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    And Gil pointed out as yet they’re waiting on BVG for the announcement set. Not sure if you all have been on a bus in Berlin but it is thee most relaxing experience I’ve ever had. Even in rush hour, the Berliners don’t fret like Londoners, crazy at times Lol. But the way drivers can be, even the rough ones, it was an experience. That experience, I felt from this Early Access.

    To Quarney and all TML team. This a thread started on the fellowsfilm forum because we all support this.

    From Whistlehead, a talented developer.

    Right now, The Bus has a few issues. Some of these are typical Early Access type issues, which I am sure will be resolved by release - others feel a bit more fundamental.

    I'll start by mentioning the early access price, which at £21.95 is extremely reasonable if you just fancy picking it up to have a look for yourself (or of course you can enter our raffle and get it for free).

    Being early access, there's obviously bugs right now - small things like the satnav cutting out, the cab light turning off when the doors are shut while the switch is in the always on position (and then turning back on again when you turn the switch off then on again, a simple state-machine bug), the FOV being limited to too narrow a range for ultrawide monitors, etc. I'm sure all of this kind of thing will be fixed for full release.

    Similarly, content right now is very limited. There's one route, which takes 30 minutes, one bus, and no AI buses. The first two are definitely on the roadmap for the next phase, the last I assume will be addressed?

    The graphics, while impressively flashy, feel a bit overdone in that very Unreal Engine way - I know a lot of people like that, but at times it's a bit hard to look at with brightly coloured screen space global illumination lighting up all the shadows, streetlamps sparkling and flashing like nobody's business in the distance, light effects only turning on within about 50m of the bus (with light distance set to "high") giving a strange feeling of being in the opening scene in Harry Potter. All in all it just feels like that typical small studio thing of turning on all the Unreal post processing to make their game look AAA - which is kind of a shame, because underneath all the flashy effects is a very good looking map, with nicely made PBR materials (even if the drain covers do stick up 5cm above the road surface). Fortunately a lot of the effects can be reduced or tuned off, but there are a few lighting bugs (mainly with the streetlamps) which still remain.

    And of course my personal bugbear with all driving simulators - why on earth do developers always paint the AI cars like a pack of M&Ms? Why are there two different kinds of bright orange, one of which does a pearlescent shift from greenish yellow to red at angles, but no plain white or silver cars? There are a few metallic grey cars around in the sim, and they look fantastically realistic. More of that please.

    On to the things I'm not so sure will be sorted: the driving feels a bit "off" with no real sense of weight or momentum, and the sounds leave a lot to be desired - particularly under deceleration, where every time you tap the brake it seems to play a "retarder" sound whose speed bears no relation to the vehicle speed, and which sometimes continues to play after you've stopped. I've looked at the roadmap and these issues either seem to not be on the radar or are listed as "backburner".

    Lastly, it seems like to load a new vehicle or change route you have to completely reload the map, and you can't have more than one vehicle at once. I may be wrong on that, but I couldn't find a way to do it. Apparently this is the same system as Fernbus simulator, though I've never played that title.

    Of course, the most interesting thing is going to be the Unreal Engine mod tools, when they come out. It'll be interesting to see if the issues I have with sound in particular can be addressed by a more experienced bus developer, and whether the tools are accessible enough that a similar mod community develops to that which we have in OMSI. With the full power of Unreal Engine available to make vehicles and maps, an experienced and technically minded developer should be able to do pretty much anything (depending on how the tools are implemented), but the barrier to entry might be higher than OMSI. We'll just have to see.

    All in all, I had a pretty nice and relaxing time driving around Berlin. The way it looks like this is going, if you enjoy ETS2 then you will definitely enjoy this title. If you've still stuck with OMSI up to this point though, you're probably here because of the driving physics, the sounds, the variety of content and the easy modding - none of which The Bus offers just yet.

    Thank you to all your efforts TML, it really feels like Berlin. These niggly bits and further improved steering / physics. Even the AI car colours, avoid the harsh oranges because the lighting is too excessive. Apart from all that. Amazing

    To be frank, there's a very long way ahead of the team if their plan really is delivering a proper simulator that would have a chance to dethrone OMSI. Right now it feels like a dumbed down bus driving game, sort of like the pervious titles. And I know, it's only been like one and a half hours since launch, and it's only the beginning of the EA phase, but still, the bar is set really high when it comes to the simulation aspect (physics, sounds, gearbox, motion, sense of speed, etc.)

    I'm curious. A bit skeptical, but excited to see where this journey takes us.

    I know this and to be fair it's a good start, we can give them that surely. I don't see why we can't have someone bring something new to the table. In all fairness I was on the fence after the progression to Early Access. But I bought it because I want to drive a map which doesn't continously load and freeze due to a poor game engine. So your opinion is yours alone and has some sentiments of others, but we'll get there. Work together as a community rather than at each other and I think we can all get what we would possibly like to see. I find people coming from OMSI are overly critical but fail to see what good we have.

    Keep up the good work TML, at least you're trying on this front with what's to come. Lets hope it comes to fruition.

    Had a run with it, didn't know it was a DX12 game but thankfully I can run it with DX11, and get really good performance despite the early access. I know the team are aware but around Alexanderplatz, just after the Berliner Ferhsehturm, some signage falls down on it's own haha.

    The bus itself, handles really well, the steering on the bends is very good, I did crash a couple times just because I didn't turn fully, used to OMSI's steering where a small turn results in a full lock, but this is true to the 900 degree wheel, very good, the feel of it is spot on. Can't wait for more routes, I know it's stated you can't map all of Berlin but I do look forward to more content from the team, and possibly addon buses from third parties which work with TML.

    All very very good, as someone said on STEAM, a worthy contender to OMSI 2, finally.

    The only pointers is as people have said. Sounds and the braking physics, the sounds end too quickly, the retarder for a ZF is characteristic. At least, the Scania's are silent at the front, hence my video reference. The rattle is spot on because again, look at the video. I've also been on these buses and they are very quiet inside, Scania's are known for being well insulated with their engines on buses, bar the UK East Lancs bodied ones due to shoddy bodywork.

    Wanted to ask, at Brandenburg Tor, is there a big logo for ‘The Bus’ as that’s a bit off putting. Also the TrackIR seems to be very hard to find, so the tobii eyetracker, i’ll take a look

    I have 32GB Ram, Windows 7 and an i7 from 2015/16 and I can run things fine. Just need to upgrade the OS.

    People worrying or complaining about performance are weird, We all know it’s in progression stage. Glad TML are open to feedback and want feedback, much better than another dev using UE4

    This should interest you all. I will be getting The Bus on early access but listen to the sounds and the Bord computer is exact. Yes spot on TML. I say again, that the feeling of Berlin is in the game. I can’t wait to see where TML go further with Berlin, there really is a call for more routes. If this takes 24 months to come then that’s fine. But routes like these, that traverse tight and narrow roads would further test the driver to keep time.

    Oh Quarney is a she? Very cool. Anyhow, yes but Berlin. I wonder if locals will expand on Berlin. I think Berlin Sud or U Merringdamm would be cool. Merringdamm being quite unique or West to Roseneck / Zehlendorf

    No they use a branding patch post release, that’s what Masterswitch did. Can I ask Quarney will The bus support the import of assets such as houses, street lights, traffic lights etc? Or is the editor just for editing Timetables etc?

    Also can or will The Bus in future support Left Hand Traffic. I am not too bothered if it doesn’t but it may further expand the community to allow some really talented chaps to import buses.

    I haven’t said this as wanted to ask for the aesthetics but, it feels like Berlin, having visited Berlin 4 times over 2017/2018 the feel of the place is spot on, the weather effects will further enhance it. I can’t see myself using the buses from Fernbus in this game because this is a citybus simulator not a coach one. I understand it’s to expand on the portfolio, and if it means the community can mod the coaches so they improve for Fernbus possibly (wishful thinking) like backporting mods to Fernbus. Then cool, if not, it doesn’t make sense as this isn’t flixbus territory really but BVG.

    I am pleased you have official support from BVG and I look forward to the control centre element being able to maintain the frequency of buses. And telling off slow drivers!!

    I wish for authentic sounds for buses instead of the switches sound from Fernbus, also I am not sure if UE4 can do this but independent mouse movement, so you can move the viewpoint as you like.

    Another wish is more routes; now we know it has an editor but, maybe seeing as you’re adding the Zoo for the 100 you could connect some of the Metrobus routes which require a Double Decker / Bendy during the day but on the M29 specifically they use the VDL Citea at night. Or, even better the 110 to U Oskar Helene Heim. Possibly as an addon.

    I think these announcements will appear in game because I saw thanks to Eamon’s honest gameplay (with an actual wheel!) Lidl, Ibis Hotel. So possibly considering they went to BVG to record and photograph the vehicles. As yet, I am waiting to see what the Lion’s City DD will look like, and the VDL Citea, will you feature both Scania Citywide DD / VDL DD? Considering these are still with BVG, also the new fleet of Citaro’s.

    The one thing I am really unhappy about is the use of Fernbus coaches in The Bus. It is not a coach simulator or game, we have two coach ones already. Unless someone does say the Designer Outlet feeder bus route in Brandenburg from the Zoologischer Garten, It’s not really needed.

    What we need is routes like the 133, through the Berliner Forest, the 124 or 222 I think. Of course, with the editor it may be possible but I think if this is in phases. TML should have routes as addons