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    I’ve been watching, well obsessing over this for a couple years now and I had no idea!; it’s TML himself talking in the video, I gather I am about 4 years too early to figure this out, but I just visited to see who’s behind it and I was surprised i’ve been looking at the namesake since then.

    Salute sir

    Glad I’m not the only one talking about the physics modelling and sounds. Unreal Engine isn’t really designed for driving simulation; but what’s going to be interesting for the bus is I hope they’ve learnt the tools for UE4 and will implement them better in The Bus. UE4 has a longer shelflife than other game engines; but they have a real chance to outshine everyone with The Bus, and show what proper physics, sounds can be had with UE4, unless the engine itself has sound channel limitations, I think I heard DTG mention this before.

    Unreal doesn’t allow for modding either as the community by now would of modded the handling and sounds.

    I’m glad you’re focusing on one area of Germany rather than a whole place. So correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t Cicerostrasse depot be better for the 100 / 200 as they go to the Zoo which is nearer Kurfurstendamn. Or is it they operate out of Indira Ghandi Strasse?

    I can’t see the DL using the tiergarten tunnel to reach the depot out of service.

    Anyone know?

    Sorry to post this here but this vehicle simulation module needs adjustment.

    The steering is correct when you set it up as the G27 Plugin for UE4 actually responds as it should, but the vehicle response is very slow, the steering needs to be improved, the overall response of the pedals need to be better. The retarder should be active regardless, it's a 24tonne vehicle......... It needs that extra stopping power.

    Come on guys, seriously.

    I think somethings up as I run this off my SSD but yet the performance is terrible.

    Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7601.24499, time stamp: 0x5d0115b0

    Exception code: 0xc0000005

    Fault offset: 0x000000000002d196

    Hi all

    After spending months and hours on this supposed simulator, I’ve had to uninstall it from Steam because it just doesn’t capture the essence of coach driving for me. I am comparing to OMSI because despite a pretty graphics engine, it’s functional. Even more so that the UK content is ramping up.

    No editor, Unreal’s lack of third party support is evident.

    No proper sounds of the actual coaches. i’ve heard every coach in this game in real life and none of them sound like it. Do you all not go out and record the vehicles? Why is it that a family man can do it but a big company can’t source the real thing?

    The handling physics are awful, turning a corner shouldn’t be full lock on a bend, changing lanes and staying in the lane is a feat because the steering is off. I am sure V3D mentioned this to you all.

    We have coders and scripters in OMSI who aren’t big companies who can add some wicked features to buses. Regardless of licence!!

    I am going to wait and see what happens with The Bus because I expect to see some more effort in the thing. Just because it’s on Steam, the quality control should be there from the outset.

    TSW is striving for more realism than this and its on the same platform.

    Come on TML, you did it for World of Subways, make this out to be better than it currently is.

    Go out and record the vehicles.

    Have you all looked at the Berliner Linientronik (lists what depot and what bus BVG use on what route)

    I didn’t know there was GN16 as in OMSI we only have GN14, but for the MAN A39 we have DL05,7 8 and 9

    I wonder though, with the Citea, the 200 and 100 use either GN or DD, the Citea is used on night services on the M29 (Kurfurstendamm - Roseneck) 110 from the Zoologischer Garten to Oskar Helene Heim, and N10 i think is now both C2 GN and VDL Citea.

    I could be wrong but with the Zoo offering so many varients of routes also. I wonder if Cicerostrasse depot will be featured too up at Adenuauerplatz

    I wonder if the TML team are now working from Home as many are and should be, except for our stupid company.

    I hope the working from home means that the bugs we've mentioned get fixed, the steering finally gets sorted, the physics get updated as when you work from home, as i've said about Dovetail Devs working from home, things get done, and more work gets done as you're comfortable at home.

    So this isolation period is a positive because I do feel that things are moving way too fast with games and DLC and it just needs to slow down a lot.

    So i hope to see some vast improvements as I haven't been back to Fernbus since I bought the VDL DLC

    I personally am pleased for a bus simulator of sorts which doesn't freeze every couple of seconds, and takes a half an hour to boot up. I talk about OMSI 2 if you have more than 3 maps installed the darn thing needs to be booted up an hour before you need it.

    I think OMSI put a bad taste in peoples mouths for Germany - not all but those on that forum are awful, however people here are very pleasant.

    When visiting Germany it's nothing as I had thought; so kudos to this forum anyway.

    One other thing I wanted to ask will an editor be part of The bus? One thing we've learnt from DTG is that cooked assets cannot be modified, which may not be the case but a poor excuse. Can anyone confirm this for Fernbus / The Bus.

    One of the drawbacks to UE4 it seems is it's not third party friendly unless you're the actual game developer, but the ordinary man and woman who want to have a go at building something can't.??

    I am looking forward to the bus i have deleted omsi from my pc as i got sick and tired of the micro stutter and random lag

    I am putting up with OMSI just because of the content and realism of driving - if The bus proves to be a contender, am done

    I hope The Bus is planned for expansion, is it in 1:1 scale?

    You’ve picked the best city to do a bus network from, there’s outlining areas such as Berlin Forest on the 133, Alt Heligensee - Line 124 which is a very nice route. Also down to the east where the Techno reigns supreme ;)

    Cool, more input from the TML Team means it's progressing nicely :)

    I just want to know if we invest in this we'll get what we pay for as currently, the train side of things is a let down.