the lack of vareity of vehicles just seems like an abandonment for me. PeDePe's economic system is super, adds a great new element to the game but it just seems UE4 is either lacking in an Editor useage due to licensing, cooked and uncooked business etc

    Just seems like going backwards I feel.

    Thing is the OMSI content is far and few between because of the slagging match between gamers / bus enthusiasts.

    I like Fernbus too just am used to the accurate Physics just good graphics isnt always the thing. Longevity and gameplay is, OMSI may be down on content but it lives up to it by being engaging. You can drive for hours in both but just feel there's lack luster somewhere in Fernbus and this one seems nice but i'll see im not against it at all just it doesn't feel exciting

    I feel since we've lost Chris, things have gone a bit meh.

    I just wish MAN wasn't the coach of choice. Same lifeless sounds, poor handling. UE4 is only pretty but I miss when game developers put their heart and soul in a game, just my tupence I hardly play Fernbus anymore but OMSI I cant put down, UE4 is like two steps backwards.

    As an avid gamer of simulators UE4 is a long way off from the game engines of old which were heart and soul

    Sorry if all of this has been covered but I wonder if you all are open to the suggestion for the M19, M29 or M46 as an addon route as it will open up doors to have the Metrobus routes (24 hour) or M49 from the Zoo to Spandau and with the christmas markets the traffic would be interesting.

    Seeing as the Zoo is part of the route 100 additional services will make interesting gameplay also the X10 into Havelland

    Thank you @'UndergroundBerlin for your reply. Yes I think it would make sense as citybuses in Berlin have cab doors and to jump in isn't realistic.

    Sorry for digging up an old thread but will the displays of the Citywide match the real life bus? Also the Atron ticket machine display?

    I dont like the jump in the driver seat is there no possible to open the drivers door? Then get in. Its still the same controls from WOS series.

    These will be a great addition, my only and sole wish is the sounds of buses are terrible. Also the gearbox it just sounds generic.

    But these buses are whats needed. The Football DLC is fine but I'll wait for The Bus in my opinion